Kansas’ cats, dogs & animals need your help

Dodge City (southwest Kansas-area):  www.PetsR-Us.PetFinder.com  Available pets looking for loving homes.


Fort Riley (northeast Kansas-area):  Contact Jocelyn@RCHSKS.org & JPlein@KSU.edu & 402-984-4864 & 785. 239-6183.  Ft. Riley Shelter “Stray Facility” to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the beautiful cat(s) &/or dog(s).  Don’t let them die because someone abandoned them on a military post!  Jocelyn Plein, Riley County Humane Society Dog Coordinator.


Lawrence (northeast KS-area):  Copy & paste e-addresses in order to e-thank Ifcpr@ku.edu; Justin.warren@betathetapi.org; districtattorney@douglas-county.com; dustin.b.struble@ku.edu; amylong@ku.edu; rperez@ku.edu; jsv@ku.edu; chancellor@ku.edu; cbranson@douglas-county.com; khatib@lkpd.org for pursuing criminal action in KS University / Beta Theta Pi fraternity’s having abused & killed a turkey.  fyi:  Kansas Cruelty to Animals Statute 21-4310 defines Cruelty to Animals as “Intentionally killing, injuring, maiming, torturing or mutilating any animal.”  A key word in this law is INTENTIONAL. The fact that the fraternity rented the turkey for a drinking party shows an intention to put this bird in a destructive situation likely (certain) to cause injury or death to this animal by intoxicated students. By all accounts, Beta Theta Pi members intentionally tortured, injured & killed this helpless, unoffending bird.

Leoti (far-west, central KS):  www.SilentAngelsHome.org & ChinburgPM@St-Tel.Net or 620-214-2821 or 620-375-4972931 West County Road J, Leoti, KS  67861Advocate, rescue & shelter.   No-kill shelter since 2002.

Providing a safe, loving, healthy environment & placement for homeless & unwanted pets, & to further educate the public on responsible pet ownership.  Your tax-deductible donation will help sponsor spay-neuter surgery, buy pet food, provide veterinary care, advertise for adoptions, etc.  All donations go directly to benefit the animals (if you prefer you mail your donations to Silent Angels Home:  Rt. 1, Box 72, Rd. J; Leoti, KS  67861).

One of 10 US shelters chosen to receive $1K grant from Best Friends Animal Society (R) — to aid in preparing cats for adoption.  Only one in five cats in home today (US average) is a shelter cat.  Best Friends wants to increase that average by promoting adoption of shelter cats.  These “High 5″ cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies & FVRCP & de-wormed.  All are healthy & ready to give you their love.  The adoption fee is only $5.  Help save a life.  Call 620-214-2821 for information about any of the High 5 cats.  Cats marked a “pairs” make a good match.  “Bonded” means that they should stay together, if possible.

$25 adoption fee for all other Silent Angels cats.

“Cats are glorious creatures who must on no accounts be underestimated …  Their eyes are fathomless depths of cat-world mysteries.”  Lesley Ann Ivory

8 Reasons to adopt a Senior (or “older”) pet:     1.  When senior pets are adopted, they seem to understand that they’ve been rescued & are all the more thankful for it.     2.  A senior pet’s personality has already developed, so you’ll know if he or she is a good “fit” for your family.     3.  You can teach an old dog (or cat) new tricks.  Senior pets have the attention span & impulse control that makes them easier to train then their youthful counterparts.  And they may already know basic commands.     4.  Adult animals are often more practical for families with children, as well as senior citizens.     5.  Senior pets are often already housetrained.     6.  Senior pets won’t grow any larger, so you will know exactly how much pet you’re getting.     7.  Senior pets are often content just to relax in your company, unlike younger pets who may get into mischief because they’re bored.     8.  Senior pets are some of the hardest to find homes for.  Adopt & save a life.

A Special Place    Author Unknown

You have a “Special Place,’ dear Lord, that I know you’ll always keep.  It’s a “Special Place” reserved for dogs [cats] when they quietly fall asleep:  with large airy kennels & a yard for hiding bones [insert words appropriate to your cat].  With wide green fields & flowers for those who never knew about running freely under your sky of perfect blue.  Lord, I know you keep this “Special Pace,” & so, to You I pray, for one  beloved dog [cat] who recently passed away.  He [she] was full of strength & love, & so very wise.  The puppy [kitten] look she once had has long since left his [her] eyes.  She is a special gift to you, dear Lord, by a friend of mine.  She went to join his [her] ancestors in your land that is divine.  So, speak to ‘”Nicholas” [your cat’s name] softly please & give him [her] a warm “Hello.”  She’s a special gift to you, dear Lord, from [your name] who loved him [her] so.

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