GO Centers’ spirit, energy, partners & partnerships to leverage your outreach effectiveness

Leverage your Outreach Effectiveness through Abundant, Education-friendly GO Centers, attitudes, habits, people, products & systems. 

www.THECB.State.TX.US (& key “GO Center” into Search engine at top right of page):  Go Center Model

High-Altitude Attitudes
Energize your vision!  Continuously Improve on your successes & learning lessons! Adopt or adapt practical, take-home tools! Ask for & receive helpful resources! Engage all dimensions: wherever people work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive! Make it easy for your audiences/collaborative partners to say “Yes” to your calls to action!  Have fun!

Helpful Habits
1,  Celebrate!  your own successes and engagement strategies

2.  Select! resources that resonate with you or that align with your goals: take what you like, leave the rest

3.  Engage! with folks, below:  invite them to present, train, exhibit, consult, assess, research or collaborate with you; ask them to connect you with their most effective counterparts in your geographical area

4.  Adopt!  adapt, brand or co-brand products with your logo, Web site, call to action and contact information

5.  Leverage! the power of your systems via people, products and existing systems of college-readiness resources

6.  Share!  your resources with Alice.White@TTU.edu for www.AliceWhite.WordPress.com, e-list updates and an ever-improving version of Your Buffet

7.  Be grateful! for your resilience despite ever-changing leadership, priorities or funding availability

Helpful People, Products & Systems

  • People

WittTodd@Aol.com 2003 “Father” of Texas’ GO Centers, provided leadership, team-building & college-readiness training; got recruited to initiate Go Centers/Go Center-like strategy in other states:www.SkyRanchSchools.com

GeneBinder@SBCGlobal.net GO Centers’ collaborative successes in San Antonio via AmeriCorps*VISTA Leaders & Members (www.NationalService.Gov/for_organizationshow/index.asp), Communities In Schools (www.CommunitiesInSchools.org), College for ALL Texans Foundation (www.CollegeForALLTexans.com), www.ServiceLearning.org, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (www.CNS.Gov/about/programs/seniorcorps_rsvp.asp).

JBerset@SouthPlainsCollege.edu  2003 “Mother” of 15 of Texas’ first GO Centers; when GO Center revenue evaporated, she found funding to continue to support GO Centers through her Tech Prep budget  www.SouthPlainsCollege.edu/techprep/GOCenters.html).

LFielder@CollegeForward.org GOo Center-like non-profit organization in Austin, Texas; mobilizing VISTA & AmeriCorps Leaders/Members + work-study students to ensure first-generation students’ college-going successes:www.CollegeForward.org>

J-Chandler@TAMU.edu  Ask her to connect you with her trusted, respected Cooperative Extension partners throughout the US.

JThompso@CNS.Gov  Ask Jerry Thompson to connect you with his counterpart in your state; inquire about his/his collaborative partners’ creative strategies to engage/leverage low- or no-cost Volunteers in Service to America/domestic Peace Corps providing sustainable/indirect services; or direct-service/tutors/mentors AmeriCorps Members or Leaders; &/or how to leverage federal work-study dollars for your outreach.

S.Maze-Rothstein@NEU.edu    16+ social/restorative-justice projects that meaningfully engage first-generation students/families in the resolution/reconciliation of their communities’ real life challenges.

  • Products

Training  WittTodd@Aol.com &www.SkyRanchSchools.com Dynamic, ransformational leadership team-building & college-readiness information & experiential training to energize G-Force/ peer facilitators; adult GO Center sponsors; to write strategic plan for GO Center, its case-management approach, outreach to its feeder schools, meaningful engagement of current/prospective collaborative partners (granting/funding businesses, organizations, foundations; P-16/P-20 Council, local education partnerships – to ensure long-term successes) 

Training content

Juanita’s Diary a semi-autobiographical screen play about a migrant-farming family whose daughter was the first to graduate from college (with age-appropriate conversation modulesDVD of the performance):  www.RaidersRojos.org or 806-742-1998, x. 463 or Janie@RaidersRojos.org

Harvesting a Dream video-contest winner/mass-media spokesperson:  Arnold Hernandez:  HDZ_Arnold@Yahoo.com or 512-736-6729.  Find out how he wisely & respectfully navigates his worlds of migrant farming & first-generation college success.

