Houston, Texas: savvy strategies to to save hundreds of dogs & cats; every-other-week pet transports from Houston

in Houston (southeast TX-area):

Contact 713-433-6421 or FixFelix@HoustonHumane.org to make appointment to get your cat(s) neutered for free on Wed., Feb. 13, 2013 (500 male cats will be fixed free at the Houston Humane Society).

Save dogs by donating:  http://crosbypuppymassacre.chipin.com/the-friends-dumped-dogs & CrosbyPuppyMassacre@GMail.com
www.HoustonBARC.com & BARC.AID@HOUSTONTX.GOV ASAP TO SAVE  dogs & cats.   Mauricio.Zepeda@HoustonTX.Gov or 832-623-3871 or  Carlene.Lormand@HoustonTX.Gov or 281-660-0544.  BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions  3200 Carr  Houston, Texas 77026   713.229.7354.

Contact Director@AdoptFriends4Life.org  Salise Shuttlesworth, J.D.  Executive Director  Friends For Life  246 W. 19th  Houston, Texas 77008  www.AdoptFriends4Life.org & 713-863-9835  Find us on Facebook  Stalk us on Twitter

Gloria@BarrioDogs.org & Info@BarrioDogs.org invite you to donate on behalf of deserving dog(s).
Contact Gulfgate Animal Hospital at 713-643-5723 to donate on behalf of veterinary services for Barrio Dogs.  Or you can make a donation via www.BarrioDogs.org/donations.html   Barrio Dogs currently has several dogs from this the Mason/Magnolia-project area, but we are not in the financial position to take on anymore.  The full Facebook story on the Mason/Magnolia Project, here.  You can help by networking this story.

www.BarrioDogs.org will get a $500 donation if enough people watch this video:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGBxppkc2Kc Barrio Dogs Rescue is saving lives & educating kids in the area:  the lifeline of the next generation of rescue.  Please view video see “before” & “after” of these dogs.  Gloria@BarrioDogs.org: Gloria Medina Zenteno, Founder & President BARRIO DOGS OF HOUSTON; P.O. Box 230677; Houston, TX  77223-0677  Barrio Dogs, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 corporation  Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/barriodogs  Become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/barriodogs  Check out our videos on YouTube www.youtube.com/thebarriodogs    Barrio Dogs Blog has it all http://barriodogs.blogspot.com/  Barrio Watch Dog Blog helps with reporting http://barriowatchdog.blogspot.com/  View our rescues in need of homes http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelter_id=TX1462

Clean, safe place for adoptable catswww.HoustonHumane.org & POverly1@ComCast.Net  “HHS for a place to take [cats]. It is a very clean, well-run shelter. They have nice pens (not cages or crates) with people who care. Right now, we are very low on cats so a lot of the pens only have one cat, & we even have empty pens right now. They really check out potential owners before adoptions. We’re really good at getting cats adopted.

www.HCPHES.org/vph & www.CountyPets.com Contact Harris County Animal Control at 612 Canino, 281-999-3191 to rescue/foster/adopt gorgeous dog(s) &/or cat(s).   Regular Lobby hours:   Mon.–Fri.: 1p5:50p; Sat., 11a4p  Regular Phone hours:   Mon.–Fri., 9a6p   Closed 12p–1p   Adoption hours: Please note adoption hours end earlier than regular lobby hours  MF 1p5:30p & Sat. 11a3:30p     HCPHES Veterinary Public Health

