Education: Go Get It! GO kit train-the-trainer kit, training agenda and script

Ask Dr. for a CD copy of the College for Texans’ Education: Go Get It GO kit.

Education: Go Get It! GO kit train-the-trainer agenda and script

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Adopt or adapt (time frame, content and format) to suit your audiences’ learning styles & preferences and to fit with your training style and preferences.

10:00 – 10:10 Welcome & Co-Trainer Self-Introductions
College for Texans Campaign’s Education: Go Get It! Overview & Acknowledgements

10:10 – 10:20 GO! Introductions exercise

10:20 – 10:30 Overview of the day

10:30 – 10:45 Overview of College for Texans train-the-trainer GO kit

10:45 – 11:00 “Planting the Seed for College” sample presentation

11:00 – 11:10 Break

11:10 – 11:20 Homework Activity: Letter

11:20 – 11:35 “Financial Aid 101” sample presentation

11:35 – 12:35 On-site Lunch

12:35 – 12:45 Review outcomes and afternoon agenda

12:45 – 1:15 90-second “elevator” invitations and “Attract,
Leverage …”

1:15 – 1:25 Training Tips & Troubleshooting

1:25 – 1:45 Upcoming College for Texans Campaign activities & GO Center

1:45 – 2:00 Conclusion, Evaluation, & Presentation of Certificate


8:00 – 9:45 Pre-presentation unloading, set-up, & final preparations
• Find your designated room, get it unlocked, recruit helpers
• Hang banners and set out geese with cap-&-gown regalia
• Set out (for 500 total): do-it-yourself name tag supplies (markers, blank name tags); pre-registration sheet for folks to check-off name & edit e-address (sign-in sheets for non-pre-registrants only); five sets of each town’s e-distribution lists; GO! Intro sheets, pens, key chains, Fact Sheets and TimeLine; pens/pencils; evaluation forms, “Attract, Leverage …” six-pager [Notice as participants sign in: disabilities? Literacy level? Each participant receives one kit?]
• Set up: easel & post-it butcher-paper flip-chart with magic markers; boom box with “Education. GO Get It” and “TEKS and TAKS” playing as folks enter & during breaks/lunch
• Visibly on easel or throughout room:
1. “College for Texans Campaign: Education. GO Get It! La educacion. Saber es Poder;” your name, phone #, e-mail address; Campaign Web site 2. Go kit age-appropriate modules (for parents/families and for youth; en Espanol and in English):
and and then check out resources from the left-hand menu.
3. Today’s outcomes:
Content, Training Tips, & Sustainability Strategies
a. Be familiar with purpose & organization of the College for Texans train-the-trainer kit
b. Know which areas of the kit to use for your outreach
c. Have had opportunities to meet & get contact information from higher ed experts & community experts – so that you may call upon them for assistance (with your 1-time questions or concerns; to invite them to present at your events; to co-present with them, as you & they wish)
d. Find out how vitally important your College for Texans Campaign outreach is to the prosperity of individuals, families, communities, & our state
e. Receive Certificate of Participation & official “GO Trainer” name badge
4. GO Guidelines
a. No question is silly.
b. Respect the person speaking.
c. Keep questions & responses on topic.
d. No one speaks more than once until all have had a chance to speak.
e. Engage others in conversation when possible.
f. Socialize & include gentle humor, as appropriate.
g. Introduce yourself to at least one new person.
h. Turn off cell phones & beepers or put them on a vibration mode.
i. Go outside the room to receive a call.
j. Reserve questions to the end of the presentation, if possible.
k. Ask the GO Trainer after the session if you have a sensitive question.
i. Avoid acronyms.
5. Flip-chart paper/Module Topic (e.g., Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade: Parents; Pre-K thorugh 3rd Grade Children; etc. … to locate other folks for workgroup activities & to emphasize the stair-step simplicity of the kit)
• Test microphone, VCR for Campaign ads, bell to call back participants; other audio-visual equipment; fish bowl for business cards & special follow-up requests; $$$ folder to collect lunch money
• Pre-distributed: GO! Introduction sheets, promo items like pens or key chains
• Ready to distribute: door prizes, conf. bags, tee shirts …
• Re-confirm lunch arrangements, locate restrooms
• Finalize meeting room configuration (tables? chair arrangements, if movable; etc.)
• Take a deep breath & keep enjoying the entire, abundance-nurturing adventure
• As a courtesy to our participants, start & end on time

