Indiana cats & dogs need your help

Indianapolis, Indiana:  Julie.Zink@Indy.Gov & JZink@Indy.Gov & LynNills@ComCast.Net & 317-327-1396 to rescue, foster, adopt precious two adorable , 17-yr.-old, spayed/neutered Doxies “Coco” & “Sammy” &/or feline & canine souls.  Pulling just one dog [cat] can save two lives, the dog [cat] you pull, & the one who takes its open kennel. We appreciate any assistance you can provide us.

Morocco (Newton County), Indiana:  Volunteers & & 219-285-6777.


INSign petition to help Newton County Animal Control Officers continue to accept owner-surrendered pets, promote pet adoptions, give animals vaccinations & virus-testing (v. the new, proposed “pick-up & euthanize” plan):

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