Your daily e-vote may win $5,000 for your favorite animal organization

e-vote daily to get $$ for your favorite animal-rescue organization (from the front page of  Click daily to support worthy causes: Automatically donate pet food whenever you take informative quizzes on both, color-coded dog & cat portals. Pay for food & care for some of the 8M companion animals relinquished to US shelters annually & vote 1 x/day for your favorite animal shelter (when you click “Vote” at the upper/middle right-hand side of page #2, enter the name of your preferred shelter’s information within the Search & Vote For a Shelter area; click-to-vote for the shelter & then enter the code word in the box provided to confirm your vote; after your start-up vote, the name of your preferred shelter will appear automatically thereafter — for your voting convenience.  Each day you click & vote for food on the Web site, you’ll be taken automatically to page two where you may scroll downward & click on the name of your shelter to vote & then copy a pre-set code word into a little box & press “Enter” – to officially register your vote.  It gets easier & faster every day that you visit the Web site & click for food & then click to vote for your preferred shelter.  Your favorite shelter/organization may win $5,000. 100% of fees from Web site sponsorships goes to hunger relief: 1.1 cups of food to the hungry every time you click. Another way to donate food:; Click to provide books for children: 1+M free books since 2004. Choose even more causes you believe in: (e.g., animal care, feed the poor, stop child abuse, shelter homeless, fight cancer: all monies created by your clicking is sent directly from the advertising network to the listed charity. Give to causes when you shop: Support causes you care about at no cost to you. Provides charity royalty of 5% to 30% paid on every item purchased from online stores with 4,500+ products. Purchase eco-friendly apparel & accessories hand-made by women & communities in need).

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