9:45 – 10:00 Greet incoming participants. Recruit two participants to help with check-off on pre-registered list (and to invite non-pre-registered to sign in)

10:00 – 10:10 Welcome to the College for Texans Campaign train-the-trainer presentation! Education. GO Get it! La educacion. Saber es Poder. Throughout the day, you’ll hear us & see us repeat our Campaign slogans: Education. GO Get It! La educacion. Saber es poder. Watch for all the creative ways we repeat & reinforce “Education. GO Get It! La educacion. Saber es poder.”

Who can tell us what “La educacion. Saber es poder” means? [Give a door prize to the first person who responds accurately.]

*Co-presenters’ self-intro & thank-you to participants
*Remarks from Host Site [present conf. bag to host].

TRAINING TIP! Throughout today’s presentation, we’ll be modeling effective, win-win behavior to demonstrate powerful, specific, community-leveraging Training Tips — for participants to observe, learn from, adopt or adapt, & maximize within their local organizations (to further their local organizations’ mission & to empower their long-term, abundant outreach for the College for Texans Campaign).

In this case, the participants have just seen at least four successful outcomes with real-time examples from the College for Texans Campaign (if participants are already behaving in these win-win kinds of ways, then they can consider these Teaching Points as our overt, validating pats on their backs & our heartfelt congratulations to them for already being a savvy, strategic, win-win organization):
+ Invite target-market partners first — in our case: local, community-based organizations — to get involved (by providing us with their friendly, community-trusted, no-charge host sites for our training)
++ Embrace gratefully all offers & keep in touch, as relevant to the partner-organization (& keep all e-mail addresses): we accepted earliest, warmest offers for no-charge sites (in one case we changed the town for the meeting because of the early, gracious, warm offer for a training site); we have a growing list of 83, no-charge meeting sites
+++ Offer partner-organizations opportunities during Campaign time to further their respective missions: time to present (make offers, ask for help), exhibit products/services, provide handouts, etc. Even if partner-organizations decline your generous offers, they’ll remember your thoughtful gesture & are more likely to include you with their on-going & emerging opportunities.
++++ Remind — by sharing as generously, graciously, & often as you can — your partner-organizations that you want a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership … by giving them on-going opportunities to further their respective missions while supporting the College for Texans Campaign (connect partners with
resources or people they need: sometimes what a partner-organization needs is very easy, fast, & no-cost for you to provide; forward job-opportunity information & e-mails that might further their missions, e.g., Campaign-related & others’ education-related grant opportunities; etc.) Because of you/your organization, your community partners may recruit more business, find new volunteer board members or volunteer
service-providers, connect with affluent donors, etc.: everyone wins … because you started & nurtured the win-win process!

How appropriate that the inclusive, prosperity-conscious College for Texans Campaign (enrolling/including 300,000 additional students … more opportunities & higher salaries as a result of higher education) itself is modeling inclusivity through win-win community partnerships: mini-grants, networking within train-the-trainer opportunities, training kit, etc.
• [If VCR is available & pre-cued, show VHS of Campaign ads].
*Review of today’s theme, purpose, & agenda
Higher education is possible & affordable for all Texas families
• Become an enthusiastic, confident College for Texans Campaign GO Trainers. Most of you will be mixing-&-matching the kinds of audiences with whom you present your College for Texans Campaign kit. At times, you’ll be training:
1. Other trainers, who in turn will present College for Texans Campaign message to the youth, adults, & families they reach. By training other trainers you’ll be leveraging the power of the training kit & potentially reaching vaster numbers of youth & parents.
2. Youth or parents themselves: you’ll be the bearer of the good news (college is possible & affordable), so savor your spectacular role within this magnificent calling.

Irrespective of your audience (whether your audience is one of trainers, youth, or parents), as a GO Trainer, you will be The First Domino is a grand design of dominos … have you seen those domino set-ups where one or two dominos is tipped over & it causes a chain reaction that topples all the other dominos?

