The miracle, magic & wonder of life & learning

The lesson which life repeats & constantly enforces is “look under foot.”  You are always nearer the divine & the true sources of your power than you think.  The lure of the distant & the difficult is deceptive.  The great opportunity is where you are.  Do not despise your own place & hour.  Every place is under the stars, every place is the center of the world.     — John Burroughs


“You never grow old until you’ve lost all your marvels.”  Merry Browne from  

“You don’t have a soul.  You are a Soul.  You have a body.”  C.S. Lewis from

“If you don’t find God in the next person you meet, it’s a waste of time looking for him further.”  Mohandas K. Ghandi  from

“I have found that the greatest help in meeting any problem with decency & self-respect & whatever courage is demanded, is to know where you yourself stand.  That is, to have in words what you believe & are acting from.”  William Faulkner (1897-1962) American Writer.  From

“Peace.  It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things & still be calm in your heart.”  Unknown

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”  Lao Tzu     from

“Those who know do not speak.  Those who speak do not know.”  Lao Tzu     from

“To know what we do not know is the beginning of wisdom.”  Maha Sthavira Sangharakshita     from

“It’s not what’s happening around you that determines your health, finances … but what’s happening inside of you — exclusively.”     from

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”  Albert Camus (1913-1960) French Writer — from  Copyright 2008,, Inc.

“Forget not that the earth likes to feel your bare feet & the winds long to play with your hair.”  Kahlil Gibran  from

“As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious.”  Will Durant

“We need a renaissance of wonder.  We need to renew, in our hearts & in our souls, the deathless dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is miracle & magic.”  E. Merrill Root (1895-1973), American Writer

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.  Helen Keller (1880-1968) American writer

“The greatest protection is a loving heart.  Protecting yourself, you protect others.  Protecting others, you protect yourself.”  The Buddha     from  To share your PEACE Quote, please send it to

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last.  Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.”  Zig Ziglar through www.EmployeeMotivation.Biz

“They key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.”  Ken Blanchard through www.EmployeeMotivation.Biz

Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”  Dwight D. Eisenhower from www.EmployeeMotivation.Big

If your actions inspire others, to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, you are a leader”  John Quincy Adams  from www.EmployeeMotivation.Biz

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