Schedule for Alzheimer’s support & other educational sessions

3rd Tues., 12 noon1pAlzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group/Garrison Center at 3710 4th St., Lubbock, TX ( 806-763-4555.

4th Tues., 5:30pAlzheimer’s 101/Covenant Community Resource Center/Knipling (  corner of 21st & Louisville:  6th floor of west parking garage).  Rsvp: 1-866-426-8362.  Activities at Home:  planned activities can enhance someone’s sense of dignity & self-esteem by giving more purpose & meaning to his or her life.  Explore strategies for activity planning; approaching activities; modifying activities & more.

Also, ask for future datesParish/Faith Community Nursing   Preparation Course; Lubbock, TX:  STH.RNR@Door.Net or 806-983-8096.  And, TEXAS HEALTH MINISTRY Calendar of Events:

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