Think of yourselves as the first, tipping-point domino: to cause all those other dominos to fall into place…

You’ll be the College for Texans Campaign “perpetual motion” GO Trainer because your motivational messages will cause other trainers to reach families of first-generation students to enroll & succeed in higher education … or your motivational messages will reach families directly, thus creating a beautiful new pattern – a pattern of opportunity & prosperity — for first-generation families … for generations to come.

Among you here are true experts, as well as beginners. There is a place for everyone. We welcome you, appreciate you, & are grateful you are here today. If you’re concerned about public speaking, please don’t. We’ll provide confidence-building & presentation-buddy-recruiting tips to put you at ease. If you’re
concerned that you’re not an expert in education – much less higher education – be at ease. You are powerful & important just as you are … & we’ll suggest how you can find & partner with the experts. YOU are the first-point-of-contact with the first-generation families that our College for Texans Campaign must reach & motivate to enroll & succeed in higher education. YOU are at the core of community life – where life decisions (like
whether to consider myself “college material”) are made. YOU are the trusted, friendly, persuasive connections to real people – people who may never have seen themselves or their families as “college material.” You’ll be the bearers of the good news that college is possible & affordable for all Texas families.

• At conclusion of today’s presentation, you’ll
1. Be familiar with purpose & organization of the College for Texans train-the-trainer kit;
2. Know which areas of the kit to use for your outreach
3. Have had opportunities to meet & get contact information from higher ed experts & community experts – so you may call upon them for assistance (with one-time questions or concerns; to invite them to present at your events; to co-present with them, as you & they wish)
4. Remember how vitally important your College for Texans Campaign outreach is to the prosperity of individuals, families, communities, & our state
• Want to earn “Extra Credit” throughout today’s presentation??
*Recruit other organizations — that aren’t participating today — to help you further your respective missions while they are receiving your train-the-trainer presentations … starting now, through the 2015 Campaign timeline, & beyond!
*Discover! One inspirational person today that you want to work with in the future & get that person’s contact info; one dynamic outreach idea that you can adopt or adapt within your organization; one powerful outreach idea that you can add to your College for Texans outreach plans

*Logistics & housekeeping [collect $7 for lunch; tell where restrooms are; courtesy operating procedures: turn cell phones & pagers to vibrate, take phone or side conversations out of the room; take care of own needs, display table has plenty of my business cards, e-mail lists of College for Texans partners in this geographical area; be sure you get your e-mail address onto our sign-up sheet so we can share resources & opportunities with you throughout our 2015 Campaign …]

*Today I’ll serve as the trainer/presenter/facilitator (which will be your eventual role with the local folks you reach & you’ll be taking the role of your clients, customers, constituents).
*Challenge yourself to meet everyone/as many as possible people in the room today: they may have the expertise, connections, resources, volunteers, or clients you need for success.
*Intros of special guests (who may end up being your local “buddies”): TX Guaranteed & TG partners, GO Centers, GO Theatre Teams, Regional Support Team Members, Communication/Media folks …
*Show of hands: who received our $500 mini-grants? Your activities? Report due within two weeks of your last activity or Sept. 14, 2004.

10:10 – 10:20 GO! Introductions exercise. A different person’s signature for three blanks-in-a-row, & say “GO!” when you’ve successfully gotten three different signatures-in-a-row. DOOR PRIZE! Give a tee shirt or conf. bag to “winner(s)”

Ask winner to read person’s name for each category & have that person wave (ask others with those same qualifications to wave, too, so everyone is likely to get included & folks can start identifying with each other in a variety of ways).

TRAINING TIP: This get-acquainted kind of ice-breaker can be adapted to meet your community organization’s needs or you can think of your own ways to ensure that every person is warmly greeted & feels included. The one-person/blank is to ensure they get to know as many people as possible.

The confirmation of names with the winner is another way to introduce participants to each other & make those individuals continue to feel noticed & included. And asking everyone else in the room to wave – when characteristics are mentioned that they have, too – is a welcoming gesture.