www.MyFoxHouston.com/dpp/news/local/120125-mad-dash-to-save-the-pets#ixzz1kuk2hrpL   HOUSTON – Every week, a rescue mission is launched behind the scenes at BARC,  Houston’s animal pound.  It’s aimed at saving some of the dogs & cats that have overstayed their  welcome.  Even adoptable animals are at risk of being euthanized after 30 days at the  shelter.  An emailed list of at-risk dogs & cats – complete with photographs,  background & some medical information – is sent out on a regular basis.  Volunteers quickly swing into action, working to pull as many as they can out  of BARC by the deadline. These rescued animals are then offered to the public  every weekend at off-site adoption events at local pet stores.  “This is all-volunteer type of endeavor,” says rescuer Jae Malik. “People are  just getting involved because they’re concerned. They want to mitigate the loss  of life as much as they possibly can.”  Earlier this month, rescuer Tim Hebert even spent his own money for a used  Animal Control van in an internet auction.  “I got online & bid on the auction,” recalls Hebert. “At the end I said, ‘Woo-hoo, I won.’ And then a few minutes later I thought, ‘Woo-hoo, I won. It’s  in Lincoln, Nebraska.’”  Nevertheless, Hebert hopped a northbound flight & drove back in the  van.  And he hasn’t stopped driving since.  He regularly takes as many as a dozen of Houston’s unwanted dogs to Colorado,  where he says the animals are often spoken for, before they even arrive.  Hebert says he’s often asked one question: “’How can you possibly do it, keep  going to a shelter, when you know some of them aren’t going to survive?’” Hebert  says. “My question is, ‘How can you not?’”  OFF-SITE BARC ANIMAL ADOPTIONS:  Saturdays, 11am-6pm Petco 6883 Highway 6 North, Houston,  TX 281-345-1215; PetSmart 13830 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 713-690-0575     Saturdays & Sundays, 1pm-5pm Petco 10911  Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 713-972-1244     Adoption fees will be $20 for animals that were at BARC for over 30 days. All  are fully vetted, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, license, vaccines. Includes free 6-week obedience training. Senior-adoption program: citizens over 55 can  adopt an animal over 2 years of age with no adoption fee.

Montgomery County / Houston / southeast TX-area):   www.MCASPets.org to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the Spindletop dogs.  Animal Farm Foundation is asking shelters & rescues to go to the temporary shelter to select dogs for their programs.  We will be able to tell each organization the basics of each dog’s placement evaluation & will provide detailed info once an organization commits to the dog.  MCAS prefers 501c3 for rescue though with references (other groups may qualify).  Photos of the dogs can be viewed at www.flickr.com/photos/spindletopdogs/  Hundreds of Spindletop dogs seized from inhumane conditions:  http://montgomerycountypolicereporter.com/?p=48317

Rescue Road Trips do transports from Houston every two weeks:  http://rescueroadtrips.com/Rescue_Road_Trips.html or 740-221-2767.  Sundays & Mondays off days for maintenance, etc.

Low-income/5th Ward-area of Houston:  Chip inhttp://peopleforkristi.chipin.com/fd-of-the-5th-ward-project   Kelle Davis quit her OB/GYN job to be an Angel in Rescue for the most pitiful unforgotten animal cases in Houston that most people would pass up.  She is truly a rescue angel & is working feverishly to help all God’s animals be restored back to a happy & deserving life.  She has asked for our help for dog Meadow’s vet bills (removing embedded wire from dog’s neck).  … together as a team, we can free what funds Kelle has left to feed & trap & help animals up by helping with the vet bills for Shar Pei “Meadow.”  Meadow was discovered living under a deck at a school admin building. She had a wire embedded deep in her neck, it was lodged on the pharynx & the spine. Muscle had grown over the wire & had to be cut away in order to remove the wire. The vet didn’t know how Meadow had managed to survive this long with the massive infection & throat restriction she had obviously endured for so very long … vets were very concerned about her ability to eat or drink due to swelling post-surgery. Meadow is battling the severe infection at this time, but the prognosis is good for her! The vet bills have reached $1,200+.  Meadow is only 1.5 yrs. old & has her whole life ahead of her. Please consider donating to help this Shar Pei girl.

Save A Cat Rescue & CAP cats & kittens available for adoption!  Also, SACR is accepting donations to cover the cost of vetting, spaying / neutering, feeding & care of cats & kittens.  SACR adoption center is located on Buffalo Speedway @ Westpark just a few doors down from Starbucks.   Open Saturdays, Sundays & also by appointment.  Contributions may be made to Save-A-Cat Rescue, 2612 Newman St., Houston, Texas 77098.  To volunteer your time for the cats:  BSFraley@ComCast.Net

in southwest Houston:  Contact ALR.One.2007@GMail.com &713-294-8020 or RescueDogList.com if you can foster/adopt dog(s).  al-one.petfinder.com disclaimer:  ”We reserve the right to decline an adoption application for any reason.”  Allan Levy, AL-ONE Dog Rescue  www.petfinder.com/shelters/TX1079.html

www.ScoutsHonor.org or Info@ScoutsHonor.org or DanaDicker@GMail.com to save dogs & cats.

