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Donate dog food for Mariah’s Promise Animal Sanctuary: & ~ When you hear “PIT BULL”, think … Pleasing Intelligent Treasures ~ Beloved Unconditional Love & Loyalty this puts you closer to the truth about these 31 awesome dogs!  Mariah’s Promise, Non-Profit 501c3 Animal Rescue Organization; P.O. Box 891; Blanco (central, Austin areaTX) 78606.

in Austin (central TX-area):  Contact to safely re-home chickens, ducks &/or goats.

Contact to offer a foster home for one or more dogs:  many are “lethal white” Aussies with hearing/vision disabilities.

Free pet ID now a daily offering at Austin Animal Center (central TX):  A staggering 7,000 stray dogs found their way into Austin Animal Center (& the former Town Lake) in 2011. Many arrived in healthy condition indicating they came from a caring home. Many of those had collars but no identification. Sadly, only 30% were reunited with their families. The process of locating animal guardians is far more complicated if not impossible without a tag containing current information.  “What most people don’t realize is that after the three-day holding period, the pet is available for adoption,” Chief Animal Services Officer Abigail Smith said. “People can’t afford to sit & wait to see if their pet comes home on their own. They need to visit the shelter & check the web site right away. If pets have identification on them, they most likely can avoid the shelter altogether.”  Since 4-’12, the City of Austin’s Animal Services Office is offering residents of the Austin & Travis County communities free pet I.D. tags, collars & Home Again microchips in an effort to keep beloved pets out of the shelter system. These will be available daily from 11a-7p at the Austin Animal Center at 7201 Levander   P. O. Box 1088; Austin, TX 78767; 512-978-0500.

from www.AustinTexas.Gov/sites/default/files/files/Animal_Services/TLOR-Summarized-March.pdf   Austin Animal Services  Total Live Outcome Rate for the Month: 93%.

in Austin (central TX-area):  Join a group of professional, caring individuals that are looking for a few changes to keep Austin a no-kill city.   We have some concerns about the state of the animals in Austin & keeping track accurately of how we’re doing.  This organization is made up of small reputable rescue representatives in Austin, community members, & those that work directly with rescue groups in Austin:  Jennifer Pope (Austin Boxer Rescue), Chair   Dr. Kirk Lewis (Animal Trustees of Austin) Co-Chair   Dr. Marsha Lewis, PhD (University of Texas, Austin), Co-Chair   Joyce Martin (Austin Dog Rescue)   Pat Valls-Trelles (Animal Issues Forum)   Tara Stermer (Training by Tara)   Mandie Martine (Animal Trustees of Austin)   Del Goss (Community Animal Advocate)   Christopher Cotton (Community Animal Advocate).     You can read our & there will be much more information & content added.  If you agree with what you read & what we are trying to accomplish, please LIKE US on Facebook! TOGETHER a difference can be made in the lives of many dogs by working together.  Our hope is that smaller rescue groups in the Austin area will become more active in saving lives, & work together.  Contact the Austin City Council:   from Austin Dog Rescue   Please join ADR on FACEBOOKand Share Your Dog’s Forever Home Story!   Austin Dog Home-Style Boarding Be inspired by, get involved with or replicate Austin Dog Alliance’s effective collaborations!

in Elgin / Florence (east of Austin in central TX-area):  Contact or 979-826-2480 or 713-315-7411 to volunteer at the new, dog-sanctuary site &/or donate dog food.   She is basically doing this alone & really needs help with taking down kennels & fencing & putting them up again at the new location.  Immediate needs includes dog food & volunteers to help do the physical work.  She is half way in the moving process & really needs help right now to get this move finished.  Donate to dog sanctuary: Moved from Hempstead to Elgin / Florence (Austin / central TX-area) – for Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary’s move to safe, unflooded property with 20+ acres, that will allow Dogtown to expand its rescue operation to provide more homes for dogs that require sanctuary & most importantly it is a safe & secure, home for them. The property is close to Austin, Hwy 290 & the Training Academy. Financing is in place, but we need your help to raise the $15,000 down payment that is needed to purchase the property. For those of you not familiar with Dogtown, please visit  Go to Dogtown Ranch’s Facebook page at  Please help us to help the dogs presently in our care & the future dogs that will be coming to us.  NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL, & ALL DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. They are also TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the extent of the law. Chip in for New Property Funds! … thank you in advance for your willingness & generosity in helping us to save lives. Angela Sera Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary, Rescue & Rehab a 501c3 Non-Profit, No-Kill Facility.  Elgin, Texas

PAWS of Austin, TX, is a great group & has just recently taken in wonderful dogs & cats in need of help. & or 512-288-9856 … send what you can to help PAWS continue their mission to help our furry friends. No amount is too small.