Let’s hear from one or two of you: quickly share with us techniques you use to dynamically begin your meetings …

Please join me in a round of applause! Who were we applauding? … Yes, the winners of the GO! exercise. AND I was applauding you, & you were applauding each other. Why? Because each of YOU is the College for Texans Campaign friend: the trusted, community member who will persuade thousands of first-generation families to get & stay & be successful on the higher education path. Today’s train-the-trainer & the College for Texans training kit are like the tip of an iceberg: visible & building awareness. Each of YOU — the powerful iceberg itself: the trusted friend – mobilizing your entire organization’s staff, volunteers, & consumers to know that college is possible & affordable for them & their families. … so let me now applaud each of you & say “Three cheers for you!” our powerful, unstoppable GO trainers.

10:20 – 10:30 Overview of the day
Your role is vital. Simply put: the College for Texans Campaign will succeed because of you. Your grassroots participation is vital to the success of the College for Texans Campaign. Who you are speaks so loudly that our messages will get ignored unless someone like you – a trusted, known community member – brings the Education GO Get It message. Your friends will pay attention & listen to you. You are the most persuasive & powerful bearers of the good news that college is possible & affordable for all Texas families. After today you are forever GO Trainers: advocates for yourselves & for students!!

The training kit & our ads on TV & radio are visible & help raise awareness that higher education is possible & affordable for all Texas families. As a GO Trainer, each of you is an irresistible, immovable power to motivate first-generation families to get onto the college-going path – a new legacy that will foster opportunities & prosperity for generations to come.

[review p. 1 of kit: About the College for Texans Campaign]


10:30 – 10:45 Overview of the College for Texans train-the-trainer kit

Are any of the writers or contributors to the kit in today’s training?

[review p. 2 of kit: acknowledgements to writers & contributors of kit]

Kit is easy as pie. Look!
1. You have a kit with its built-in easel: to set up the kit itself for a table-top presentation!
2. You can tell your adult-trainees/parents: “Sit back, relax, & just soak in the information. You don’t need to take notes. At the end of our session, you’ll get a one-page, take-home sheet with all the main points.”
3. For trainers: if your organization decides to use only one handout to be copied & given to adult-trainees/parents to take home: the one-pager is conveniently placed at the end of each module, so you’ll know exactly where to go to find out the “gist” of the entire module & where to go to get the master copy of the one handout you want participants to take home.
4. Your College for Texans train-the trainer kit is a stair-step of six gradual building blocks – modules — of information, age appropriate (for youth: pre-kindergarten – 3rd grade; 4th & 5th grade; middle school; high school freshmen & sophomores; high school juniors & seniors; parents of youth of those various ages. The information is ready to present to the given age groups. The content is stand-alone & cumulative: each section can stand alone as a dynamic, persuasive message for the age-appropriate audiences; the sections are cumulative & build upon & support each other: what youth learn as pre-schoolers will be a firm foundation for subsequent messages & activities regarding higher education.

Adopt or adaptmix-&-match … your presentation style for
the comfort of your audience or to fit the technology resources
available or to maximize your presentation strengths:
• Hard-copy masters to copy for hand-outs or to make transparencies for over-head projects
• Electronic Power Point capability
• Speakers’ Notes
• Activities
• Middle-school modules are the largest: critical age for academic decisions
• Adaptable to one-time presentation or two-time series

Let’s look at the Table of Contents
Modules #1 & #2 for children: Activities to keep children busy, happy: activity-based games … parent or caring adult talking about doing well in school … while children are coloring.
Modules #1 & #2 for parents: Basic messages about what parents can do now to encourage their children to learn to talk, count, pay attention, & believe in themselves.

Modules #3 – #6: Middle School; electronic/Power Point presentation format available, if you wish; academic &
financial information … adaptable to two evenings or two week-end sessions

Module #4: High School; electronic/Power Point presentation format available, if you wish: linking activities to higher education messages

Module #5:
College 101 & Financial Aid 101: parents & students together (financial information & budget information needed from parents); adaptable to two-night presentations

College Enrollment Nights: fill out financial aid forms

Module #6:
For first-time college or students returning to college [watch your audiences! Parents themselves may be interested in getting a GED, beginning or continuing with college]

College admissions
Information about the FASFA/Free Application
for Student Financial Aid form
College selection

