in Gatesville, Texas: model feral-cat program with prison & prison system

in Gatesville (central TX-area: 80 mi. no. of Austin): Donate at to help with $4,500 to Trap/Neuter/Release 100 cats at the Gatesville Crain Unit prison. ♥DEAR FRIENDS: WHO WILL MATCH MY GIFT? ♥ I just made a $45 donation to Kathy’s Kitties ChipIn for the cost of TNR for one of the Gatesville Crain Unit prison cats. We start trapping in about 2 weeks, so time is of the essence! The ChipIn is almost at $1,000 right now… the goal is $4,500 to cover TNR for 100 cats. Please consider matching my gift of $45 to sponsor TNR for another cat, then tell your friends so they can sponsor another cat, until we reach our 100% ChipIn goal. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Kathy’s Kitties is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. If $45 is not your number, please consider a gift of a different amount. No gift is too small… no gift is too big!!! HISTORY IN THE MAKING FOR TNR IN TEXAS… PLEASE CONSIDER A GIFT TO HELP!  Thank you so very much in advance. Best regards, Amy O. in Waco; Volunteer, Heart of Texas Feral Friends It’s official, 4-10-’12: TX Dept. of Criminal Justice & Trap/Neuter/Release agreement to save 200+ cats & implement program across several TX prisons:  254.681.9784 or & www.KathysKitties.Biz  (Gatesville, TX) – The Christina Melton Crain Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is partnering with Central Texas animal organizations to develop a Trap-Neuter-Return program to humanely reduce the number of outside cats at the facility. TDCJ Region VI Director Gilbert Campuzano says the collaboration between TDCJ, Warden Lorretta Carmona, Kathy’s Kitties (Killeen), Heart of Texas Feral Friends (Waco) & Animal Birth Control Clinic (Waco) is a positive solution to effectively resolve the feral cat issues at the Crain Unit in Gatesville. “I think it is a good opportunity for us,” said Campuzano. He said the partnership will allow the Crain Unit to be “a good community member” & also provide him with the opportunity “to learn about the feral cat programs.” Campuzano, who oversees 18 Texas prison facilities in Region VI, said he would like to see the development of a comprehensive TNR plan that could be duplicated at the other units under his direction. Hopefully, I can model this (to implement) in other areas,” he said. Kathy Kwieran of Kathy’s Kitties said she is thankful that prison officials are willing to implement a TNR plan as the method of controlling the prison cat population. “I know TNR works & just wanted a chance to prove that it does,” she said. “I am sure they will be pleasantly surprised at the results.” As part of an agreement in process, Kathy’s Kitties has offered to provide TNR at no cost to the prison or taxpayers, with the funds being raised through private donations to Kathy’s Kitties, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Kwieran said many people do not realize that there is a humane method of controlling the outside/stray cat population. “I spend a lot of time educating people who just don’t know what to do about the feral cat population. They don’t want them killed, but that has always been the solution in the past.” TNR provides a non-lethal option that provides long-term results, she said. TNR includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and a left “eartip” during surgery as a way of identifying cats that have gone through the process. Feral cats will be returned to the prison after TNR, but friendly cats & kittens will be made available for adoption through Kathy’s Kitties & other statewide animal rescue groups.

P.S.  Sign petition to save lives of feral & stray cats

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