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I edit my cut-&-paste resume template (below), upon request — for group introductions, biographical sketches and one-page resumes. Special thanks go to my admired friend Dorothy Drummer, who advised me to state my summary of experience first — because people typically don’t read much farther through a resume; to summarize the scope of the organizations I had worked for and to quantify throughout — in order to put the organization & my contributions into an understandable, numerical context; to increase understanding-at-a-glance by using bold text, “bulleted” summaries with an action-word verb first, indentation and underlining to guide the reader’s eyes; & to add what I had originally ignored as “anecdotal information” such as “Recruited by,” “Drove 21,800 miles” or “Promoted to” kinds of data.



Extensive leadership and program-development experiences in public, private and voluntary sectors.  Proven expertise with social-marketing campaigns, community outreach, principle-centered leadership, organizational partner-friendly communication and team-building.  Other areas of strength and experience: financial investing, public speaking, media relations, alumni relations/fund development and special events.


AVW Investments, 1985 to present

              Individual, do-it-myself financial investor with $1+M portfolio of long-term, dividend-reinvestment assets:  66% NYSE stocks &

              34% mutual funds producing 15+% annualized return through deep-discount brokerage.

              Goal:  live on 10% & tithe @90% with $2+M philanthropic donations, so far (90% via endowments that provide perpetual,

               annual earnings for specific non-profit organizations (such as five $100+K Dog & Cat Welfare endowments at community

               foundations:  Lubbock Area Foundation, Wichita Community Foundation, Scroggins Foundation / Dodge City; Austin

               Community Foundation); eight endowments to benefit Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Associations of W. TX &  E. NM & Greater

                Austin); Phi Beta Kappa / Lambda of Texas Chapter sheltered by TX Tech faculty & staff; & more.

Texas Tech, 2005-2010


Texas Tech University, 2006 – present

33,000-student enrollment (growing to 40,000 students by 2010)  with 11 colleges, two schools and six libraries; 60 academic departments with 150 undergraduate-degree programs, 154 master’s-degree programs and 60 doctoral-degree programs (two doctoral & 17 master’s degree programs completely by distance learning); 66 research centers or institutions, comprehensive distance-learning opportunities including TTU K-12 Independent School District.  $500M annual budget.  TTU campuses and sites in Lubbock, the Hill Country, Amarillo, Abilene, and Seville, Spain.  


                        GO Center Liaison, 2006 – present

·         Recruited by the TTU President & Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

o   Initiate and nurture college-going collaborations among 835+ area GO Centers in the 20-county area — to ensure that student-friendly systems yield an ever-increasing number of diverse high-achieving students

o   Exceed expectations of hundreds of community partners by sharing resources among 10,000+ e-addressees and 405+ daily visitors to resource-rich blog (


Texas Tech University System, 2005 – 2006

Higher education system with a comprehensive academic institution, law school and health sciences center on adjoining campuses.  Integrated management system  in service to Texas Tech University (details, above) and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (3,200-student enrollment with five schools:  Medicine with 33 individually accredited residency specialties, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences with 14 undergraduate- and graduate-degree programs, Pharmacy and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; also, TeleMedicine and TelePharmacy for rural Texans and/or the Texas prison system; offering 600,000 Continuing Education units annually in 14 healthcare and four related disciplines with 4,000-person average class size — students from rural Texas hospitals, clinics and sites;  the US and internationally through the US Armed Forces).  $500M annual budget.  TTUHSC campuses and sites are in Lubbock, El Paso, the Hill Country and Permian Basin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Amarillo and Abilene. 


                        Director, Public Relations, 2005 – 2006

·     Recruited by the Chancellor of the Texas Tech University System and  Assistant Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing to help brand the academic strengths of Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center through community-outreach initiatives

o   Coordinated all phases of From here, it’s possible Contest to collect, celebrate and comprehensively publicize 86 first-person testimonials for outreach materials targeted at prospective donors, students, faculty and key constituents

o   Led communications & marketing teams from TTU & TTU Health Sciences Center to initiate media-friendly, campus-wide events at TTU & TTU Health Sciences Center campuses – to raise awareness about Texas Tech’s new visual identity system.  Recruited both universities’ & Student Government Associations’ presidents to be media spokespersons.