*  Petco Copperfield (Hwy. 6 & Hwy. 529) & Petco at Eldridge (1960 near Eldridge) Saturday & Petco Wilcrest & IH-10 Sunday.

www.LuckyRescue.org & MillicentGerdes@GMail.com   Lucky Dog Rescue, Inc.; P.O. Box 56512; Houston, Texas 77256.  Adoptable pets are in foster homes or are boarded at a kennel or vet clinic.
www.WagsToWhiskersTX.com  non-profit organization promoting & providing rescue, rehabilitation & adoption of small animals through fostering, sheltering & educating.  Our focus is not only on rescue, rehabilitation & adoption, but also on educating the public on responsible pet ownership, including proper care, housing & spay/neuter.  Our goal is that through responsible pet ownership, the rate of unwanted animals will decrease & fewer animals will be euthanized for the lack of a home.

  Proper owner education is an essential part of your pet’s health & well-being.  To learn more about caring for your pet, please visit our News & Information Section.      Help us help our animals.  It takes a lot of work & money to save lives.  Food, Shelter, Veterinary Care are all important parts of what we do.  Right now we are focusing on a small shelter.  We have a small rescue building in use, but we desparately need a second building. Healthy & sick animals need to be separated to prevent disease.  A second building would allow us to have separate areas for intake, healthy & sick animals.  Please consider donating to help these wonderful animals.  With this new area, many animals can be saved, kept out of shelters & placed in adoptive homes. Any amount will be appreciated.  To donatewww.WagsToWhiskersTX.com & then scroll down to the middle … where there is a “donate” link.

Houston affiliate of http://Tx.SiameseRescue.org based in Corinth (near Denton:  Dallas-Ft. Worth / northeast TX-area): Texas Siamese Rescue’s book Little Orphan OakleyTxSRC@SiameseRescue.org & TxSRAC@GMail.com & www.TX.SiameseRescue.org & 940-367-7367; 1123 North Corinth St.; Corinth, TX  76208    Little Orphan Oakley is available on www.Amazon.comfor $10 with all proceeds going to support Texas Siamese Rescue.      Texas Siamese Rescue,* founded in 1998, has been issued a challenge that will forgive a substantial portion of its debt. If the organization can raise $40,000 on its own, the private lender will waive the additional $200,000 owed on the Meezer Ranch property. Rescue director Alisa Lee hopes that proceeds from the book will help meet the challenge. “Our prayer is that after all those years ago when we saved Oakley, his story will now help save the Rescue,” says Lee.  The star of the book, a young Siamese named “Oakley,” was saved from a “kill shelter” by Texas Siamese Rescue in 2000. He was adopted by Linda Rollins, who wrote the story in appreciation of the Rescue & the volunteer who fostered him. Following the death last year of the Rescue’s founding director, Tonja Pfister, the story came to light, & the decision was made to publish it in book form as a fundraiser & to promote pet adoptions.  Oakley still lives with Rollins in South Texas.          *  7,348 Siamese cats saved & 19,787 rescued at the Texas Siamese Rescue at “‘Meezer Ranch!”  501c3 non-profit organization that has been in business since 1998; located just north of Dallas in Corinth, TX. We also have rescue affiliates in Houston & Abilene, as well as carefully screened foster homes.     We take our mission here very seriously: to rescue, treat, rehab, house, care, place, transport & follow up with our ‘Meezers & ‘Meezer mixes. … a lifetime commitment to our cats when we bring them into our Rescue & even when they are adopted into loving homes:  available to them for the rest of their lives. Caring local veterinarians, staff & volunteers assist us in our mission.  We are supported entirely though grants, sponsorships & the donations of ‘Meezer lovers like you.

Navasota (Houston / southeast TX-area):  Contact 936-825-6641 to rescue, foster, adopt one or more of the beautiful dogs; adoption $10 with a signed spay/neuter contract; open 8a-5p daily & by appointment on weekends.  Navasota Animal Shelter 1607 Nolan St.

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