Talk straight with teens in Lubbock, Texas, USA

Ask about next Straight Talk with Teens by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Academic Classroom Building (3601 4th St. in Lubbock, TX).  For adults & their teens/preteens.

Teen Straight Talk for teens and for parents/families: free, light refreshments, informational goodie bags, books & community fair.  Plenary and break-out sessions presented by healthcare professionals for adults, their teens & preteens.  “Ice Breaker” topics will include teen pressures, abstinence/sex education, responsible decision making, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, low-birth-weight babies, diet and pressures on parents & kids from 12 and older.  For more details: or 806-743-2463, x. 229.   

Padres y Adolescentes acompáñenos a dialogar sobre temas de salud que afectan a nuestros jóvenes.

Para mayor información comunicarse con or 806-742-3000, x. 265. Hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, truancy reduction and increasing academic success. Helping people achieve freedom, opportunity and self-respect through education and interventions that motivate and create positive change. Offering hope and answering the question Why Try in life? Find out about certification trainings, in-service training and confererence sessions. Why Try in high schools, middle and junior high schools, in elementary schools, in mental health and in corrections.

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