Health Careers: for You? … of Scrubs and Stethoscopes

Of Scrubs and Stethoscopes

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a surgeon, a paramedic, or a physical therapist? Maybe you’ve heard about the shortage of health care personnel in Texas and are looking ahead for career opportunities when you enter the job market. Whatever is on your mind, the important thing is to follow your heart if you have a love of the sciences and helping people. Don’t be scared off by the hard work that lies ahead because the rewards will be there for you. Often the money is very good, but the personal fulfillment of entering such professions can be even greater.

If you are like a lot of students, you may not be sure where to start researching these careers, or you may wonder if you have what it takes to make it in such exciting and demanding fields. A great place to start is by checking out an online guide called H.O.T. Jobs – A Cool Guide to Health Professions in Texas at This guide describes 75 health careers from A to Z, and includes important details such as areas of specialization, work environment, job outlook, length of training, and salary. It also lists universities and colleges in Texas and the programs they offer.

Still wondering if you have what it takes? Then make sure to visit the website above, and click on the “Colleges and Universities” button to review a quick cheat sheet titled “Is a Health Career Right for You?” It may also be helpful to talk with people who are in health careers that you are considering.  Check our for health-career choices — now & after you have graduated from college.

Once you’ve done your homework and decided that perhaps medical school is the route you want to go, you’ll be happy to learn that there are a number of people and programs that are ready to help you. One program is the Joint Admissions Medical Program, also known as JAMP. This program targets economically disadvantaged college freshmen and provides a rich college environment for students to understand the realities of attending medical school. For more information, visit

Finally, don’t forget to believe in your own potential. Find a mentor – someone to help guide you and inspire you when you hit the rough patches that may pop up. Best of luck on your quest!

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