in Texas City, Texas: 200+ cats & dogs

in Texas City (southeast / Houston, TX-area):  Contact the Galveston County Animal Rescue Center/ARC, 3412 Loop 197 N., Texas City (about 500 yds. east off of Hwy 146) at 409-948-2485 or SHELTER DIRECTOR at 409-392-6639 or simply come by.  Rescues do need to have 501c3, so if your papers are not on file, please bring your non-profit paperwork to rescue/foster adopt dog(s) &/or cat(s). & & 409-948-2485 &  Galveston County Animal Resource Center, 3412 Loop 197 N., Texas City,TX    TUES.-FRI., NOON5PSAT., 10A5PCLOSED SUN. & MON.  ALWAYS WILLING TO HELP RESCUES ON MONDAYS 

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