o   Joined three-person Institutional Advancement steering committee to plan, implement and evaluate the one-day Inaugural Leadership Symposium attended by 125 key constituents from throughout the US.  Published 40-page resource notebook that showcased top achievements of Texas Tech University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the Texas Tech University System; coordinated the design, creation and system of on-going use of signage for press conferences and special events – providing inaugural models for the use of Texas Tech’s new visual identity system.

o   Raised awareness among 8,300+ people on 265 e-lists about accessing Texas Tech resources:  e-shared monthly dozens of community-friendly resources; provided same-day services to as a one-stop resource into and throughout Texas Tech University System’s component institutions and Texas communities; invited to present Texas Tech’s Helping Each Other Thrive document with 1,000+ community-friendly resources) to 10+ state, regional and community organizations.

o   Connected both universities’ service-learning programs, outreach staff, Student Government Associations and new-employee welcome orientations with dozens of community partners within the P-16 Council/South Plains Closing the Gaps Coalition, Raiders Rojos National Alumni, Lubbock Economic Development Alliance and hundreds of other statewide and community organizations in order to leverage Texas Tech’s collaborative academic assets and outreach resources.   


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, 2002 – 2004

276-employee, Austin-based state agency providing leadership and coordination for the Texas higher education system (including seven university systems, 43 public universities, 50 public community college districts, 41 independent colleges and universities with an enrollment of 1,000,000+ students) to achieve excellence for the college education of Texas students.


            Interim Coordinator, College for Texans Campaign, March – June 2004

·     Promoted into lead-manager’s position during vacancy at director’s level.  Served in dual capacity as Coordinator and Program Director.  Resumed Program Director-only responsibilities, July 2004.


            Program Director, College for Texans Campaign   September 2003 – December 2004

·     Invited to become a Coordinating Board employee on behalf of the Campaign.  Provide 50+ in-person presentations and trainings, as well as on-going e-updates, opportunities and resources for 6,200+ individuals in the geographical areas within 10 of 20 Education Service Center Regions of the State.  Re-negotiated the Volunteers In Service To America agreement from a cost-share arrangement (@$17,000/year/VISTA Member) for 10 VISTA Members to a no-cost (mileage-reimbursement only) financial contract for 90 VISTA Members who will provide indirect services to create community capacity for statewide Go Centers. 


Loaned Executive, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, April 2002–August 2003

·     Recruited by director of the Statewide Higher Education Motivational and Awareness Campaign and endorsed by the Commissioner of Health to help implement Campaign outreach strategies.  Recruited, trained and motivated 2,200+ individual and organizational partners in 10 of the 20 Education Service Center Regions of the State to include Campaign activities, messages, services and products in their outreach strategies with youth and families.


Texas Department of Health (TDH), 1993 – 2002

5,600-employee state agency with a $1.5B annual budget to protect and promote the health of all 20 million Texans in 254 counties.


Liaison, Texas Alliance for Healthy Communities, 1999 – 2002

·    Recruited by Deputy Commissioner to manage and strengthen trusting relationships with external “Healthy Communities” partners. 

·    The Alliance evolved into a 14-person Governance Council with a 640-person directory of local and state leaders and residents willing to connect communities to resources needed for self-determined priorities.


Manager, Texas Volunteer Health Corps, 1996 – 2002

·    Recruited by Commissioner of Health to lead, revitalize, and manage a  15-member staff with a $382K annual budget to leverage public health partnerships and resources through public/private volunteer-management services.                  

·    Coordinated with external partners and team members to cultivate Continuous Quality Improvement management practices within public health volunteer projects and programs (Texas Volunteers-In-Service-To-America/VISTA Health Corps, Texas Alliance for Healthy Communities, Baby Bundles Program, Health Check-up Tool Chest, Road Map Community Mobilization Tool Kit, Parish Nurse Connections/Health Ministries products and programs, as well as 150+ on-site volunteer-management placements within the TDH/Austin).


Special Health Initiatives Coordinator, 1995 – 1996

·    Promoted to coordinator of Shots Across Texas infant-immunization campaign.

·    Managed the $450K advertising budget that included an $8-to-$1 air-time partnership with the Texas Association of Broadcasters; supervised professional staff, 14 interns, and hundreds of volunteers throughout the state; solicited and received $200K+ in cash and in-kind services.


Assistant Immunization Strategic Coordinator, 1993 – 1995

·    Recruited to Shots Across Texas infant-immunization campaign by the Commissioner of Health and the Immunization Strategic Coordinator.

