Amarillo, Texas: weekly pet adoptions; Chows, Great Danes & horses

in Amarillo (northwest TX-area on IH-27):

Contact & 806336-9696 if you can provide your home as a foster home for WONDERFUL DOGS or cats AT THE SHELTER.  IF YOU CAN OPEN YOUR HOME UP EVEN FOR A FEW DAYS, you can SAVE LIVES!  Beautiful, loving dogs & cats awaiting your rescue at Weekly Adoption Events:  Thur. & Fri.:  12 noon7 pmSat., 11a6p at Pets Plus:  34th Georgia (in the strip-mall, shopping center with Family Dollar & Dollar Tree)   Texas Panhandle Pet Savers, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 dog-rescue group with a mission to decrease the number of pets killed in the Amarillo Animal Control Shelter.  All dogs in our program were pulled from the kill list at the city pound & placed in foster care until they can be adopted.  ** Adoption Fees include spay/neutering, micro-chipping & their first set of shots.

Amarillo Contact Ruth Starr/Spay/Neuter Solutions for Cats at 806-354-0971 or 806-570-7618 or 806-358-7290 to adopt kittens & cats.

Amarillo  Dog rescue:

www.AmarilloHumaneSociety.Net  Share your lost-&-found pet information for us to cross-reference & re-home family pets.  Become a foster home for a pet:  keep pets 2-3 weeks tops the more foster homes we get, the more pets we can take for Pet Adopt-a-thon.  Amarillo Humane Society has a Spay-a-Mama Program. If you donate the kittens or puppies for adoption, they will spay the Mama FREE!!!   Amarillo Panhandle, Humane Society, 3501 S Osage, Amarillo TX 79103.  Office 806-373-1716 & Fax 806-349-4003.

Contact or 806-336-9696; or the Humane Society at 806-373-1716 to rescue, foster or adopt Amarillo, TX, dogs & cats. or 806-679-8771:  The dogs & cats are in the Amarillo Animal Control Facility, please keep in mind this is a “KILL SHELTER” & if dogs & cats are not claimed by their owners or adopted, they will be killed.  To adopt or extend the life of those that you can, contact the the Panhandle Humane Society which works within the Animal Control.  Please give the Humane Society as much information as you can about the dog that you are interested in:  806-373-1716.     One Section is “LAST CHANCE HOTEL” this is the Humane Society section of the shelter, these dogs have already been extended, & they have to be adopted by the last date or they will be killed.  Sometimes there are several dogs in each cage.     Tagged section (T-Building):  dogs were picked up by Animal Control & have collars & tag on them …  waiting for their owners to claim them.  If they are un-claimed they will go into the general population to be adopted.     QUARANTINE section, animals in this area are either hurt or have mange something that prevents them from being put with the other dogs.  The dogs in this area have a limited time & usually cannot be extended/saved.  So if you want to help one of these dogs, you need to act quickly. Male (M) & Female (F) buildings of the Animal Control.   Usually animals in this area can be extended which gives us 5 more days to find them a the case #.

Also,  through Kayrene Janak (Kayrene@DaneRescue.Net), 12-’11.   Others, elsewhere:  Kim@DaneRescue.Net; Doris@DaneRescue.Net; Contact@DaneRescue.Net

Also, West Texas Chow Rescue:  Dianne Watson (, volunteer with Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services

in Amarillo (northwest TX-area):  Contact 806-681-5161 or & Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue, Inc.  All donations are gratefully accepted & tax deductible to the extent of the law:  501c3:  on Facebook at Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue, Inc.  Nobody that is involved with the rescue receives a salary, all goes to the horses.  We are looking for donations of items for to-be-scheduled the garage sale, so if anyone has items, they may call, & I will gladly pick up the items!  As you can see, we work constantly to raise the money needed to feed & care for the horses!”  We have a lot of horses, & we are having to turn some away because we don’t have the ability to care for them without help from generous donors.

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