5. Your College for Texans train-the-trainer kit is your personal Perpetual Motion Machine!!
a. Use it, share it, customize it; maximize/leverage the kit by training all staff, volunteers, youth, & parents in your organization
b. Challenge the people you train to present the training to at least one other community group or organization (& to be sure that the trainers perpetually challenge each group or organization to present the training at their respective state conventions, conferences, retreats, board or volunteer orientations, & meetings; to place the Campaign title, slogans, artwork, & information into their publications: newsletters, annual reports, e-correspondence)
c. Keep the kit in motion: offer to train other community organizations’ staff, volunteers, youth, & parents … so they can use it for presentations, trainings, & publications (e.g., at their own organizations’ state or regional or conventions, conferences, trainings, or monthly meetings)
d. Keep the kit in motion: on the spur-of-the-moment with groups of 15 or fewer people; or, at planned meetings or events
1. Make copies to hand-out to your audiences
2. Make transparencies to use during your training presentations
3. Use the electronic versions: downloadable version on-line (in coming weeks) – for you to copy onto floppy disks to share among your staff, volunteers,
4. other trainers, & with other organizations or
agencies; or via the CD in your kit
5. Loan your kit – or specific sections of it – other
groups to make a copy of their own kit.
6. If you work exclusively with pre-schoolers, recruit, train, & give the sections of your kit, that you don’t need, to an organization that works with older children or with parents
7. Find partner-organizations that will translate sections of the kit into languages other than Spanish or English

Your lite kit is an example of your tax dollars at work. A comparable kit – just for youth or just for parents – costs $250 – $300 … & with your College for Texans Campaign kit you have TWO kits in one — for youth & for parents – at no charge to you: downloadable, reprintable, with Power Point, overheads ….

Showing-of-hands: which ages of audiences do the participants work with (PK-3; 4-5; 6-8; 9-12; parents) to determine which modules are likely to selected by participants for demonstration activities today

TRAINING TIP: To the extent that you can give your adult audiences choices about which activities they participate in, the more effective your organization will be with adult-level training.

10:45 – 11:00 Joyfully announce: College is Possible & Affordable for all Texas Families!! Education. GO Get It! La educacion. Saber es Poder.
Let me now applaud each of you & say “Three cheers for you!” our unstoppable GO trainers.

Present the “Planting the Seed for College” module (for parents with pre-kindergarten through third graders) through slide five … & then pause … Applause! DOOR PRIZES!

11:00 – 11:10 Let’s take a break. Look at your watch or the clock & return to your places in 10 min. [Put paper & pens/pencils near participants’ area.]

11:10 – 11:20 Ring bell & joyfully announce: College is Possible & Affordable for all Texas Families!! Education. GO Get It! La educacion. Saber es Poder. Let me now applaud each of you & say “Three cheers for you!” our unstoppable, irresistible, motivational GO trainers.
Homework Activity: Letter to a child … anyone willing to share your letter? Applause! DOOR PRIZES!

11:20 – 11:35 “Financial Aid 101” sample presentation: recruit a reader and a picture-shower to spontaneously present the first third of the module
Hints: Recruit a financial-aid professional “buddy” for your presentation or to complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid during a college-enrollment workshop
Applause! DOOR PRIZES!


11:35 – 12:35 Announce lunch logistics
Presenter thanks the lunch provider, gives lunch provider his/her pre-arranged 5 min. to talk about his/her/their organization; presents Conference bag to lunch provider.

If appropriate, poll participants for their preference about 30-min. or 60-min. lunch:
• Working lunch? To look through kit for afternoon exercise
• Networking lunch? E,g, to optimize your time & opportunities today, you might choose to sit with someone you don’t know – to find out about their organization, how they’ll be using the College for Texans Campaign materials in their outreach – you may discover that one inspirational person, get that one dynamic idea for your organization, or figure out a powerful way to incorporate College for Texans messages in your plans
• 30-min. for quick-start & perhaps early departure?

