Phi Beta Kappans make liberal arts degree pay off

Headhunter Nick Corcodilos, Phi Beta Kappa, Rutgers, ’77  (“The Key Reporter, Fall 2009; p. 10) explains how to market Liberal Arts degree skills (e.g., English, other languages, art, history, psychology:  non-business disciplines)  in the business world:  offer your well-honed ability to learn what you need to in order to accomplish a task & your  strong writing & communication skills (to help CEOs who can’t write to save their lives).  Highlight your fundamental skills & attributes (that others may lack) in terms of the respective business:  your skills to define problems & tasks; master information-retrieval systems (libraries, books, periodicals, Internet, personal interviews); facility in planning & executing research, organizing ideas & solutions;   your attributes of an open mind to new ideas & approaches; disciplined work habits; a critical eye & ear.

*Select a business you want to work in.  Study it in excruciating detail.  Learn enough so that you can begin mapping your skills & attributes to the business (i.e., so that you can explain how your skills & attributes can be used to solve an employer’s problems).  Oldest undergraduate honors organization in the US; fostering & recognizing academic excellence in liberal arts & sciences since 1776. Texas Tech University-sheltered Phi Beta Kappa chapter:

Students graduating in May, August or December can be considered for Phi Beta Kappa:

Please note the additional information needed from transfer students — in order to provide a complete history of academic courses and  grades (required for consideration for Phi Beta Kappa membership).

Also, the Phi Beta Kappa Association of West Texas & Eastern New Mexico: &

Phi Beta Kappa Association of West Texas and Eastern New  High School Academic Excellence [financial] Award (endowment at the Lubbock Area Foundation with matching-grant funds from the CH Foundation) for highest-achieving, academically talented high school juniors who apply & are selected:  Robert Posteraro, MD (RHPos@EarthLink.Net) or Michelle Grable ( 53+ annual applicants at the Summa, Magna & Cum Laude as well as “Honorable Mention” levels from Abilene, Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Tascosa & other area high schools.  Provided personalized PBK keys for ‘08 & ‘09 inductees at Texas Tech University.  Recent past US presidents & US President Obama share a Phi Beta Kappa connection:  three former US Presidents are PBKs:  George H.W. Bush/Yale ‘48; Bill Clinton/Georgetown ‘68 & Jimmy Carter/honorary at KS State Univ. ‘91.  Two are sons of PBKs:  US President Obama (through his father Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., PBK/Hawai’i at Manoa in ‘62) & past US President George W. Bush (through his father).   PBKs share the honor of membership with 17 US Presidents & seven of the nine current US Supreme Court Justices (including Sonia Sotomayor, PBK, Princeton, ’76).  Famous or not, all PBKs have one thing in common:  the pursuit of excellence.  PBKs whose names you may know:  Jeff Bezos, Founder of; Glenn Close, actor; Eileen Collins, space-shuttle commander; Francis Ford Coppola, film director; Michael Crichton, author; Rita Dove, former US Poet Laureate; John Hope Franklin, historian; Brian Greene, physicist; Peyton Manning, NFL quarterback; Stephen Sondheim, composer & lyricist; Gloria Steinem, co-founder of Ms. Magazine; John Updike, novelist & critic.  Lambda of Texas Phi Beta Kappa chapter sheltered by faculty at Texas & scholarships available:

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