NASA & high school students

High school students invited to participate in NASA’s on-line learning community & on-site summer ’11 experience.  For more information:  http://www.NASA.Gov/education/INSPIRE; to apply:; for questions:  Steven.H.Chance@NASA.Gov

NASA’s GO Center listing:

National Aeronautical and Space Administration, www.NASA.Gov & Dr. Chuck Lloyd (Charles.W.Lloyd@NASA.Gov) &  Committed to using NASA’s space research & frontier exploration to educate the nation on science, technology, engineering & mathematics – via collaborations to [a] promote [i] education & outreach opportunities for educators, students & life-long learners; [ii] critical thinking, [iii] teamwork & [b] focusing on problem-solving skills.  Elementary Education Jaqueline.N.Cortez@NASA.Gov & Secondary Education Monica.Trevathan-1@NASA.Gov;  for grades (kid-hosted newsbreaks, hands-on exploration activities & educator guides with resources to bring today’s knowledge for tomorrow’s explorers); & Alicia.Llewellyn-1@NASA.Gov (inspiring future explorers to train like an astronaut:  joining NASA & the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports in a variety of physical activities & hands-on science explorations);  for grades (placing students in the roles of NASA scientists, engineers, doctors & researchers using real NASA data as they work through real-world applications of math & science); for grades (engaging & inspiring math students with challenging problems based on space-exploration topics).  Alsohttp://HumanResearch.JSC.NASA.Gov/Education.asp & Traci.R.Knight@NASA.Gov Public outreach to showcase current research & technology explorations – challenges of long-duration human-based space-flight missions — via social media:  podcasting, vodcasting & interactive-style resources; NASA-project, supplemental application problems to integrate into existing Advanced  Placement courses (calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, US history & human geography).  http://I.USAToday.Net/Tech/Graphics/ISS_Timeline/Flash.htm Watch the International Space Station assembly diagram come together (dates in left-hand corner of page).  Also,  40-hour knowledge & technology-transfer consultancy services from National Aeronautical & Space Administration scientists for small businesses – in collaboration with the Small Business Development Center.  Also, Dr. & Dr. Audrey C. McCool:  parents of the late Space Shuttle Commander Willie McCool.

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