Six organizations that foster pets for US military members  Honor, courage, loyalty:  past present & future.  At your favorite pet store, look for America’s Legacy leashes & collars — complete with their own dogs tags — that help provide gear, food & toys for dogs in the militaryLeash colors replicate the colors of the branches of the military (green for Army, blue for Navy, tan for Marines & gray for Air Force).

Six organizations that foster pets for US military members:

www. militarypet/ foster.php or 843-249-5262.  Military Pets FOSTER Project is a Perpetual Program that is Recognized.  A Nationwide network of foster homes for the dogs, cats, birds, horses & all other pets for all the Military personnel ONLY.


www.alphatax services. com/military/ classifieds/ pfc_postadform. asp
www.FosterMilitaryPets. com/foster_ program.html  Program for Military Personnel Being Deployed contact us for more information on applying for foster care for your pet at  Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets provides pet foster families for military soldiers being deployed. Soldiers rest assured that their pets are in good hands while serving our country in combat.  Guardian Angels are looking for pet foster families to help with their program.  www.GuardianAngelsForSoldiersPet .org/index. php/foster- home-program. html   Our Foster Home program was created to help a military service member Submit photo of your pet to

Also, foster-related help for all:    Thousands of people each year find themselves in a position where they are no longer able to provide shelter for themselves, much less for their pets. Many owners don’t want to surrender their pets but find little choice. In order to help people keep their pets, the following organizations provide temporary short-term &/or long-term foster care so that your animals can be cared for while you’re getting back on your feet. Please note, Cat Guardians is in no way affiliated with any of the following organizations, so you will need to contact them directly for information on their programs & their policies:

Anti-Cruelty Society — SAFE Program or 312-644-8338, ext. 313.  Helping individuals and families in crisis, the SAFE Program (Short-term Accommodations for Emergencies) is an effort to protect & shelter people & their pets.

PAWS CHICAGO   773-475-9462  PAWS Chicago Safe-Haven Program:    Dedicated network of foster homes, providing temporary homes for pets of families in crisis.   PAWS Chicago Emergency Admissions:   Prioritized admission into their adoption program for those who do not see a way to keep their pet.

Naperville Area Humane Society Safe Pets Program or 630-420-8989  Specializes in helping victims of domestic violence.

Blessed Bonds – Naperville or or 708-710-2493  Offers temporary assistance to persons who want to keep their animal companions but are having difficulties that interfere with their ability to meet their pets’ daily needs.

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