Find your beloved, lost pet!

Lost pet?  Call 410-908-6374:  Dogs Finding Dogs (& cats, too)

Find lost pets:

[1] Notify the group where you got your pet — in case someone contacts them.

[2 ] Check the area animal shelters regularly — including near-by &/or privately operated shelters.

[3] Look at to get some “lost pet,” poster-design ideas.

[4] Design your “lost” posters exactly as they describe them on the site – the posters come from a design study the government did about what people can see & read from a certain distance at a certain speed.  [5] Sign up for alerts at & (calls people in the area); missing-pet search:  Input your zipcode & system displays alerts made within a 25-mile radius of your zip code, placed during the last 120 days.  For lost, missing, stolen dogs, cats & other pets.  Includes a voice-mail message for area neighbors.

[6] Visit the various, helpful lost-&-found Web sites:  Find a friend, save a life!  for “lost,” “found” & adoptable pets in North America. … most Web sites are free.

[7] Sign up for all Web sites’ alerts, if available:  e.g., someone may post a “found dog” notice that matches your lost dog.

[8] Check out all pet- & lost-pet related Web;;;;;;  (North Texas) has a free lost/found posting;; www.LostFoundPets.US/report.php

Also:     So you’re a PetRescuer, now what? Follow these tips to be safe & savvy as you look for lost HomeAgain

•      Read your Lost Pet Alerts & take note of the missing pet’s description.

•      Keep a lookout in your neighborhood, during your commute, and talk to friends & neighbors.

•      If you’ve seen or found a pet from a Lost Pet Alert, report it to HomeAgain.

What to do when you find a lost pet:

•      Assess the situation carefully. If you feel safe, slowly approach the lost cat or dog.

•      If the lost pet is aggressive or otherwise unstable, call a local shelter or animal control for help.

•      If you feel safe approaching the pet and it is wearing a collar with ID tags, check for information about the owner and let them know you found their lost pet.

•      If the pet is not wearing visible identification but you are able to safely approach the pet, take it to the nearest animal shelter or veterinary clinic to be scanned for a microchip.

•      If you are unable to approach the pet or determine the pet’s owner, contact your local animal control agency. Animal control can scan the pet for a microchip and get the pet off of the streets, so it doesn’t get injured.

Some PetRescuers may decide to shelter a friendly cat or dog until the owner can be contacted or while waiting for the owner to arrive. In those situations, it’s important to keep the lost pet separate from your children and pets. Even the friendliest pets
may act out in an unfamiliar environment!

Questions? Call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242).     … on behalf of Intervet Inc. 556 Morris Ave, S5-2, Summit, NJ, 07901, USA   Reunite with lost pets:

To find lost pets:

1.  Walk daily around the neighborhood where they were lost & call their names (look under bushes, walk down alleys, etc).   DO NOT delay doing this morning, noon & night.

2.  Post fliers in neighborhood & surrounding neighborhoods with your phone number & description of pet.

3.  Visit local Animal Control Shelter to look for your pet every day (you can’t rely on Animal Control to remember to call you), but give them a flier & your phone number anyway.

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