San Angelo, Texas: dogs & feral cats

San Angelo (southwest TX-area):  Contact 325-657-4224 & to rescue, foster, adopt the sweetest, nice-looking doggies ever:  purebred & mixes.  Shelter is also slow with adoptions & due for housecleaning to make room for more unwanteds that need the kennel space.   Call to let them know of your interest & come in soon as you can to pull / rescue, foster, adopt (or send someone in).  Please check listings on petfinder for more information & call for exact date of release.  Thanks for anything you can do.

Contact or 325-450-4582 to support the feral cat program at Angelo State University in San Angelo (southwest TX-area): for more information about ASU’s feral cats:   

9-’12 update:      Dear ASU Cat Coalition Supporter,     My aim in this letter is to offer my personal thanks for your support for Angelo State University’s Cat Coalition and update you on our progress. Through your donations of money, time and resources we have cared for 46 cats since January of this year. The team supporting our coalition includes ASU employees and students, members of the San Angelo community, Concho Valley PAWS (formerly the Tom Green County Humane Society), and Knickerbocker Road Animal Hospital. Highlights include:

Veterinary Care

  • Spay/neutering of 38 cats, which includes full vaccinations and an examination. In some cases, cats required IV fluids, blood work, and treatment for infection.
  • Lifesaving veterinary care for 2 injured cats.
  • A feline AIDS positive cat, which suddenly appeared on campus, had to be euthanized due to its advanced illness.
  • Many thanks to Dr. Dave Sheen and his staff for their professional services.
  • Much appreciation goes to Concho Valley PAWS for providing 30 free spay/neuter coupons.


  • Adopting out 16 kittens/cats.
  • Six kittens have been socialized and adopted into good homes that will spay/neuter and vaccinate.
  • PAWS took five young cats who were dumped on campus into their adoption program.


  • Six feeding stations built. (The builder wishes to remain anonymous, but our gratitude goes to this person.)
  • Eleven volunteer feeders and back-up feeders provide daily food and water for cats.

Given the dumping of kittens and sick cats on ASU’s campus, I wrestle with the best way to communicate our successes. It seems best to keep our efforts low key and not advertise ASU as a dumping ground for irresponsible pet owners.

Unfortunately, our work isn’t done. We estimate we have another 15-20 cats to spay/neuter. That puts us at two-thirds of the way through on our efforts to control breeding and maintain a healthy cat population on campus. Also, we recently lost a cat due to injuries, we believe from a dog mauling. We are the voice for ASU’s cats with administration and will raise the issue of dogs off leash. Dr. Brian May, Vice President and Provost, recently expressed his concern for cats on campus and donated to the coalition.
Donations & Expenses

  • Caring community members donated over $2,300 to the coalition.
  • Concho  Valley PAWS 30 free spay/neuter coupons saved us $45 per cat for a total of $1,350 in savings.
  • PAWS  donated over 150 lbs. of cat food to the coalition.     Caring members of the coalition community personally expended thousands of dollars on care for individual cats and have not asked to be reimbursed.
  • PAWS set up an ASU Cat Coalition account for people wishing to help our group on a tax deductible basis.

Thanks to you, we are making a difference. We have more work to do, but it bolsters my heart to know caring people like you are on board. Whatever you can do to support the ASU Cat Coalition is most appreciated.       In gratitude,   Kristin Stanley

Also, Texas Tech University Feral Cat Program thanks to  And Sign petition to save lives of feral & stray cats


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