Appropriately thank folks who help save animals: sample, below

Send your two snail-mail (not e-mail, please) thank-you letters to two Gatesville Prison folks for their life-saving decisions on behalf of 200+ feral cats.  Thank you for the thank-you letter idea, Amy Oakley, volunteer, Heart of Texas Feral Friends (Amy@AmyOakley.comSend snail-mail THANK-YOU LETTERS to Warden Carmona & her superior Director Campuzano, for agreeing to officially endorse & implement TNR at the Gatesville Prison.  Snail mail only, please, so we don’t bog down their emails!  To [a] Warden Lorretta Carmona; Christina Melton Crain Unit; 1401 State School Rd.; Gatesville, TX  76599; [b] Gilbert Campuzano; Region VI Director; W. Howard Lane, Ste. 200; Austin, TX  78728.  Details:  Gatesville, TX, success story:  THE GATESVILLE PRISON TO BEGIN TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN PROGRAM!  Kathy Kwieran from Kathy’s Kitties along with Cindy Grones & I from Heart of Texas Feral Friends met with Warden Carmona & her superior Director Campuzano yesterday (April 3) to discuss the stray/feral cat situation at the Crain prison unit in Gatesville, TX.  It was a very productive meeting with everyone sharing a common goal of reducing the free-roaming cat population at the prison.   Warden Carmona & Director Campuzano were very open-minded & sincere in the discussion, & they are agreeable to allowing a Trap-Neuter-Return program at the prison!  Director Campuzano wants to devise this plan so that he can use it as a model to implement TNR at the 17 other prison facilities under his direction in Texas’ Region IV. This is an historical accomplishment, as this will be the first prison in Texas to officially endorse & implement TNR.  There are a few minor details to work out (waiver, etc), but Director Campuzano will work on an informal agreement so we can get started with TNR as quickly as possible, with a formal agreement coming at a later date from the Texas prison board (with all the legal talk).  This success was 100% because of the polite phone calls, emails & letters that were directed to Mr. Williams Stephens, Texas’ Deputy Director of Prison & Jail Operations.  Kathy’s Kitties is offering TNR free of charge to the prison, so a ChipIn will follow soon to help the 501(c)(3) non-profit with those costs. Anyone in Central Texas who wishes to become a volunteer for this project can contact me or Kathy’s Kitties for more information.  Thank you so much to EVERYONE for all your help.   We could not have done this without your help… Best regards,  Amy Oakley  Volunteer.

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