Corsicana, Texas: adopt trained Rottweilers & Pit Bull Terriers

in Corsicana, Texas (in the northeast TX-area:  southeast of Dallas):

Contact & to rescue/foster/adopt beautiful fully vetted micro-chipped (spay/neutered) TRAINED Rotties. & Pit Bull Terriers.  Many of them have graduated boot camp & have gotten their Canine Good Citizen certificate. We also have some Rottie graduates from Venus prison that are ready for their new home. These furry kids are truly amazing.  Linda Robinson-Pardo, CEO, Pack Leader, Happy Endings Dog Rescue, Happy Endings Animal Hospital   Doghouse Realty LLC .  No-kill dog rescue facility specializing in Rottweiler & Pit Bulls. We believe that animals, as living beings are entitled to a quality life, respect & compassion. Since humans domesticated animals, we have a moral & ethical responsibility to care for the animals. We provide shelter, food, medical treatment for our community’s animals that are abandoned, unwanted or otherwise homeless. We want to instill an awareness of the animals with whom we live & share; encouraging & promoting responsible pet ownership. We care for all we rescue until they are adopted.

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