Cisco, Texas: save cats & dogs

in Cisco (near Abilene in West TX):  Contact 254-442-1770 or CiscoACO@SBCGlobal.Net  to rescue, foster, adopt cats & dogs. … a VERY tiny shelter in Cisco, Texas.

Contact & to help the Cisco, TX, animal shelterget onto its feet.  If you are interested in making a run out to the shelter one day, we are wanting to eventually organize a volunteer day to get this place set up to be safer for the animals & more comfortable. Please contact us if you are interested.   Thanks!  … from a Dallas-Ft. Worth / Metroplex volunteer:  “The only way I knew about it was the animal control officer would post photos to his personal wall online & occasionally someone would comment.  The fact was almost every single dog was being euthanized because no one knew about the shelter or the dogs that were in it.  The ACO Cliff hated his job but someone has to do it. I began networking for him & eventually a few of us started the Cisco Animal Shelter Facebook page. We have about 100 friends, but we really need some major help.  I live about 2 hours from this shelter but the compassion Cliff has is amazing. Most ACOs I know could care less if they had to put a dog to sleep & wouldn’t make an effort of posting online or contacting people to help. Cliff does everything himself, no volunteers, no helpers, nothing. He is the intake person, the person who cleans & feeds, the person who has to do the awful job of euthanizing, EVERYTHING.  A few of us in the Dallas-Ft. Worth-area Metroplex are begging for some much needed donations to take out to the shelter. We do not have a chip in because we really aren’t comfortable with holding money yet until we get an account set up specifically for rescue animals. These dogs get no vetting, & there is not an adoption fee. I have fostered one out of this shelter, & he was my favorite foster. That is why it kills me to see so many wonderful dogs put to sleep due to no exposure. The fencing there is really bad, & small dogs can squeeze through & get to other large dogs (some who have been aggressive with tragic results).

Michelle runs transport out there when people tell her they want dogs & will be taking supplies out soon.  It is our mission to help this shelter get onto its feet.  Please help us! Please remember that the ACO did not have to ask for our help & is doing his bestWe aren’t looking for judgment but for people who want to help us make this a better place.  Thanks to all you wonderful networkers who make this possible. Sharing saves lives, please pass this along. Also, ‘Like’ “Cisco Animal shelter” on Facebook please!   Stacey & Michelle: &

Items desperately needed:     Baby pools     Sun screens     metal bowls      bleach     fencing      kennels     diatomaceous earth or DE (really bad flea & tick problem there)     flea medications     tick medications     window air conditioning unit (Cliff’s barely works)      Storage containers or drawers to organize items     anything else you think would be of use there

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