Do you feel stuck in your job search or in your job?

Tips that have helped me get un-stuck. Take what you like and leave the rest — from my own advice to me:

1. Gratitude! Be grateful for my life, the changes (or the lack of change). Make it a daily habit to count my blessings. Throughout my life, my challenges have evaporated when I surrendered completely to gratitude — gratitude right in the midst of the most challenging people, places and things.  Imagine your are independently wealthy & living in an ideal place:  what would you do & where would you live?

2. Action! Do the next right thing as I perceive the next right thing to be. Don’t wait for perfection or an ideal plan. A humble beginning is noteworthy now and into the future. An attitude of gratitude has regularly allowed me to perceive and do a healthy, appropriate, next right thing.

3. Willingness! Be willing to give my best right where I am, in spite of where I am, in spite of who I think I am — even though people, places and things don’t seem to be cooperating or truly aren’t cooperating. Be willing to thrive, grow and succeed in my own way — irrespective of people, places and things. They may never change, but I can change … starting with my attitude of gratitude, action and willingness.

Am I unwilling? — unwilling to be in my current situation? — unwilling to make a change? — unwilling to succeed? — unwilling to fail? — unwilling to try? — unwilling to go on? Might I be willing … simply to be willing? Perhaps the simply willingness … to be willing — will help me get unstuck.

4. Service! How about volunteering for extra duties at work or how about volunteering for organizations I believe in?! — while I am engaging in your job search or contemplating a career change. My service can contribute to the community and can simultaneously and tangibly remind me about my true interests, talents and preferences. Plus, my favorite volunteer activities will lift my spirits — helpful for me and those around me.

5. Blessings! Actively wish everyone well! — yes, especially the people, places & things that get on my last nerve (including myself). Consider the possibility that the real or perceived flaws I see in others are the same flaws I despise most in myself. Silently thank the flawed people, places and things. Why? My silent thanks may be just enough of a change … for me to be able to forgive myself for my real or imagined flaws (i.e., for being human like everyone else).

6. Enjoy the adventure! What a paradox that surrendering to life’s highest calling brings unexpected successes, surprising results; humorous, humbling and helpful self-realizations; and thrilling adventures. I have discovered that letting life make a masterpiece of my life produces a far more magnificent outcome than I could ever scheme, manipulate or logically plan.

Please let me hear about your successes!

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