Volunteer in fire-stricken Bastrop, TX, USA: http://www2.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=cleanup4adrn

To  find out about &/or register for Bastrop/volunteer day, click here (http://www2.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=cleanup4adrn)  Also, please share this information with anyone you think might be interested. May God touch the hearts of those in Bastrop.  God bless!

 The City of Bastrop/Americorps:  a great need for volunteers to clean up debris/rubble from homes that were destroyed by the fire a few weeks ago.  They have 200+ families that have requested for clean-up assistance (these families have no insurance coverage for clean-up).  Last week, ADRN sent 125+ volunteers, who completely cleaned up 12 homes (10 volunteers per home). This group had an amazing time meeting with families, helping them get through this tough time by cleaning up their home.  We saw tears of sadness & joy (an volunteer found a victim’s wedding ring in the rubble)!   Will you prayerfully consider volunteering?  Visit Web site for volunteer days/dates/times.  Volunteers will essentially sift, sort and stack debris with the goal of ultimately having a clean slab for builders to rebuild the home.  For this  particular clean up job, volunteers do not need to be a registered/trained ADRN volunteer.  Please share this with co-workers, friends, church members.  Meeting Location:   Chestnut Square Movie Theater (1600 Chestnut Street – Bastrop, TX)     From there, volunteers will be deployed to several different residential sites.  Instructions will be given at 8:30AM.  Please be on timeADRN will be deploying volunteers into the field shortly after arriving. If you do not arrive on time, you may miss your deployment assignment.What To Wear:     Workboots (no open toe/sandal or any type of shoe exposing your foot)
Long sleeve shirt (light weight)       Jeans   Leather gloves (no cloth gloves)   Hat      SunscreenWhat To Bring:     Lunch and snacks    Water       Hand sanitizer   Hard hat (if you have one)    N-95
(or better) breathing mask (if you have one)   A few rags (to be thrown away when done) Special Needs: (if you have, please bring)   Minimally three wheelbarrows per site (45 total) – Critical Need     Snow or flat shovel   Hard metal rake      Outdoor push broomTo register for this deployment, click here (http://www2.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=cleanup4adrn).   Also, please forward this information on to anyone you think might be interested. May God touch the hearts of those in Bastrop.  God bless!

Sincerely, ADRN Core Team    Excerpt from Web site (http://www2.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=cleanup4adrn):     Bless you so much for being available to volunteer with Austin Disaster Relief
Network (ADRN). The need for your help is great. More than a thousand homes have been lost & over 5,000 people have been affected by these catastrophic wildfires. Let’s work together & be a shining light by joyfully serving & reaching out to those who have lost so much.     “ Whatever you did for
one of the least of these My brothers, you have done it for Me.”

The City of Bastrop has asked ADRN to deploy hundreds of volunteers to assist families in home site clean up, sifting & sorting debris. You do NOT need to be an ADRN trained volunteer to help with the cleanup.

Meeting Location: Chestnut Square Movie Theater (1600 Chestnut Street – Bastrop, TX) We will be meeting & forming groups of 7-10 people to go out to up to 15 different sites. Instructions will be given at
this meeting site at 8:30 am. Please BE ON TIME. (The teams will deploy shortly after arriving, so if you do not arrive on time, you  may miss them)     … PLEASE ARRIVE AT MEETING LOCATION AT 7:45 AM. Must be ADRN trained volunteer with badge. (Please wear ADRN yellow shirt, if you have one)     What to Wear: workboots or work-duty shoes, long sleeve shirt (light weight), jeans, leather gloves (NO cloth gloves), hat, sunscreen     What to Bring: lunch, water, hand sanitizer, hard hat (if you have one), M-95 (or better) breathing mask *recommended (if you have one), a few rags (to be thrown away when done)     Special Needs (if you have, Please Bring):  3 wheelbarrows per site (45 total- Critical Need), flat/snow shovel, hard metal rake & push broom.     Please fill up a Site before moving to the next. Thank you for your heart to serve these neighbors of ours! May God be glorified through you.    …


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