No-charge anti-racist curriculum

Are you looking for an anti-racist curriculum with background information, attached handouts and resources, and full lessons…. for free? 

The Storytelling Project is a curriculum that uses the arts to work through issues of race and racism in the classroom.   The lessons are based on a model going through different story types about racism: 

  • from the dominant, mainstream to those of people of color or white allies that are concealed to resistance to counter stories, where students create their own stories and plans for how to fight racism. 

 The 32 lessons that you can find in the link attached below were developed by the Barnard Education Program at Columbia University with a team of teachers, artists, activists, and scholars as part of research on anti-racist curriculum.  We are currently entering our final stage of research before we publish this curriculum.

 This means that THIS SUMMER is the last chance for you to access the curriculum FOR FREE.  These lessons can be used across curriculum subjects, in workshops, with organizations, professional development, and so much more.  This is still a draft of the final curriculum, so in return for giving you a complete pdf copy for free, we are just asking for some information for a one-time follow up questionnaire.

 The link for the curriculum is:

 If you already have downloaded the curriculum, please help us make it stronger by doing two things:

 1.  Make sure that you complete the follow up survey at

2.  Spread the curriculum around! Give it to your colleagues, friends, family, listservs, and anyone else who you think might be interested!  The more people we have trying it out, the better we can make it.

 Thanks for your work in helping to create viable and high quality anti-racist curriculum! 

Brett Murphy  Storytelling Project team member  11th grade U.S. history teacher, Academy for Social Action

 Christine Clark, Ed.D.  702.896.1527 Telephone  702.896.4529 Facsimile  702.985.6979 Cellular

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