1. Notice that we, again, respectfully inquired about your needs & are doing our best to accommodate your needs & wishes.
2. Asked for & obtain no- or low-cost refreshments/meals for their own organizations’ meetings — including their College for Texans on-going outreach programs & special events.
3. Giving our donors the “Magic of Seven:” seven thank-you messages: e.g., immediately & enthusiastically when they agree to donate their products/services, in person whenever you see them, in front of your group, via giving them an opportunity to talk about their services/products with your group, by displaying their logo or coupons at your meeting, by mentioning them in your newsletters, in your e-mails, by referring others to them, by using their services, etc.
4. As often as possible, give participants a few minutes to share their best success about getting refreshments/meals at no- or low-cost for their organizations’ meetings & events … [time for one or two people to share].

12:35 – 12:45 Ring bell & joyfully announce: College is Possible & Affordable for all Texas Families!! Education. GO Get It! La educacion. Saber es Poder. Let me now applaud each of you & say “Three cheers for you!” our unstoppable, irresistible, motivational GO trainers.

Review participants’ vital role in the College for Texans Campaign: to be the powerful bearer of the good news that college is possible & affordable for all Texas families.

Review the “Content, Training Tips, & Sustainability Strategies” themes & four specific outcomes for today. Review the morning’s exercises & how each contributed specifically contributed to the three themes & four
outcomes. Ask for participants’ feedback about additional ways that the
morning activities contributed to the themes & outcomes.

Review this afternoon’s agenda: practice exercise; Training Tips & Troubleshooting; 90-second invitation; upcoming opportunities; conclusion with GO Graduation.

12:45 – 1:15 90-second “elevator” invitation: GO Get powerful Partners to lend their support to your organization (or your College for Texans train-the-trainer or College for Texans training outreach)

Here’s the situation: you have just stepped into the elevator at the top floor of a seven-story building. Much to your surprise, the very person – belonging to the organization you’d most like to get on board with your organization (or your College for Texans training outreach) – enters the elevator. The doors close. It takes approximately 90 sec. for the elevator to GO from the top to the bottom floor. Here is your 90-sec. window of exclusive opportunity to motivate this important person to include your organization (or the College for Texans train-the-trainer presentation) at his/her organization’s state convention – or whatever you want to Call to Action with this VIP.

What will you say? How will you make your organization (or your College for Texans Campaign train-the-trainer opportunity) stand out, & be irresistible to your Very Important Person? What dynamic message will you convey that will further your organization’s mission by offering a your organization’s (or the College for Texans Campaign train-the-trainer presentation) at a state convention’s plenary or break-out sessions?

Get a new, near-by partner to work with on this exercise – preferably someone you don’t yet know. Between the two of you, decide who will be “Person A” & who will be “Person B.” OK, everyone who is “A,” you now have 90 sec. to give your elevator speech to Person B/the Very Important Person whose state convention you want to train at. GO!

Time is up!

Change roles: Person B: YOU now have 90 sec. to give your elevator speech to Person A/the Very Important Person whose state convention is where you want to present your train-the-trainer presentation. GO!

Time is up!

[If there’s time, GO through the process again with new A/B partners [A-persons: find a new B-person to practice your elevator speech with. Ready? GO!

[After only 60 sec. call “Time!”] Time is up!

Stay with your same partner & switch roles. B-persons: give your elevator speech to your A-partner … & did you notice that I’m giving you less time? Now you have only 60 sec. … GO!

Time is up!

Who wants to share about a partner’s persuasive message? What was persuasive about it? … someone else want to share about a partner’s persuasive message?

Applause! DOOR PRIZES!

TRAINING TIP: To keep energy & attention high, notice how we’ve had a variety of short, content-relevant activity exercises … sometimes in groups … sometimes in pairs … & how often we’ve repeated the Campaign slogan “GO!” in various contexts?? The variety & slogan repetition may be tools you’ll want to adopt, adapt, or continue in your outreach activities.

[If there’s time: distribute and discuss “Attract, Leverage …” six-pager … for additional ideas about how to further their and the College for Texans Campaign mission. Each small group discusses one specific page and reports two or three key ideas back to group; or key ideas on butcher paper on walls, and small groups have time to discuss and write summary points on each sheet of butcher paper.]

1:15 – 1:25 Training Tips & Troubleshooting: GO with the flow because you’re ready
for anything!

