Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender: 512-961-6433

IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT TAKING A DOG OR CAT TO THE LOCAL SHELTER:  the local shelter is very full right now. Even young, healthy, well-behaved dogs and cats are at risk of dying there. We can assist you in finding a solution yourself.   Positive Alternatives to Shelter SurrenderPASS@AustinPetsAlive.org & 512-961-6433. 

Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.   Please visit http://apapass.wiki.zoho.com/Rehome-Your-Pet.html to learn how you can find a home for your pet yourself. If you found a pet, please follow the directions on this page to find its owner before you try to re-home it:  http://apapass.wiki.zoho.com/Found-Pet-Tips.html.

Fostering a found pet or finding a new home for your pet may literally save its life.  Please fill in your contact information at https://creator.zoho.com/austinpetsalive/pass/#Form:Add_New_Case

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