South Carolina cats & dogs

Anderson, South Carolina:  save dogs & cats:  BikeCanal@CAVTel.Net

Chesterfield, SC:  Contact & & & or 803-385-6347 & 803-385-6341 & & 201-264-6968  asap to rescue, foster adopt dogs, puppies, cats & kittens on kill list.  Paws & Claws is a registered 501c3 rescue group, so donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law!  If you would like to mail a check, it can go to PO Box 386, Chesterfield, SC 29709.    Contact AnimalServices@SHTC.Net or to rescue, foster, adopt &/or $pon$or (tax-deductible donations – to the extent of the law: Paws & Claws one or more of the wonderful, all-breeds dogs.

Chesterfield, SC:    Paws and Claws, 84 Huntley Shop Road, Chesterfield, SC 29709; Karen Stangel:  843-378-0016 & &

Columbia, South Carolina:  Contact to rescue, foster, adoptone or more of the beautiful dogs & cats, below, IN DESPERATE NEED: DOBERMAN PINSCHER, DACHSHUND MIXES, CHIHUAHUAS,  Retrievers, Huskies, cats & kittens on kill list. … sweet kittens, injured Akita & dozens upon dozens more at riskHEARTHelp Every Animal Reach Tomorrow:  all animals are located at municipal shelters in the Midlands region of South Carolina (near Columbia, SC).  Each will be killed without intervention:  can YOU help them?   Request Web site &/or photos of the beautiful, precious souls & more:

DONATE: Sponsor a Life Save an Animal Facebook Twitter Email

HEART: Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow. All of these animals are located at municipal shelters in the Midlands area of South Carolina (near Columbia). Each will be euthanized without intervention. ONLY approved rescue partners can pull pets from this list. If you are an individual and interested in adopting, fostering, or  donating towards the medical care of a pet, email

Some things you should know when working with us:  To become a Placement Partner with HEART you must complete the Placement Partner Application and agree to the Placement Partner Guidelines.   Please contact Info@HeartOfTheMidlands.orgto complete the process. Animals on this list are only available to 501c3 Placement Partners with the HEART Program.

  1.   Not all animals listed on this email are available TODAY! Please note the “FINAL DAY AVAILABLE” indicating when their time is up [& will be killed]. Following your confirmation of each animal you will be notified when they are available to be picked up. You will have 24 hours from time of   confirmation to pick up the animals at the shelters.
  2.   Please reply to this email address to confirm animals you wish o pull. When you reply to confirm animals, please include your email address, what rescue you work with & a contact phone number along with the animal ID#.
  3.   Dogs are not heartworm tested until a rescue confirms them (unless otherwise noted). If you CANNOT take a HeartWorm+ animal, please mention it when you confirm. If heartworm status is not acceptable once it is determined you may decline to take the dog.
  4.   We CANNOT guarantee the health or behavior of an animal. The animals have not been examined by a veterinarian unless otherwise noted.
  5.   Please note following a commitment to a specific animal that animal must be picked up at the designated shelter within 24 hours.
  6.   Pull fees MUST be paid to HEART at the time of confirming the animal, & at the absolute latest, when the animal is picked up from their shelter. We do not have the capability to invoice – sorry!

You must arrange your own transport! Please be patient with us. Currently we have a very small staff dedicated to the rescue-placement process, & they visit each shelter daily. So a good deal of their time is spent in the field. They sift through many emails & calls every day. They will respond to your inquiry, but it may be a brief exchange & may not be immediate. Thank you for understanding!

Donna Casamento. Director/Adoptions, Intake, HEART Program: 803-465-9184 f: 803-407-0996 & Our mailing address is HEART Progam   Pawmetto Lifeline, 1275 Bower Parkway Columbia, SC 29212

Columbia, SCColumbia Feral Cat Rescue, 1823 Willow Oak, Columbia, SC 29223; Lisa Sherrill:  803-315-9146 & & http://columbiaferalcats/

Darlington, SCContact asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the dogs &/or cats ON kill & &

Fairfield, SCContact & & 803-447-3602 asap to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the adorable, great, beautiful dogs &/or cats.