[Distribute or refer to hand-out. Assign clumps of people to work together on specific # of items on sheet. Give them 5 min. to jot down responses. Or: have flip-chart paper posted around the room & ask participants to write scenario onto flip chart … & jot down solutions; then
after a few minutes have the whole group rotate to the flip chart to their right; continue the rotation-&-writing process]

10 min. to get spontaneous responses to situations. [Invite participants to jot down their favorite ideas, while participants are sharing their responses. Call #s out of sequence to keep participants awake.] I suggest you keep this hand-out with your notes … as a handy check-list for your training presentations.

Applause! DOOR PRIZES!

1:25 – 1:45 Upcoming College for Texans Campaign activities & opportunities: GO Centers, GO Theatre troupes, TEKS/TAKS CD on-line product catalog and lesson plans to empower parents (of 3rd to 8th graders), ways to connect with 3,000+ community partners (through your Success Stories & Calls to Action in our e-greetings; presenting break-out session at March/Dallas and June/Austin conference of 700+ folks with similar interests and goals), Head Start lesson pre-literacy plans for children & their parents, mini-grantees’ activities, GO kit/lite kit, GO kit train-the-trainer sessions, College for All Texans Foundation …

[Muskteers, If we have time or want to include any GO Center-related, action ideas within our GO kit training, here are some Call to Action starter-ideas:

• As a trainer with the College for Texans Campaign GO kit, available free on the campaign website ( offer to train at prospective/GO Center(s) or prospective/GO Center satellite site(s) — at middle-, grade, pre-schools, libraries, WorkSource sites, community or faith-based organizations, etc.
• Become proactive by doing (or recruiting volunteers) activities in collaboration with your high school(s) GO Center(s).

Sample interactive way to engage GO Trainers to also serve as Adult G-Force Members (ask 13 individual participants to read the following ways they can support a GO Center):
Reader #1: As a GO Trainer, I’ll also become an Adult G-Force Member: to support my local GO Center(s). I’ll train others (in my work place, at professional association conventions, conferences and meetings; within my faith community and places where I volunteer, play and thrive, like Rotary, Kiwanis, Urban League, Junior League, American Association of University Women, LULAC, Optimists, the Chamber of Commerce/Partners in Education events, etc.) to become community-empowered GO Trainers and to support local GO Center(s), too. I’ll recruit friends to find friendly training sites – like my public library – to furnish refreshments or door prizes, and I’ll be a GO Trainer and Adult G-Force Recruiter throughout my community.

Reader #2: As a GO Trainer and adult G-Force Member, I (or a member of my team or a volunteer representing my team) will recruit folks to participate in GO kit trainings. I’ll use the GO kit messages and activities to reach out to youth and parents or caregivers – to let them know that college is possible and affordable for them, that there are $2 billion/year in TX for student financial aid and that every student needs a believer/mentor/buddy. Why, just think of all the places I can speak: at PTA or PTO meetings, at Parents’ Nights during local schools’ Open Houses, at community celebrations where parents and caregivers will already be, during half-time performances at sports events, during announcements time at worship services or Sunday School or Bible School, at my own work site during brown-bag lunch presentations or in-service meetings or company trainings …

Reader #3: As a GO Trainer and adult G-Force Member, I’ll invite GO Trainers to make presentations at employee meetings where I work, and I’ll provide the meeting room, audience, refreshments, door prizes and warm hospitality.

Reader #4: As a GO Trainer and adult G-Force Member, I’ll offer to be a mentor in the Central High School GO Center. Only one hour a week during my lunch-time may encourage a struggling or confused student see all the possibilities for his or her splendid life and may nurture him or her to set career goals – goals that get accomplished through a college education.

Reader #5: As a GO Trainer and adult G-Force Member, I’ll offer to be a tutor in the Central High GO Center. Only one hour a week during my lunch-time may encourage a struggling or confused student start achieving success in subjects that have always been easy for me.

Reader #6: As the owner of my own business, I’ll ask my employees who are willing and interested … to spend a lunch-hour a week tutoring or mentoring a student at the Central High School GO Center. I’ll offer in-kind services from the products or services my company provides … to benefit the GO Center. (If I’m in the printing business, I’ll do low- or no-cost printing of fliers and handouts for the GO Center; if I’m in the manufacturing business, I’ll provide some of my products at low- or no-cost – as door prizes or promotional items for the GO Center.). Maybe I’ll start a local scholarship fund for GO Center graduates or my employees’ children who plan to go into business for themselves after college or for college students majoring in business or majoring in courses that support my business.

