Promoting sustainable sources of energy on Texas Tech campuses & local community  Training/education today to power tomorrow:  for prospective employees & employers.  Tech Renewable Energy Society (TRES!  “TRES” in French = “very:”  Web site is very interesting, very informative & very entertaining; in Spanish = “three:” like Julius Caesar, the Web Master has had the gall <smile> to divide [the] … introduction into three parts: solar, wind and geothermal. Of course, there are also hydroelectric, bio-fuels, ocean currents and tides, and others.  “But in Lubbock, we are likely to find most interest in the Big Three.”).

Participate!  Join!  TRES promotes the use of sustainable sources of energy on TTU & TTUHSC campuses and in the Lubbock, Texas community.  Members are from Texas Tech faculty, staff & student sectors, but membership by others is permitted under the by-laws.

TRES members learn about various renewable forms of energy & disseminate the information to administrators, faculty, staff & students; encourage Texas Tech employees and students to become more independent in generating their own sources of energy through conservation & the use of renewable energy work with utilities on the campuses & in the community to create clean & renewable methods for generating energy; work with Texas Tech administration to request state & local government to use clean forms of energy & to pass legislation which recognizes the importance of the environment in energy production; engage in the education of citizens & young people in the uses of solar, wind, geothermal & other forms of renewable energy.

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