Greenville, South Carolina:  Contact & & & to rescue, foster, adopt dogs, puppies, cats & kittensShelter needs canned dog & cat food! We use wet food to feed our very young puppies/ kittens & our senior dogs/ cats!  To help these babies, please drop off canned pet food at 328 Furman Hall Rd. in Greenville or we also acccept gift cards! .to rescue/foster/adopt tons of great dogs, pups, cats & kittens!  Can you help them?  Please be patient with us.  We intake 20,000 animals/year & have only 2 staff dedicated to the rescue placement process.  We sift through 100+ emails/day.  We will respond to your inquiry, but it may be a brief exchange & may not be immediate.  Thank you for understanding!  Some things you should know when working with us:  1.)    Not all animals listed are available TODAY!  Please look at the “available date” under each animal picture to see when they can leave the shelter.  2.)  When you reply to confirm dogs or cats, please include in your email what rescue you work with.  3.)  Dogs are not heartworm tested until a rescue confirms them (unless otherwise noted).  If you CANNOT take a HW+ animal, please mention it when you confirm! Cats are not tested for felv-fiv until confirmed, so please tell us if you cannot take an FIV + or FELV+ cat.  4.) We CANNOT guarantee the health of an animal.  We focus on preventive health & do not have the resources to have every animal veterinarian checked prior to placement. 5.)  Pull fees MUST be paid at the time of confirming the animal or at the absolute latest, when the animal is picked up from our shelter.  We no longer invoice- sorry!  6.) Please be patient with us.  TRANSPORT MAY BE AVAILABLE TO YOUR AREA—JUST ASK US!  DOGS WITH RED TEXT ARE SUPER URGENTIN DANGER!!

Greenville, SCContact PETRESCUE@GREENVILLECOUNTY.ORG asap to rescue, foster, adopt &/or $pon$or precious, beautiful, loving cat(s) &/or dog(s) from death row.

Greenwood, SCContact to rescue, foster, adopt one or more loving cat(s) &/or dog(s).

Lancaster County, SCContact Animal@LancasterCountySC.Net & 803-286-8103 or fax 803-286-7907 to rescue, foster, adopt wonderful cat(s) &/or dog(s):  www.LancasterCountySC.Net  No pull fee for 501C3.  Small staff & facility Animal Control are unable to transport, hold animals for long periods, or have them vetted. Send your 501c3 paperwork along with persons allowed to pull & their contact information.  Office must be notified before 5 p on Fri. to authorize someone to pull on Sat.  Rescues without a 501C3 will be required to pay the regular adoption fee of $50.

Mullins, South CarolinaContact 843-423-8370 asap to rescue, foster, adopt uper sweet, friendly, playful cats, kittens, dogs &/or puppies!   URGENT … at a HIGHKILL SHELTER .  Marion County Animal Shelter; 123 Dog & Cat Court, Mullins, South Carolina 29574.

Okatie, South CarolinaNoah’s Arks Rescue & or 4084 Spring Island & 843-540-6755 to rescue, foster, adopt precious cats & dogs.

Orangeburg, South CarolinaBikeCanal@CavTel.Net to save Pit Bull Terriers.

Rock Hill, SC:   Recycled Pets, Inc., PO Box 10626, Rock Hill, SC 29731; 803-981-5087 & & 

Rock Hill, SC:   PAWS Feline RescueRock Hill, SC  29730;  Miranda Hebert: &

Simpsonville, SC:  Kiss for Kittens, PO Box 43, Simpsonville, SC 29681;

Union County, SCContact & 864-429-2808 Now! to rescue, foster, adopt &/or $pon$or sweet, very friendly cat(s) &/or dog(s); 1647 Jonesville Hwy.; Union, South Carolina 29379; 3p-5p.

Union County, SC:   Every Cat Counts, 457 Sardis Road, Union, SC 29379;

York, SCContact 703-721-9500 & 803-628-3190  asap to rescue, foster, adopt precious dog(s) &/or cat(s).  Rescue-friendly shelter, so if you need help getting approval: & &  Please refer to the animal’s identification number when contacting the shelter!  If local transport or pull is needed: &  To pull an animal from the shelter, e-mail the shelter or call one of the numbers, below.  Give them your 501c3 number if they don’t already have it.  These animals are to rescues only.  Have the animal’s identification number available.  Shelter hours 9a-5p, Mon-Fri.; Sat. 9-12:30.  Check out pets on Pet Harbor (enter “29745”); go to “Search I.D. Number;”  a list of shelters will come up; select “York County Animal Shelter” at the bottom of the first list.  Go to the top of that list & select “Use this Shelter list;”  the next screen will be “I.D. search” (key in the dog or cat’s I.D. number).  If a photo comes up, the animal is still 

York, SC:   Richardson Rescue, 1968 Garvin Road, York, SC 29745.  Janet Richardson:  803-684-6865 & &

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