Reader #7: I’m not a “tutoring” or “mentoring” kind of person either, but I know how to set up successful, long-term systems … like setting up a volunteer-management system in the Central High School GO Center … to help the staff at the high school quickly welcome, orient, train, place, celebrate and retain helpful volunteers (like volunteer tutors, volunteer mentors, etc.)

Reader #8: I have a mini-van (or a school-bus camper), I’d be glad to haul Central High students to visits to area colleges, technical schools and universities.

Reader #9: I work at a local college, technical school, university or community college. As a GO Trainer and adult G-Force Member, I’d be glad to be my institution’s coordinator of well-organized, meaningful tours of my college, technical school, university or community. We’ll welcome every single student, parent and caregiver. We’ll let them know the benefits of a college education, introduce them to the financial aid folks, introduce them to positive role-model students who will give part of the on-campus tour, show them our sports facilities, dorms and treat them to a beverage or snack at our student union and send them home with our promotional items – as reminders that college is possible and affordable for them. If they bring along the younger brothers and sisters, I’ll have a College for Texans activity book (crossword puzzles, coloring exercises – all related to college) for them to enjoy – while others are taking the tour or later at home.

Reader #10: I work at a local non-profit (or WorkSource site or public library or public housing or community clinic or middle school or grade school or pre-school). I’ll work with the student G-Force Members at Central High School to establish my site as a GO Center satellite. We’ll figure out ways to support the GO Center and how the GO Center can support our GO Center satellite.

Reader #11: As a business-owner, GO Trainer and Adult G-Force Member, I’ll offer my business site for career-related tours. I’ll allow student G-Force Members to present College for Texans-related presentations at my annual (or monthly or weekly) employee meetings. We’ll make sure to invite the housekeepers and food-service staff – all employees – so they’ll know that college is possible and affordable for them and their families. We’ll host an annual filling-out-the-financial aid form – for all the employees and their high school-aged children or grandchildren. What the heck, I’ll even sponsor annual family picnics for employees and ensure that messages about college and financial aid are somehow included in those festivities, too.

Reader #12: I have a gorgeous (or interesting) home. I’ll host G-Force Member parties at the beginning and end of each semester – to honor and celebrate the work of our wonderful G-Force Members and GO Center sponsor(s). Maybe I can get some friends to seed scholarship funds in G-Force Members’ names at the local bank or credit union.

Reader #13: Does anyone in today’s audience have an idea about how you can be a helpful, adult G-Force Member for the GO Center(s) in our town? [Please remain completely silent until someone from the audience offers an idea. Wait … wait … wait … silently … silently … silently … for as long as it takes.]

1:45 – 2:00 Conclusion, Evaluation, & Presentation of Certificate

Review of today’s experience: please complete and return evaluation sheets
• Voluntary sharing of the “one person,” “one idea for your organization,” “one idea for Campaign outreach”
• Thank you. We welcome you as College for Texans Campaign partners through 2015.

• Bless you, your staff, your volunteer board & outreach folks … for constantly sharing the message with the lives you touch … that higher education is possible & affordable for all Texans

• Each of you is like that pebble into a pond … creating ever-rippling opportunities, possibilities, & prosperity for the youth, parents, & families your messages touch.
• Thank you for sharing the good news.
• As John Denver’s song says: “It’s about time we begin to turn the world around; It’s about time we start to make it the dream we’ve always known; It’s about time we start to live it the family of man; It’s about time, it’s about changes & it’s about time; It’s about peace & it’s about plenty & it’s about time; it’s about you & me together … & it’s about time.

Congratulations, you are now qualified GO Trainers for LIFE! We’ll start referring community groups to you for train-the-trainer requests & for training of youth or parents. Welcome, GO Trainers, to the College for Texans Campaign!

Remember, GO Trainers, it’s about you & me together … & it’s about time. Education. GO Get it! La educacion. Saber es poder. … GO Get it!! [Play the “Education. GO Get It” song as folks depart.]

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