Reality Check 45-minute simulation for eighth-graders & older to experience living on the monthly salary of a high school drop out or of a professional – deeply connecting the relationship between school success & life/career success.  Great opportunity to meaningfully engage local business owners – to sell the products & services that the students are required to purchase with their pre-determined, education-dependent salary.  To borrow or find out how to purchase your own store fronts (to brand with your logo, Web site, call to action & contact information):  Jennifer.Sutton@TTU.edu   View a Web site version at www.cdr.state.tx.us/RealityCheck

Community-friendly Web sites  www.AliceWhite.WordPress.com (select “Financial Abundance” & scroll to Financial Aid for College) & www.P16Texas.org 

Effective organization                          



  • Systems

Web sites & blogs:  www.AliceWhite.WordPress.com

Work toward freedom for the wrongfully convicted & participate in restorative justice

S.Maze-Rothstein@NEU.edu & 617-373-7609 for information about social/restorative-justice projects & healing circles: [1] Identify funding sources for transitional housing & services to serve formerly incarcerated who face difficulties obtaining public housing due to their Criminal Offender Record Information reports); [2] comparison of the increasing criminalization of homelessness & poverty in the US with policies in parts of the European Union — to identify model laws & policies to oppose criminalization measures & promote more constructive, alternative approaches); [3] development of homelessness prevention strategies for Cambridge, MA; [4] identifying legal steps in several states to protect same-sex couples & their families; [5] assisting civil rights activitists arrested or convicted of crimes during the civil-rights era to obtain pardons; [6] research & interviews with New Orleans residents to ascertain five major shortcomings of the Road Home Program & suggest innovative approaches to addressing these issues; [7] examine zoing & land-use regulation as possible means to mitigate fast-food industries’ practice of aggressive marketing near schools with particularly susceptible minority youth populations; production of a kit to be used by various communities to address their specific concerns &/or situations; [8] using NYC’s zoning resolution to protect low-income & racially diverse communities (residents & businesses) from displacement due to large-scale development projects; [9] analyzing gender discrimination statutes in MD & LA; creating a web-based resource regarding gender discrimination; [10] suggest judicial & legislative actions to facilitate greater academic success among Limited English Proficiency students in Worcester schools; [11] investigating whether criminal/background checks violate equal employment law; [12] extent to which non-English speaking parties to immigration court proceedings have a right to be provided with translations of relevant documents & exploration of feasible models for such translation services; [13] state-based legal strategies & theories to help the un- & underinsured avoid exorbitant hospital debts; investigate ways to change hospital-billing practices, explore use of community benefits to alleviate overburdened patients & examine ways to improve state insurance laws in order to increase health insurance coverage; [14] implement the restorative justice/peer justice system & model it for the MA public school system; school-community, self-governance & healing — in response to growing violence & disciplinary issues within public schools throughout the nation — complying with all state & federal special education & English-language-learners’ laws; data collection system to monitor the success of the restorative justice peer justice system; [15] creating a comprehensive, statewide training program to encourage more aggressive & skillful litigation in eyewitness-identification cases in GA — as part of the national effort to bring about eye-witness identification reform; [16] creation of a national manual to assist attorneys representing minor-aged victims of sexual assault 

www.ABANet.org/careercounsel/prelaw Pre-law tool kit for school counselors at all grade levels & for pre-law students, their teachers, mentors & parents.

Recommend to juvenile offenders & others requiring community-service restitution credit that they volunteer at our dog & cat shelter near Lubbock, Texas: LeLandsHeart@Hotmail.com

Create a college-going state of mind: beginning with the youngest babies & throughout their lives

www.OffToCollege.com User-friendly, comprehensive, encouraging!

From the National Dropout Prevention Center, the importance of mentors:  students with mentors are 75 percent less likely to drop out of school. Schools with mentoring programs report: 76 percent increase in student attendance rate; 84 percent increase in students’ passing classes; 60 percent decline in suspensions from school; 58 percent of students achieving higher grades.  Students with mentors are 46 percent less likely to start using drugs, 27 percent less likely to start using alcohol & 33 percent less likely to hit someone:  Leroy.Nellis@co.Travis.TX.US or 512-854-9066.

For a high school diploma … early — with dual credit! … or for courses not offered at your school; for courses you need due to scheduling conflicts or special circumstances (emergency, travel, health, legal, work-related or other issues); for high school or college credit by exams, academic enrichment & more: www.ODE.TTU.edu/K-12 or Michele.Moskos@TTU.edu or 806-742-7200.

