Crisis: donate to Teen Parents of Lubbock at  Donate to Teens Parents of Lubbock.  … completely funded by donations from individuals & churches.  The TPOL ministry, through Lubbock Youth for Christ, has done well during the last 3 years.  We have seen hundreds of young parents & their children in our ministry center since our doors opened in 2007.  Financially we have been ok, with one-time donations & some on-going support from generous donors … until now.  We currently have no reserve left in our accountOur monthly donations total  $2,275.  Our monthly needs total $6,000+.  As you can see, this leaves quite a shortfall and now that our reserve has been depleted over the last 3 years, we are in a financial crisis!  If something doesn’t happen soon, we may not be able to keep our ministry center open much more than a month!

If you are currently a regular donor, will you contact your family & friends to ask them to join you in supporting the Teen Parents ministry in Lubbock?  I would be glad to send you some of our brochures & on our web site,, is a video clip of myself, & one of our young moms talking about how TPOL has changed her life that you are welcome to share with others. 

If you are not currently a monthly donor, but have given to us before, would you consider giving again to help us out of this crisis situation?  Would you also talk with your friends & family about joining you in supporting the TPOL ministry?

We are now set up to receive on-line donations, making it even easier for people to give.  To make an on-line donation simply go to the following link, fill out your information & put Lubbock as the Designated Affiliate:

You can also send checks to our regional office, who oversee all our finances.  The address is Central States YFC; PO Box 3700; Wichita, KS 67201.

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