Chart your Career through 10-10-10  Chart your career & your life!  — authentically, intentionally, systematically, clearly & honestly … according to your deepest goals & values.    

Reclaim your life at home, in love & at work. 

When faced with choices or dilemmas or when work moves blazingly fast; demands are increasingly complex, constantly changing & never complete, always on; given the competitive strategy, global markets & monetary policy:  sort through the mix of your needs, dreams, hopes & assumptions through the 10-10-10 process

Answer three questions:  What will be the consequences of my decision in [1] 10 Minutes, [2] 10 Months & [3] 10 Years?

10-10-10 helps you explain your decisions to yourself & any “constituents” who might be affected by your decisions.  Understand yourself with simplicity & clarity.

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