Fort Worth, Texas dogs, puppies, cats & kittens seek loving, forever homes

in Fort Worth (northeast TX-area):

Rescue, adopt or foster cat(s) &/or dog(s): Contact to save/tag an animal.  Do not CALL THE SHELTER.  Detailed tagging information is at   4900 Martin St.;  Fort Worth, TX 76119. & & 817-392-7087 & 817-680-0849 & 817-392-PETS (7387).

If you can temporarily foster dog(s) &/or cat(s), please contact   To

Fort Worth Animal Care & Control  817-392-7087 or 817-680-0849 to save kittens, cats, puppies & dogs.

Contact or 817-886-7300, leave a message, & someone will get back to you.  Rescue, foster, adopt FIV-positive cat(s):   FIV is a cat-only disease & cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines.    FIV cats most often live long, healthy & relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all.    FIV is not easily passed among cats. It cannot be spread casually like in litter boxes, water & food bowls, or when snuggling & playing. It is rarely spread from a mother to her kittens.  I’m hanging out at the vet’s office until I find the right home. Come visit me at Family PetCare, 1501 Handley Street, Fort Worth, during regular office hours.”

Contact 817-392-7387 to help with one week’s influx of 560 animals:   Fort Worth shelter pets at risk An influx of 560 animals at the Chuck Silcox Animal Shelter has led to overcrowding, putting healthy, adoptable animals housed there at risk.   As a result, Fort Worth Animal Care & Control has an emergency on its hands & is reaching out to the community seeking immediate assistance from individuals who can adopt an animal as well as reaching out to animal welfare organizations. The need for adoption or rescue is immediate.     “This situation is not easy for anyone,” said Brandon Bennett, Director, City of Fort Worth Code Compliance, –not [easy] for the staff, the volunteers or the partner organizations we work with on a daily basis. “The animals we received last week are quickly & currently being assessed for a range of health issues. However, many of the animals that were already at the shelter are ready to be adopted or rescued immediately.”     The overcrowding issue is very serious. Shelter officials say action must be taken this week; otherwise, there is no other choice than to humanely euthanize otherwise adoptable pets to create more space at the shelter.     “With the success of our partnerships with PetSmart Charities® & others, we haven’t had to face the prospect of euthanizing healthy adoptable Tier I animals until now,” Bennett said.     Overcrowding in animal shelters is a constant challenge. Keeping up the care of the abandoned animals is a daunting task. Historically the number of animals impounded drastically increases from late spring through summer. This year the shelter is experiencing even higher numbers than normal.     “We do not want to euthanize healthy dogs and cats,” Bennett said. “It would be heartbreaking. We’ve been working diligently to increase our live release rate over these past few years. We opened our second PetSmart Charities® Adoption Center in December, & we’re appreciative of all the hard work from our rescue groups. But right now, it’s not enough, & we’re asking for help from our community.”

Half-Price adoptions. Adoption prices for dogs/puppies will be $24.50 & for cats/kittens the price will be $12.50. Pet adoptions can be made at the Chuck Silcox Animal Shelter & the two Fort Worth PetSmart Charities® Adoption Centers.   Contact City of Ft. Worth Chuck Silcox Animal Care & Control Divisionat 817-392-7297 [PAWS]or 832-459-6597 to rescue, foster, adopt precious kittens, cats, puppies & dogs.  4900 Martin Street, Fort Worth, Texas  Hours:   Mon.,-Fri.,noon-6p   Sat., noon-5 p  Closed Sunday & Laura Robinson, Kindness Connection Animal Rescue, Inc., 501c3 non-profit organization. Our goal is to make Fort Worth, Texas a NO KILL community.  The purpose of our organization is to rescue, care for, & expedite adoptions for abandoned & stray cats & dogs. 83,000 healthy, adoptable, & curable dogs, & 62,000 loving cats are killed every year in Texas shelters. Because Fort Worth does not have a No Kill shelter, our city contributes a great amount to these grim, heart-breaking statistics:  35,000 animals. We want to put a stop to this. Please help Kindness Connection Animal Rescue build a No Kill shelter by making a tax-deductible donation today. Future programs & services to meet this challenge will include:  1. A No Kill Shelter      2. Feral Cat TNR Programs (Trap/Neuter/Return)      3. High-Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter      4. Animal Welfare Education Programs


In Lake Worth  Contact & 817-238-8738 & 817-694-5305 to rescue, foster, adopt lovable cat(s) &/or dog(s).


PetSmart Charities Adoption Center, 4800 SW Loop 820 (IH-20 at Hulen), Fort Worth, Texas;  817-731-4353, ext. 7; Mon.-Sat., 9a-8:30pSun., 9a6:30p

PetSmart Charities Adoption Center, 2901 Texas Sage Trail (IH-35W at Heritage Trace Parkway), Fort Worth, Texas   817-741-7923   Mon.-Sat., 9a-8:30p & Sun., 9a-6:30p.

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