Breed-specific rescues

All-Breed Canine Rescue Organization:    Kym Ann Dabideen-Denton, Co-Founder/President, Triumphant Tails, Inc.; Non-Profit 501c3 Texas All Breed Canine Rescue Organization; Post Office Box 338; Kemah, TX 77565 (Houston / southeast TX-area) & Inquiries@TriumphantTails.Net & 602-620-2413 with Amazing Aussies Lethal White (deaf &/or blind) Rescue of Arizona.


Statebystate rescues for American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers & Pit Bull-mixes.  Call or e-mail to help save innocent, canine lives.  The PBRC website is a virtual shelter & resource for owners & caretakers of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers & Pit Bull-mixes.  Truth about Pit Bull dogshttp://PBRC.Net       Also, & & 979-451-0482 to donate, adopt, rescue.


Conover, NC:   Samantha Hodge, Founder/President, Barks & Wiggles Boxer Rescue &  Small 501c3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue; P.O. Box 198; Conover, NC 28613; Fax 704-325-3791 & follow the steps listed.  Dont Bully My Breed is a small, volunteer run organization that is focused on education, promotion of responsible ownership, & the welfare of bully breeds & other companion animals.  Our first priority is helping fight against breed specific legislation around the country, as well as being a resource for local owners needing assistance with spay/neuter.  Please be patient, & we will respond to your email as soon as we are able to, usually within 24-78 hours, sometimes more, depending on the situation.

New Canaan, CT:   Bully Breed Rescue Inc. & &; P.O. Box 953; New Canaan, CT 06840 &  or NWalker@CapeCod.Net & 508-896-3602 & 508-237-0943 (Texas coordinator) with Brittany Transport Team  NBRAN & National Brittany Rescue/NEBR:  New England Brittany Rescue.

Beagles: & & &

Chows:  West Texas Chow Rescue &          California SO MANY Chows in urgent need:  call 626-962-3577 or 562-940-6898 or 562-658-2085 … Baldwin Park Pound – Sgt. Villegas  4275 N. Elton; Baldwin Park, CA 91706; or Downey Pound – Sgt. Torres; 11258 S. Garfield Ave.; Downey, CA 90242;  M-Th, 12P–7P; Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10A–5P.  Closed holidays.  or 507-283-4576. Katann Chow Rescue  Deanna Fuller, Luverne, MN.          New & 631-361-9496; Elaine Albert  CCCI Welfare  383 Hoffman Lane  Hauppauge, NY 11788. & Jerry Dunham:  Moderator, Tejas Coonhound Rescue & American Foxhound Rescuers.

Corgi Rescue of Dayton, OH 45424 &;; 937-609-4707

Dachshund Dusty Puddles Rescue (so. of Lubbock in northwest TX-area): & 806-577-8010 & 806-577-8548.  Can handle 12-14 Dachshunds at a time; placed 100+ Doxies / Doxie-mixes in 5 yr.:  a lot of love SAVED!  Registered, Texas non-
profit corporation working towards 501c3 status.  Visit Dusty Puddles on Facebook, & & Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia: &   

Need foster homes for deaf &/or blind dogs & 602-620-2413 with Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona.     in & KBMcGinn@PacBell.Net & 925-383-2968  Connecting deaf dogs with caring people.  Also,   I Can’t HEAR You … I don’t come when you call my name.  I sleep through the alarm but never meal time.  I’m not afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  If I am asleep or not looking at you, I may jump if you touch me.  I may play more rough than other dogs.  I seldom take my eyes off you and follow you from room to room.  I like to lie in the doorway or with part of my body touching you.  I literally notice every spider on the wall.  Deaf Dog Education Action Fund is to provide education & funding for the purpose of improving &/or saving the lives of deaf dogs.  We are a non-profit organization founded to speak on behalf of & assist in the betterment of life for deaf dogs everywhere.          For perhaps, if the truth were known, we’re all a little blind, a little deaf, a little handicapped,a little lonely, a little less than perfect. ~~Charlotte Schwartz