WittTodd@Aol.com Get students involved in leading other students to college.  Proven results in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas & West Virginia — through partnerships with GEAR-UP & TRiO programs; iLead camps & Power of One assemblies (with young college graduate speakers ready to go anywhere in the United States to impact & motivate students     www.SkyRanchSchools.com. School programs, retreats & summer camps for high-quality educational experiences – by combining cutting-edge curriculum & programs with an energetic staff with a passion for reaching kids

www.RaidersRojos.org/pages/Juanitas_Diary/jd_dvd.asp to order a DVD, script & curriculum guide for Juanita’s Diary, an endearing & inspiring story about young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Juanita’s Diary curriculum guide includes community-friendly conversations, activities & TAKS-friendly lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college.  Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times:  www.RaidersRojos.org or 806-742-1998, x. 463 or Janie@RaidersRojos.org

www.ThomasLFriedman.com/WorldIsFlat.htm  China, India & other countries are major players in the global supply chain for services & manufacturing, creating an explosion of wealth in the middle classes of the world’s two biggest nations — giving them a huge new stake in the success of globalization.  With this “flattening” of the globe, US   citizens are required to run faster in order to stay in place.  The world has gotten small & fast:  human beings & their political systems must adapt.

www.ETS.org (select “Perfect Storm” from right-hand menu)  The US is in the midst of a perfectly grim storm:  disparities in reading & math skills; seismic economic changes widening wage gaps & sweeping demographic shifts:  more people with less education & lower skills.  Hope for better lives with decent jobs & livable wages is possible through raising our learning levels, increasing our reading & math skills & narrowing the existing achievement gaps.

According to Scott McLeod, these are exponential times.  Shift happens.   Sample:  China & India have more honors kids than the US has kids.  …  The US is 20th in the world in broadband Internet penetration.  … In 2002 Nintendo invested $140+M in research & development while the US government spent less than half as much on research & innovation in education.  … The amount of new technical information is doubling every two years, so about half of what students learn in their first year of a four-year technical or college degree may be outdated by their third year of study.

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu states, “Governors review fourth grade reading scores to determine prison growth. . .  This has become an epidemic in the African-American community where 63 percent of its fourth-grade students are below grade level,” www.africanamericanimages.com/Articles.htm (2007).

Internet Search: “third grade reading and prison” via Google and 1,110,000 hits occur in 0.08 seconds.  The first hit succinctly states, “During a recent visit to    a maximum security prison in Virginia, where some 2,000 men are caged, I asked the warden to describe his most troublesome problem.  I expected the usual answer – shivs, drugs, rapes, cellblock violence.  Sure, he replied, all that is here.  But his major problem is illiteracy.  As many as 75 percent of the prisoners read at a third grade level.  On release, he said, they won’t be able to find even unskilled jobs.  Almost two-thirds will return to prison, www.aliciapatterson.org/APF1904/McCarthy/McCarthy.html         



           Youth/learning-friendly partners         

Upward Bound, Talent Search, TRiO, GEAR-UP, Tech Prep, Service-Learning & Learn-&-Serve programs, VISTA programs, LULAC, Worksource/Workforce Boards, Leadership Beaumont, AgriLIFE Extension/4-H/county fairs, United Ways, chambers of commerce, economic-development associations, public libraries/library system/library association, county judges, public health, Corporation for National & Community Service, faith-based organizations, 2-1-1, P-16/P-20 Councils, Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, community foundations, education in-service trainings …


 Mobilization of community connectors & your usual, local Superstars                                                                                                                       Amy.Jarmon@TTU.eduBSilverb@AustinCC.eduJ-Chandler@TAMU.eduJBerset@SouthPlainsCollege.eduACruce@SPAG.org & Janie@RaidersRojos.orgKathleen.McPherson@TTUHSC.edu


Collaborating with on-going events    

Jamaicas, county fairs, neighborhood of back-to-School fiestas, athletic events, local celebrations, college-career-job expos/fairs, job-shadow day, senior-sneak day, leadership programs (e.g., Leadership Texas, Leadership Beaumont …), public health 


Speed-networking luncheons  Luncheon host/hostess at student-operated site; explicit participation/preparation instructions:  informational, promotion and one-pager into chairs, go through entire buffet line, 90-seconds/participant to share “elevator speech” of three offers and three wishes; note-taker with e-follow up.  Want to see e-examples of invitation and/or follow up with participants’ e-addresses, offers & wishes?  Let me know:  Alice.White@TTU.edu



Now It is your Turn! 

