Frisco, Texas is building a low-cost, rescue-focused veterinary clinic

in Frisco (Dallas-Ft. Worth / northeast TX-area):  Mazie’s Mission is to build a clinic that addresses the most expensive part of rescue–veterinary care!  Help us help north Texas rescues & shelters by spreading the word about our upcoming fundraiser.  cute dog video:  inquire about donating goods, services & money, coordinate delivery, etc.  for all things Public Relations, Marketing & Press-related  inquire about upcoming events & coordinate details of an event.  inquire about getting into fostering rescued animals.  inquire about volunteer opportunities.  report technical problems with any of Mazie’s Mission internet presences.  for foster families to request support & coordinate actions related to fostering.  for existing volunteers to report their availability & activities at events or other tasks.

Or contact Dr. Erin Shults, Founder & CEO:

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