BSL ignores facts. Ignores experts. And kills dogs.  BREED-SPECIFIC LEGISLATION IS A SIGN OF IGNORANCE. YOUR BREED MAY BE NEXT  AT ONE END OF MY DOG’S LEASH IS A VOTE!!  English Setter rescue group. or 361-920-0055    Canine-Contraband Detection   Great Escape Rescued K9s  Victoria, TX    Please “Like” our page on FB   “Great Escape Rescued K9s”  Specializing in the Safety, Awareness, Education & Reform of “Last Call” German Shepherds & the High-Kill Shelters that house them!          SW White German Shepherd Rescue &  Contact to help German Shepherds.  Weeping Willow 2nd Chance GS Sanctuary, P.O. Box 294;    Leavittsburg, Ohio 44430.  German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texasfor every dog adopted, another can be saved.  We adopt intelligent, sensitve beings into homes where their personalities & potential will be valued.          Austin, TX:  German Shepherd Rescue: for Information,list of available dogs, the adoption fee & application.

Phoenix, AZ:  Suzie Vaul (, Founder & Rescuer: For the LOVE of German Shepherds Rescue, Inc.; P.O. Box 71025; Phoenix, AZ 85050
Small, privately funded & donation-sustained German Shepherd Dog Rescue; 501c3 non-profit (EIN #45-5434962).  Our mission:  to assist homeless dogs in need by taking in those who face death or an uncertain future in animal shelters. We care for them in our home, providing stability, sustenance & security until a permanent adoptive home can be found. Our goal at 4 the Love of German Shepherds Rescue is to rescue & provide forever homes to those GSDs in need. We are a small, home-based rescue dedicated to saving these exceptional dogs from shelters & those who have lost their homes through no fault of their own or other circumstances deem that they be re-homed through neglect or abuse. Our entire operation is run by my wonderfully supportive husband & me.  We have a home facility where we house the dogs, train & provide them with the medical care they need. We have a veterinarian come to our facility when we need him to take care & provide medical treatment for sick or injured rescues.     We currently fund the Rescue entirely ourselves, but donations are always welcomed & appreciated. We are not a shelter & rely on like-minded individuals to temporarily provide a safe home for the dogs in our program until suitable permanent adoptive homes can be found.     Join our Facebook Page:!/pages/4-the-LOVE-of-German-Shepherds-Rescue/124195757621137?ref=ts    Petfinder: For TheLove of German Shepherds Rescue – Arizona


Great Dane rescues: through Kayrene Janak (Kayrene@DaneRescue.Net).  Others, elsewhereKim@DaneRescue.Net; Doris@DaneRescue.Net; Contact@DaneRescue.Net

Great Pyrennes dogs:  Contact 1-877-746-9508 or

Pam Tobin, Rescue Chair, Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club, Inc. (Rescue) in CA; 916.791.7580 Kennel/Home & 916.290.0321 Fax; & PetPyrs@SureWest.Net  Also, & select “Animals at Play” in the middle section of the page. View the inspirational photos of a Siberian Husky & a polar bear & hear the startled reactions of the incredulous photographer. & Retriever Rescue of Colorado at 303-828-7543 & www.RetrieverRescueOfColorado

in Dallas (northeast TX):  Contact to help her with donations / transport, etc. for Pit Bulls.  Truth about Pit Bull dogs:  http://PBRC.Net
Contact & to rescue, foster, adopt beautiful fully vetted micro-chipped (spay/neutered) TRAINED Rotties. & Pit Bull Terriers.  Many of them have graduated boot camp & have gotten their Canine Good Citizen certificate. We also have some Rottie graduates from Venus prison that are ready for their new home. These furry kids are truly amazing.  Linda Robinson-Pardo, CEO, Pack Leader, Happy Endings Dog Rescue, Happy Endings Animal Hospital   Doghouse Realty LLC  [Corsicana, TX]   No-kill dog rescue facility specializing in Rottweiler & Pit Bulls. We believe that animals, as living beings are entitled to a quality life, respect & compassion. Since humans domesticated animals, we have a moral & ethical responsibility to care for the animals. We provide shelter, food, medical treatment for our community’s animals that are abandoned, unwanted or otherwise homeless. We want to instill an awareness of the animals with whom we live & share; encouraging & promoting responsible pet ownership. We care for all we rescue until they are adopted.  Truth about Pit Bull dogshttp://PBRC.Net          Pit Bull resources: & &          Donate dog food for Mariah’s Promise Animal Sanctuary: & ~ When you hear “PIT BULL”, think … Pleasing Intelligent Treasures ~ Beloved Unconditional Love & Loyalty this puts you closer to the truth about these 31 awesome dogs!  Mariah’s Promise, Non-Profit 501c3 Animal Rescue Organization; P.O. Box 891; Blanco (central, Austin area-TX) 78606.