Be Grateful!  Focus on and Share your Experience, Strength and Hope!


What you do when your promises can’t be fulfilled due to unforeseen circumstance or changes occur that are out of your control?  (e.g., election/selection of a new governor, commissioner, supervisor; reorganization, down-sizing, re-engineering, outsourcing …)  e-list for life; blog with resources; help however you can:  wherever your collaborative partners work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive


How do you meaningfully engage business partners?  … families/parents?  Where do you apply for college-readiness grant funding?  Which local and/or chain businesses share their financial abundance with you?  What are your biggest challenges?  What are your biggest learning lessons &/or your successes?  Anyone recruiting senior citizens into college/law school?  — to diversify by age, previous work/professional/academic interests &/or ethnicity?



Ready to Practice your “Elevator Speech” of Three Offers and Three Wishes?!



Three Sample Offers


Let Alice.White@TTU.edu (806-742-1480, x. 258) help you, your colleagues, customers, consumers, advocates, family, friends, students, teachers, faculty, teammates & neighbors (wherever you/they work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive) get connected with resources you/they need.  Some of the 20,000+ people on my e-lists or 35+ daily visitors to my blog may have what you need or know who has what you need.


Help yourself, adopt or adapt any/all resources from my user-friendly blog in furtherance of your mission:  www.AliceWhite.WordPress.com (& select categories from the right-hand menu that might be most helpful to you:  “Animal Welfare,” “Children & Families,” “Community Resources,” “Date Sensitive,” “Education,” “Empowering Others,” “Financial Abundance,” “Health,” “International Opportunities,” “Jobs & Internships,” “Special Populations” & Texas Tech & Angelo State” & “Your career & resume”).


Be my luncheon guest [on Tuesdays at Lubbock Lions Club (www.LubbockLions.org) &/or on Wednesdays at Lubbock Rotary Club (www.LubbockRotary.org) &/or Saturdays at The Lubbock Club] if you want to meet, greet, network with and call into action highly accomplished, service-minded leaders.  I would be honored to sponsor your membership application into Lions &/or Rotary.  I would be glad to add your e-address to the e-invitation spreadsheet for Saturday luncheons.



Three Sample Wishes


You!  and hundreds of your P-20 friends sending at least three items & getting connected with folks whenever I “bcc” e-ask you & your colleagues, friends, family, neighbors & collaborative partners to share your age-appropriate college-readiness items with eager students, classes, teachers, counselors, principals & parents around the state.


You!  and your collaborative, community partners branding (with your logo, Web site & contact information) all/age-appropriate modules of the downloadable Go kit for your college readiness outreach; engaging 50+ area GO Trainers in your outreach to first-generation families and/or youth (pre-kindergarten through college/university) via school, after-school, back-to-school, stay-in-school, faith-based, mentoring, tutoring, academic enrichment & community events … in Spanish &/or in English.


You!  and your friends, family, neighbors – wherever folks work, worship, volunteer, learn, play or thrive – offering ideas, resources and volunteer hours supporting area Go Centers; collaborating with high school & collegiate G-Force Members/Leaders; and growing GO Centers in your near-by schools, community-based organizations or businesses’ employee break/training rooms.  Connect with veteran, Go Center champions:  JBerset@SouthPlainsCollege.edu and WittTodd@Aol.com or Alice.White@TTU.edu   



Three More Sample Wishes


You!  and thousands of other Texas Tech-friendly folks helping us reach our 40,000-student goal by 2020www.GoToTexasTech.com & www.TTU.edu & www.TTUHSC.edu & www.Angelo.edu & www.TexasTech.edu


You!  becoming/continuing to be my colleague within the Texas Tech University System:  http://Jobs.TexasTech.edu & www.depts.TTU.edu/Personnel/applicant-information.aspx & www.Angelo.edu/publications/employment


You!  and thousands of others getting/staying connected with Texas Techwww.TexasTechAlumni.org & www.RaidersRojos.org & www.TTUHSC.edu/Alumni & www.depts.TTU.edu/ParentRelations & www.AngeloStateAlumni.com/ng

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