Volunteer to edit Austin Pets Alive! free, electronic newsletter The No-Kill or or 512-565-5071 .  The e-post requires approximately 45 min./edition — from your computer at home or anywhere.

Austinrescue/foster/adopt: &  to help waiting dogs find their forever homes (adopt, volunteer, educate others, support & make referrals).

Central Texas Feline Rescue, &; P.O. Box 6313; Round Rock, TX  78683-6313 or 512-789-3308.

Sign petition to save lives of feral & stray cats

What We Do — Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR)

Central Texas Feline Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations not for goods or services are tax deductible. We are an all-volunteer TNRM rescue group. We Trap, Neuter (or spay) & Release cats in feral colonies in the Austin/Round Rock area, & then we maintain them through feeding & care. We are involved because we care about bettering the lives of cats, including those that are homeless & not socialized to humans. There is no such thing as a wild domestic feline. All feral cats were once a person’s pet or are the descendents of someone’s pet, & therefore, are the responsibility of people.

Join Us for Our Food Drive Fundraiser!

We maintain several colonies and use 1285 pounds of food per month! A lot of our volunteers purchase food out of their own pocket, so donations are much appreciated.

Earlier this year, two volunteers entered CTFR into a contest hosted by celebrity Kristin Chenoweth’s organization Maddie’s Corner. Whoever brought them the most fans and followers on the social network groups Facebook & Twitter would be awarded $1000 for their favorite animal charity. Ashley Niels and Nikki Jeske gathered the most people & were announced the winners for Central Texas Feline Rescue on February 3rd. The money will be used to help the feral & stray cats of Austin, Texas & the surrounding area. Thank you to everyone who voted for us & helped us win; this money will go a long way to help us continue with our cause.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Would you like to get involved in the direct care of feral cats in your community? Please consider these opportunities. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? Central Texas Feline Rescue is committed to offering education & advice to those who want to help with the feral cat condition. If you are interested in trapping & feeding feral cats at your home or office, we can provide… WHY TNR? At Central Texas Feline Rescue we believe that TNR is the most effective & most humane way to manage & reduce feral cat populations. We are not alone in this belief. The ASPCA & feral cat protection pioneers, Alley Cat Allies, support TNR.  Ignoring feral cat populations, the most common way of dealing with them…

Support 400+ feral cats in managed colonies in the Austin (central Texasarea on IH-35): or  Dedicated to Trap, Neuter, Return; strongly advocates non-lethal measures to reduce outdoor cat populations. Adoptable cats waiting loving homes in their cage-free shelter.  from   Purchasing tickets allows Shadow Cats to care for the cats at our Sanctuary in addition to being able to impact stray & feral cats in the community. Please visit our website for more about our mission & a complete list of the fabulous prizes.   Help us help the cats in our care.  We are home to between 25-28 feline leukemia cats in addition to many others with medical or behavioral issues:   Donate online at  or by US mail. or  Helping the forgotten — Trap/Neuter/Return feral & stray cats that are not adoptable; rescue abandoned or neglected cats/kittens & other companion animals; adopt out socialized cats & kittens; increase public awareness of the pet-overpopulation crisis; educate the public on the trap/neuter/return program for feral cats.

Prevent the epidemic of pet overpopulation & the heart-breaking number of lost/homeless, adoptable dogs & cats that must be put to death in most local animal shelters every day — thousands of loving, gentle animals — in order by law to make room for incoming animals.  In Texas: or  Ending pet overpopulation in Texas by providing area low-cost spay/neuter resources to all Texas pet caregivers.  Blue Sky Animal Rescue in the heart of the lost pines of (central) Texas 50 min. east of Austin.  A safe haven on 10 acres for abandoned, neglected & abused animals.  We spay or neuter, provide vaccinations & other veterinary care, find permanent or foster homes for unwanted animals, thereby reducing the suffering of animals & the likelihood of the spread of diseases to humans & other animals.  We do not euthanize for population control. & adoption coordinator or Central Texas Animal Sanctuary    is a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary located near Austin (central TX-area) in Dripping Springs.  We are home to an ever-changing number of animals, mostly cats, a few dogs & rabbits. We provide our residents shelter, food, water, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, veterinary care & a lot of love & attention. All cats are tested for FIV & feline leukemia.

