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in Carthage, IllinoisContact to rescue, adopt or sponsor great dogs:  Rat Terriers & mixes:  Aussies, Chows, Pointers, Setters & more.  rescue, foster, adopt or sponsor dog(s) rescued from a breeder & two gorgeous catsOver full shelter!  Tri-state rescue:  Illinois, Iowa & Missouri.

Chicago, ILContact & about rescuing one or more of many, special,  wonderful dogs & puppies in the medical pavilion; because of various medical conditions or accidents that these canines have endured, they can’t be adopted out through the city shelter. This is just a very small sampling as the selection changes daily. Visit CACC in person at 2741 South Western Avenue in Chicago:  open noon-7p every day & shuts down briefly from 3-4p.   Complete adoption / resuce / foster paperwork:  Other pets for adoption:

in Chicago, IL:  Volunteers needed to walk dogs, train dogs, clean up after them, & help introduce them to potential adopters at the shelter:  Other pets for adoption:  from Sheri with Petraits Pet Photography: & & & 773-777-2891.  Share adoptable pets:

in Chicago, Illinois:    Foster-cat mother: & 815-603-1157 & The special-needs cats are looking for patient feline-lovers who will dote on them & appreciate them as they are. While they won’t need special preparations in the home, they would need to have staircases baby-gated off so they don’t fall down & hurt themselves. They will live normal happy, healthy lives with their special mobility & different way of doing daily kitty things.   They are very good-natured & will run towards you to play. However, the way they run towards you is what makes them different. All three kittens were born with cerebellar hypoplasia. It is guessed that their mom might have suffered from distemper before they were born. So they were left with a neurological condition most similar to cerebral palsy in humans.   They bob their heads, fall down, roll around & often seek out a wall to lean again to stand upright. They walk, crawl, lie down when they eat & have learned to use a low-sided litter box perfectly.
Contact or 312-622-1512 to adopt kitten sisters Kelly & Paige.  These kittens purr constantly & love being cuddled. When they’re not relaxing, they love darting through the house, playing with toys & climbing up the cat tree. These girls adore each other & would be happiest in their new home together.  Other adoptable pets:

Chicago, ILContact 773-907-0305 or or
or 773-690-2881 to adopt beautiful puppies &/or dogs.     Contact or 773-960-8619 to adopt gorgeous kittens &/or cats.

Chicago, ILContact or 312-823-9930 or 312-588-0138 to adopt one or more cats (selection constantly changing when the cats are adopted):  All the cats are healthy, neutered/spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, micro-chipped, de-wormed, virus-tested; adoption fee of $95 each benefits the Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control (via the South Loop Petsmart at 1101 South Canal Street in Chicago; M-Sat., 9a-9p; Sun., 9a-7p); other cats for adoption:

Chicago, ILWire Fox Terrier Rescue & Cheryl Collins

in Granite City, IllinoisMF, 1:302:30p People who are interested in adopting dogs &/or cats, are encouraged to go to the shelter, fill out the appropriate paperwork & pay the adoption fee.  However PRIOR TO GOING to the shelter, PLEASE BE SURE TO NOTIFY volunteers at 618-447-5075 or 618-520-9608 BEFORE you go to the shelter so that volunteers may let the shelter staff know that you will be coming.  

in Grayslake, IllinoisMeet all the Save-A-Pet residents at the Adoption Center at 31664 N. Fairfield Rd., Grayslake, Illinois on Mon. & Fri., 1p5p; Thur., 1p8p; or Sat. & Sun., 11a6p.    Adopt via Save-A-Pet: & & & 847-740-7788.     Share &/or find adoptable    Sheri  Petraits Pet Photography  Photography: & & 773-777-2891.

Gurnee, ILContact to adopt gorgeous puppies & dogs.

Washington, IL:   Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest Inc.  Midwest Team Center (No Aussies are at this location); 2281 Knollaire Dr
Washington, IL 61571; Phone: 309-863-5211; (Please note, this number is for shelters, vet offices & approved adopters only. Requests for information on our available Aussies will not be returned, please use our online contact form)  Fax: (309) 216-6444

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