Complete online Adoption Form at & e-send it to & call 678-939-6981 to rescue, foster, adopt GORGEOUS, sweet Pit Bull Terrier(s).

Schnauzers:  www.SchnauzerRescue.Net & Linda@SchnauzerRescue.Net & 301-776-7370 & Linda Seemann, Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic; P.O. Box 5034; Laurel, MD 20725.  to adopt a Shih Tzu.  Shelters & prospective adopters (thanks to in Corinth (near DentonDallas-Ft. Worth / northeast TX-area): Texas Siamese Rescue’s book Little Orphan & & & 940-367-7367; 1123 North Corinth St.; Corinth, TX  76208    Little Orphan Oakley is available on www.Amazon.comfor $10 with all proceeds going to support Texas Siamese Rescue.      Texas Siamese Rescue,* founded in 1998, has been issued a challenge that will forgive a substantial portion of its debt. If the organization can raise $40,000 on its own, the private lender will waive the additional $200,000 owed on the Meezer Ranch property. Rescue director Alisa Lee hopes that proceeds from the book will help meet the challenge. “Our prayer is that after all those years ago when we saved Oakley, his story will now help save the Rescue,” says Lee.  The star of the book, a young Siamese named “Oakley,” was saved from a “kill shelter” by Texas Siamese Rescue in 2000. He was adopted by Linda Rollins, who wrote the story in appreciation of the Rescue & the volunteer who fostered him. Following the death last year of the Rescue’s founding director, Tonja Pfister, the story came to light, & the decision was made to publish it in book form as a fundraiser & to promote pet adoptions.  Oakley still lives with Rollins in South Texas.          *  7,348 Siamese cats saved & 19,787 rescued at the Texas Siamese Rescue at “‘Meezer Ranch!”  501c3 non-profit organization that has been in business since 1998; located just north of Dallas in Corinth, TX. We also have rescue affiliates in Houston & Abilene, as well as carefully screened foster homes.     We take our mission here very seriously: to rescue, treat, rehab, house, care, place, transport & follow up with our ‘Meezers & ‘Meezer mixes. … a lifetime commitment to our cats when we bring them into our Rescue & even when they are adopted into loving homes:  available to them for the rest of their lives. Caring local veterinarians, staff & volunteers assist us in our mission.  We are supported entirely though grants, sponsorships & the donations of ‘Meezer lovers like you.

For everything & – adopt or volunteer – the social scene – the behind the scenes scoop – be there or pee square – shop to support

Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky & &   When passing along information to rescues please include details about the city & state in which the dog is located.  Also it is helpful to focus on contacting rescues that are local to where the dog in need is located.  Sadly there is a myth that the areas of NY, PA, NJ & DE are in need of more dogs:  THIS IS NOT TRUE.  There are many dogs being euthanized in shelters in this area.  Tails of the Tundra is currently focused on helping those dogs first because that is our coverage area.  We believe that in order to help reduce the number of unwanted dogs, you also need to work to educate the people in the areas in which you adopt & take dogs.  Therefore we need to focus on helping our local dogs first.       However, we are willing to offer educational materials (at no cost) to any person, rescue or shelter no matter what location they are in.  Simply email us a mailing address, & we will issue you educational supplies.   However, we are not equipped to take dogs from areas outside our coverage area at this time.

in Vineland (Cumberland County), NJContact to rescue, foster, adopt 8-mo.-old, female, Tortie-point Siamese “SHOKI” in Kill Shelter.    Cumberland County SPCA 1244 N. Delsea Drive; Vineland, NJ 08360; 856-691-1500.  Willing to pay for spay-neuter, shots & transport.

Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest (in Chicago, IL & Iowa): & Cheryl Collins

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