www.AustinDogAlliance.orgImproving the health & well being of individuals & families through programs incorporating the powerful connection between dogs & humans.  ADA, approved charitable organization for the Texas State Employee Charitable Campaign & will participate annually in 90-departments’ State Employee “Charity Fairs” in September & October — to meet employees who may choose to donate.  State of Texas employees:  look for ADA representatives & therapy dogs annually at your on-site events (ADA charity code 228204).  Not a TX State employee?  Make Your Tax-Deductible Contribution Today!  Austin Dog Alliance, non-profit 501c3 (EIN: 20-4797768).   *  ONLINE:  Donate Now!     *  BY PHONE:  512-335-7100     *  BY MAIL:   Mail pledge to Austin Dog Alliance, 12129 Ranch Road 620 North, Suite 401; Austin, TX  78759                              

  • Do you support the need for job- & social-skill training programs for special-needs learners?
  • Do you know a child who would benefit from Bow Wow Reading in a school or library?
  • Do you know someone in assisted living or nursing care who would love a visit from a pet therapy team?
  • Do you know someone on the autism spectrum who would benefit from canine-assisted therapy?
  • Would you enjoy a beautiful environment to learn & practice agility & other outdoor sports with your dog?

Visit the facility at 1321 W. New Hope Drive in Cedar Park (north of & adjoining Austin in the central-TX area).  Training facility will have a permanent Donor Supporter Wall with tiles honoring dogs, families & businesses.  Several levels of donation / support are available.  Read more about the project here to make your donation to help us build not only a new facility, but a better future for our community.     The Austin Dog is providing job-skills & job-site work for special-needs young adults in our area.   Young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are less likely to find work than almost any other disability group:  a 2009 study of children who had received special education services found that only 32.5% of young adults with ASD were working for pay. Only one other disability group had a lower rate of employment.  According to the Center for Disease Control, ASD affects 1 in every 88 children in the United States. That means many thousands of children & adults may never be able to support themselves & could depend on their families & government services for the rest of their lives.  The Austin Dog Alliance is working to change that for the special-needs young adults in our area.    Over the last couple years, we have heard over & over again from the parents of our K9 Club-Autism program students how our program has given them hope that their child might be able to find employment in a dog-related field. As a natural progression, we are working toward a job skill program for our students with ASD. Our new Forever Home will have a job-skills lab that will allow us to teach students the skills needed for careers as groomers, kennel assistants, veterinarian technician assistants & dog trainers. Our plans also include training special-need young adults to work in our retail store & working with Leander Imdep. School District as a job-training site for students in their special-education department.    Cassie Russell, a young women with high-functioning autism, is one of our success stories & an inspiration for expanding our social-skill program into a social & job skills program for students 17-25 yrs.  Cassie started working with us as part of the Leander ISD’s job-sampling program.  Since Cassie loves dogs, & we always have an abundance of dogs in our facility, Cassie fits right in.  Eventually, she joined our K9 Club-Autism program where she further developed her ability to work with dogs.  When she aged out of our program, we reached out to Dr. Raymond Bouloy, the very generous & kind-hearted veterinarian/owner of Cypress Pet Care.  He agreed to have Cassie join his office under a work-study program sponsored by the local college.  Fast forward two years to the Fall of 2012 when Cassie will have a paid position with Cypress Pet Care.  We are very proud of Cassie & honored to have been part of a community that has come together to make a difference in a young life.  We are so excited about offering job-skills programming that starting in August, Austin Dog Alliance will provide a pilot job-skills development class at the Texas School for the Deaf. This program is being funded by the Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS) & is an extension of the curriculum we have been providing for our older group of K9 Club-Autism students. Big thank you to our Program Director, Carolyn Honish for leading this effort.

Book recommendation:  “Redemption:   The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & the No-Kill Revolution in America” by Nathan J. Winograd, 2007; ISBN 13:978-0-9790743-1-8.  “No Kill nation is inevitable.”  … “No Kill nation we can immediately achieve.”  … “No Kill is the only legitimate standard for animal sheltering.” … “… increasing where people get their dogs or cats from.”  Thank you, All, for helping precious animals – by doing your part every day (e.g., by e-forwarding pet messages, adopting, fostering, rescuing, sheltering, advocating, transporting, providing pet-wellness & veterinary services, donating, volunteering & caring) – that will help get us more quickly to a No Kill Nation.

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