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Ruff Start Rescue New  & or  Atlanta/Southeast Branch 770-402-6828.

Brookhaven, Long Island, NYContact CompanionPets@OptOnLine.Net to rescue, foster, adopt sweet, healthy cat(s) &/or dog(s). & 718-272-6348 or 646-210-54049a-7p dailyAlso, & & &

Delhi, NYContact & 607-746-9211 to rescue, foster, adopt cats & other special-need animals.  from  Must start moving out animals NOW.  Angel’s Gate, Hospice & Rehabilitation Home for Animals,  510 Archie Elliott Rd.; Delhi, NY 13753; 607-746-9211.

Emhurst Queens, New YorkContact & help & 917-696-6194; to help homeless cats suffering & in danger.  “I am sending out a desperate plea on behalf of my dear friend Linnie, & the innocent homeless cats in iminent danger that she feeds & struggles to save. She spent 3 yrs. as a steady volunteer at horrendous NYC Animal Control Center & was shut out along with anyone else who spoke up on behalf of the voiceless animals there. She has continued to struggle alone in some dangerous neighborhoods, going above & beyond. She even slept outside on a balcony with a crying abandoned cat we named “CoCo” until I was lucky to find a safe home for her.  Linnie is very modest but deserves respect & help for her selfless solitary dedication to saving innocents.  In 2010, she stumbled across a feral-cat colony at 56th Ave & 92nd St. in Emhurst Queens being fed by a difficult senior woman, Genie who fought against Linnie’s doing Trap Neuter Release.  Linnie did manage to TNR 4 cats.  When Genie went into a nursing home last summer, Linnie built a shelter & took over feeding the now-starving cats.  When Genie died, her son took over, started construction in May & told Linnie not to return to help the cats.  Several cats tried to follow Linnie, the only source of compassion & food, as she was banished that day.  The shelter was removed & just recently the large rose bush they’d taken refuge under was chopped down.  Any food & water dishes she places anywhere are taken.  Several cats have gone missing & hostile neighbors have thrown bricks at the cats. Linnie put up fliers pleading not to be cruel & seeking info on the missing cats.  All fliers were removed.   Liniie has been sneaking over at 5a to crawl into a space to feed them. The men doing construction on the house told her by the end of July there will be a locked gate surrounding the property, cutting these terrified cats off from Linnie, their only lifeline. One cat she named “Aramis” has become so stressed that he’s scratched his face red & raw. She was compelled to take in a kitten named “Teddy Bear,” who was dehydrated, sick. She’s been doing all she can for him but desperately needs vet sponsorship.  She is already deeply in debt from taking in several other abandoned cats from outside that no one else would help. There are still approximately 8 cats ranging around 4-5 yrs. old. Technically feral, they have never shown any aggression & come right up to Linnie & try to follow her.  Please, if you can help in any way by sponsoring directly to a vet, relocating, anything email Linnie at or if you can definitely help right away call 917-696-6194. Leni’s internet access is limited, & she’s been unable to take pictures but can provide more information upon request.  Time is very short & any help is badly needed & greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for networking.”  Donna Truhn.  Also. & &

Floral Park, New YorkContact to rescue, foster, adopt precious cats & dogs.

Hempstead, Long Island, NYContact asap to rescue, foster, adopt precious cats &  Dedicated to Animal Welfare & Animal Adoptions In the Tristate Area, reaching out to help save lives:

Long Island:  Laura Beckendorf  Heart and Soul Animal Rescue of LI   501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Long Island: to rescue, foster, adopt dog(s).

Manhattan: & & 917-682-5616 & 212-722-58399a-7p &

Massepequa, Long IslandTSSH1@OptOnLine.Net & 646-388-6129 to help dogs & cats.

