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Wednesdays, 6-9pLubbock IMPACT, INC., Ryan Bullard (RyanBullard74@Yahoo.com or 806-535-3714).  Providing food, clothing & medical care to persons in difficult economic situations.  Partnering with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center to provide a fully functioning medical clinic, staffed by volunteer physicians, nurses & medical students.  Free medical care, prescriptions & assistance with getting into the medical-care system for future healthcare needs.  Volunteers needed to introduce patients to community resources, screen for Lubbock County medically indigent/blue card & Medicaid eligibility; assist clients through the needs of the application process.

Anytime!  Proactively connect with any/all 850+ GO Centers in furtherance of your goals:  www.AliceWhite.WordPress.com & select “GO Centers” from the right-hand menu & then scroll downward through the list of your actual &/or prospective collaborative partners.  Or sort GO Centers by county & services:  www.ClosingTheGaps.org & select “GO Centers” from the left-hand menu & then link to “Locations.”  Or e-ask Alice.V.White@GMail.com or Alice.White@TTU.edu for the 300+ page, color-coded document (alphabetized-by-town or by-topic).

Anytime Find out how to start, grow & maximize a high-performance non-profit organization that effectively prepares low -incomefirst generation college students & families for academic, financial, social, community-service & lifetime successes (at no cost to students & @$1,300/student organizational cost).  Discover how outreach may be leveraged & maximized through savvy partnerships, training & retention of direct-service AmeriCorps & capacity-building Volunteers In Service To America (VISTA) members (www.AmeriCorps.Gov).  Visit www.ReadyBy21Austin.org/documents/GTCManual.pdf for Everything You Ever Wanted to Know — but were afraid to ask — about class-by-class requirements (spelled out for high school graduation) & college success (steps, tips & how-tos).  Invite College Forward’s 100-student summer bus tour to your college or university.  For information about the 970 high school juniors & seniors at 11 Austin-area high schools in seven school districts – expanding to 1,423 Central Texas youth — with 453 collegians attending 64 universities across the country:  www.CollegeForward.org or Info@CollegeForward.org  Mobile GO Center Champion Fred Markham, Texas Pioneer Foundation 512-396-2164.  Additional, youth-friendly organizations from www.AustinPartners.org (provides mentors, coaches, reading specialists & more); www.SeedlingFoundation.Net (mentors for children with an incarcerated parent); www.BBBS.org (mentors & other services); www.CISAustin.org (services to high-risk students including after-school programs.)

Anytime!  Refer children with disabilities for free summer camps (waiting list for children with diabetes):  TLC@LionsCamp.com or 830-896-8500; www.LionsCamp.com & RBHL@SuddenLink.Net or 806-797-7652.  Outdoor, summer camping on 504 acres of hills & woods; health-education & camp-graduation experiences for Texas children with disabilities – creating an atmosphere where campers will learn the “can do” philosophy & be allowed to achieve maximum personal growth & self-esteem; also, specialized camp for children with diabetes.  Offering special children the opportunity to be “just a regular kid” for a week:  swimming, music, photography, horseback riding, sports nature studies, arts & crafts, sleeping under the star, boating, high & low ropes course, archery.  Children have learned to ride horses, swim, camp & meet other children with similar circumstances.  Eligibility:  children 7-16 years old with any of these conditions:  asthma, amputee, blind/vision impaired, burns, heart problems, deaf/hearing impaired, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cancer/tumor, lupus, muscular dystrophy, mute, polio, partial paralysis, rickets, scoliosis, sickle cell, stroke, Legg-Perthes, Charcot-Marie-Tooth; 8-15 years old with diabetes.

All the time!  No-charge, engaging education & college-going resources for your youth audiences & their families:  [1] www.TGSLC.org/Order & select “Request Materials” bar from the upper, right-hand side of page; [2] from US Department of Education:  Orders@FSAPubs.Gov or 1-800-394-7084; www.FSAPubs.org

All the time!  Educational Initiative for the Spanish-language, 10-episode, college-going TV series with practical & inspirational advice about how to apply to collegewww.HITN.TV/CA411

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