“One Nation Under Dog:” Home Box Office movie special

Home Box Office movie special:  “One Nation Under Dog”  A large part of this was filmed in rural southeast MO with Julie Adams featured. I encourage all of you to host a viewing party at someone’s who has HBO, & let HBO know you are doing so.

More stories like this will only help rescue efforts to get the word out to the masses about what we do, why we do it & what we need to keep doing it.   please share this link with all your family, friends & co workers, encourage them to host a viewing party also & encourage HBO to do more animal-rescue features such as this.     Laura Holloway     SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance, Inc.

A Way To Jumpstart the Movement “One Nation Under Dog” HBO specialNearly two years in the making, the film tells a complicated &

unwavering story that explores our relationship with dogs.

The film chronicles those who would protect their animals with regard for little else, the many manifestations of grief from losing a pet, & the brutal truth behind the euthanasia of 4-6 million homeless animals in the US each year, & the people who fight to save their lives. See the trailer here.

PAWS New England was honored & humbled to be asked to participate in the film & did everything in our power to painstakingly highlight the struggles faced by all of us in the rescue community. We hope this will change the way homeless animals are treated in the United States & abroad by educating a largely unaware audience of both the staggering horrors & inspiring tales of survival present in the world of dog rescue.

Every rescue group can benefit from this film as viewers will be both horrified by the reality & inspired by the power to save a life. This presents an amazing opportunity for us to help homeless animals in need. PAWS New England will be encouraging our volunteers to host screening parties for their friends & families. We will encourage party-goers to “Take Action” by adopting, fostering, donating, committing to spay/neuter & promoting legislative & lobbying efforts to end puppy mills & gas chambers.    Take this moment to harness the passion that the movie will undoubtedly provoke. Educate. Recruit volunteers & adopters. Raise funds. Join the fun on facebook & let this movie inspire.

Host a Viewing Party       In order for this movie to spurn a movement that will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of abandoned animals, people need to see it! We ask rescue groups from all over the country to encourage your volunteers to host viewing parties for friends & families on the night of the premiere.       Hosts need only invite over a few friends & tune in. We are asking hosts from all over the country to sign up here to put their city on the map! Let’s show America hundreds of screening parties on our Google map! All rescues will likely create unique ideas for screening parties, but we invite hosts to use the PAWS New England “party package” with dog-themed drinks, vegan appetizers & desserts.    We invite everyone to join the virtual party on this facebook page!  Don’t have HBO, but want to see the movie? Contact your local cable company to inquire about a HBO trial.    Positive Feedback for HBO     There were many moments over the last year where it looked as though this film might not make it to production. The executives at HBO were concerned that too few people would be interested in a documentary about rescue dogs to justify the expense of making the film. We passionately pledged that animal lovers from all walks of life would tune in, & we need you to help us make good on our promise.

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