Middletown, Westchester & Puerto &  Pets Alive is a no-kill animal shelter, located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, about 1.5 hours from New York City. Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention & education.  Animals at the sanctuary range from dogs & cats to farm animals, exotic birds & many others. Many of the animals at Pets Alive are older, have special needs or require special care.  A sample week-end adoption:   an offsite event in Mt. Kisco which resulted in 45 animals going home & an additional 15 from our on-site sanctuaries in Middletown & Westchester:  60 animals went home in one weekend!  Shattered all our previous adoption records! It was really astonishing. Many rescues don’t even HAVE that many animals, & we placed that many in two days.  It was just a whirlwind of fun, adoptions, happy animals & families. It’s what it is all about, & we can’t stop grinning as we read all the updates & see all the pictures of our little ones in their homes, lying on soft beds & being cuddled.  Pet Chow Pantry (animal food for peoples’ pet — people who are going through financial hardships) & Seniors for Seniors program (senior pets to senior citizens through Office of the Aging).  Four-legged friends are a real health benefit to elderly:  who live longer, happier & healthier lives with companion animals:  a win-win for everyone!  Other activities:  helping with Trap-Neuter-Release with 7 local, feral-cat colonies (; southern states’ devastating weather with so many animals & people displaced, Pets Alive saved 180+ dogs from Baton Rouge, LAWith the help of the ASPCA, they were transported to Westchester & Middletown locations:  a grueling 30+ hour trip, but thanks to the support of the public, almost all have been adopted already! It was an amazing mass rescue, in two parts, with about 90 dogs arriving on each transport, two weeks apart.  A lot of work, but well worth it to see these guys, once destined for death, finding their homes & being able to have a life.  Another mass rescue was taking in 108+ kittens & Mama cats. When the Center for Animal Care & Control had scheduled all these tiny kittens for death, we couldn’t stand the thought. We stepped in & in two weeks took 108 of them to sanctuary, splitting them between our Westchester & Middletown locations. Almost all have gone into homes as a result of this rescue, we created our Kitty Nursery – which you can monitor on a live 24 hour camera feed! Just click here to watch our kitty nursery room!

New York City-areaAll Sentient Beings:  1-888-717-7474 &  Also, & & &  Also,  & &

NYCContact 212-788-4000 to rescue, foster, adopt homeless dogs & cats; photos at Animal Care & Control of To adopt from the shelter:  If your rescue isn’t yet on the approved-rescue list (, please contact NYC ACC to get approved.

NYC, NY: Sign Read the report about how to help animals: New York City’s Animal Care & Control—the non-profit that runs the City’s animal shelter system—is in dire need of reform. AC&C is responsible for rescuing, caring for & finding loving homes for the City’s homeless & abandoned animals.  However, adoptions have dropped 37% in the past six years while placements, which pass the responsibility of caring for an animal onto a rescue group, have increased by 70%. Dog licensing lingers at around 10%, & the number of new licenses issued has dropped three years in a row.   The root of the problem is that AC&C lacks the independence, animal care expertise & fund-raising capabilities it needs to properly fulfill its mission. AC&C has experienced years of underfunding, mismanagement & service cuts. In the past 10 years, AC&C has had 8 Executive Directors & has been without a full-time medical director since February 2010. On January 6, 2013 Manhattan Borough President released Led Astray: Reforming New York City’s Animal Care and Control. The report provides a blueprint for a top-to-bottom restructuring of AC&C into an independent, not-for-profit modeled after the Central Park Conservancy, with a diverse board that can bring new expertise & resources to the City’s animal welfare system. There are a number of ways you can get involved: Read the report. Learn more about how we can fix AC&C.  Sign our petition. Signing will help make city government know that New Yorkers want to see change;   Tell your friends about this project through Facebook, Twitter & email.

Four Paws or &   Four Paws Sake is a no-kill organization dedicated to ending pet overpopulation. Our mission is to rescue from kill shelters, provide sanctuary, & ultimately to re-home abandoned, stray & neglected dogs. Additionally, we generate awareness in the community about the prevention of animal abuse & neglect as well as spay/neuter programs & their important effect on the dog-&-cat overpopulation crisis in NYC. All rescued animals are examined by a veterinarian, given vaccinations, spayed/neutered, treated for any health problems & rehabilitated if necessary. Our goal is to place animals into good loving homes for life. Four Paws Sake has a return policy on all adoptions.

NY, NYContact (& click “Forms” & then “Adoption/Foster Form” to complete your information) to rescue, foster, adopt beautiful, sweet, beloved cat(s) &/or dog(s).  Second Chance Rescue; PO Box 570701; Whitestone, NY 11357

Rochester, NYContact 631-903-9215 & Michelle Neufeld, Founder & Exec. Dir., Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue; 631 903 9215;

Senior  & &

Contact Smithtown, NY, shelter:  631-360-7575 to rescue, foster, adopt precious dog(s) &/orcat(s):  Dedicated to Animal Welfare & Animal Adoptions In the Tristate Area.

Staten &

Staten Island, NYC, NYContact Animal Care & Control of New York City – Staten Island at 212-788-4000 to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the hundreds of beautiful cats &/or dogs.  Please click each link for info on the individual animal & additional contact information.


Wantagh / Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, Long Island, NYContact to rescue &/or or to adopt very friendly cat(s) &/or dog(s).

Whitestone, NY:  Contact (& click “Forms” & then “Adoption/Foster Form” to complete your information) to rescue, foster, adopt beautiful, sweet, beloved cat(s) &/or dog(s).  Second Chance Rescue; PO Box 570701; Whitestone, NY 11357

Also, dog lovers: & 413-824-4617 or 413-774-7291;

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