Laughter Club & Laughter Yoga certification

Laughter Club, & or 806-725-0708 & Carla Brown at or 806-392-5768.  Wednesdays, 5:30p6:15p at Covenant LifeStyle Centre, top of east parking garage, 21st & Joliet, Lubbock (  Anyone can laugh, anywhere & any time, for no reason at all.  Laughter as form of exercise in a group … & when we look a each other & have eye contact, the laugher becomes contagious & genuine, real laughter.  Combination of laughter exercises with the deep breathing & deep relaxation of Yoga.  Deep breathing brings more oxygen to the body & brain, making us feel healthier & more energetic.   “Fake it until you make it:”  your body will have the same tremendous
health benefits
even from self-stimulated laughter.  Laughter fights heart disease.  8,000 laughter clubs in 80+ countries since 1995.

Ask for datesLaughter Workshop & Certified laughter Yoga Leader Training @$295.

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