·    Assisted with Shots Across Texas infant-immunization campaign that raised the infant immunization level from an estimated 40 percent to 76 percent among 312,000 Texas babies per year (by cultivating public/private partnerships and by obtaining public and private resources: volunteers, dollars and services).

·    Created and coordinated 50 educational and promotional programs and projects (with the U.S. Marines, Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council, Texas State Library, the Women-Infants-and-Children Program, and scores of businesses, agencies, associations and non-profit organizations) for the 200-organization statewide coalition and the 220 local-coalition contacts in almost every county in the State.


The University of Texas at Austin, 1987 – 1993

College of Communication with 3,700 students and an endowment of $13M.


Assistant to the Dean for Development, 1990 – 1993

·     Recruited by the Dean while a doctoral candidate in journalism and media consultant to The University of Texas Austin Development Office.

·     Managed a $1.5M scholarship campaign that reached 2/3s of its goal in ½ of its allotted time.

·     Revitalized the Annual Fund/Phonothon program from a position where it had not cleared enough money to meet 

       expenses during the previous year to two record-setting years of $24+K net profit with 80 cents of every $1.00

       benefiting students.


Lecturer and Instructor of Public Relations, Writing and Editing, 1988 – 1992

·    Taught five sections of three undergraduate College of Communication courses ranging in class size from 12 to 40 students.


Doctoral Student in Journalism, 1987 – 1991

·    Conducted quantitative, experimental-design esearch about how people remember visual and auditory information from television messages.


Dodge City Community College, 1984 – 1987

2,000 full-time students, with 400 students living on campus, more than 500 part-time students and several hundred students in an eight-county service area.


Director of Community Relations and Resource Development, 1985 – 1987

·   Recruited by the President of the College to assume responsibilities of two people.

·   Revitalized a community relations and resource development department that had a “mixed” public image into an

     operation that received a state PRIDE award and that received daily, positive newspaper coverage, monthly

     television interviews and semi-monthly radio public service announcements.

·   Initiated a Barn Party and Rodeo fund-raiser that cleared more than $10K at its first annual event, received $25K+ in

     free media coverage and built morale.


Assistant for the Center for Business and Industry, 1984 – 1985

·     Recruited trainers, facilities and managed publicity for 14 profitable workshops and seminars that were attended by

       200 people.


Breitenbach Farms, Inc., 1968 – 1985

6,400-acre wheat-farm operation in Southwest Kansas and Eastern Colorado (plus, management of 3,600-acre wheat-farm operation for absentee owners).


President, Treasurer and/or Co-owner, 1968 – 1985

·      Prepared net worth statements for bank loans, helped with details of real estate transactions and prepared financial

        reports for the $1.5M+ corporation.

·      Farm was selected by Farm Futures magazine as among the “100 Best Managed in the U.S.”


Teacher or Instructor, Eight Total Years during 1967 through 1992

First through third-year Russian and Spanish languages or Oral English (Bingham Junior High, Kansas City, MO; Ingalls Middle and High Schools, Ingalls, KS); Introduction to English Composition (Dodge City, KS, Community College); Writing for Mass Communications, Copy Editing and Writing for Public Relations (The University of Texas at Austin).





During Texas Tech University System / Texas Tech University years

  • President, 90-member Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of Western Texas and Eastern New Mexico with three endowments, 2008 & 2009
  • Initiated into Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, 2009
  • Communications Liaison since 2007 & Member since 2006 — CEO Roundtable founded in 1968 — for 30+ community leaders
  • Founding Secretary:  [1] new 501©3 Breedlove Foods Inc. with $6M revenue; and [2] 150+ member Closing the Gaps Council/South Plains P-20 Educational Initiative, 2008 – 2009.  Board member, 2008 – present.
  • Board/Council/Committee Member:  10-member Texas A&M University System’s AgriLIFE EXTENSION/Human Sciences; six-member Texas Nonprofit Management Assistance Network; 12-member Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations; 20-member South Plains College Foundation; 15-member Wayland Baptist University fund-development planning committee; 20-member TTU President’s Diversity Council, eight-member Wheatley Elementary School’s Campus Performance Objectives Council, 10-Center for Global Understanding and eight-member Renaissance Park Homeowners’ Association, 2008 – present; 150-member Lubbock Rotary Club: Elected Board Member, Newsletter Editor, Rotary International Foundation donor & Diamond-level Paul Harris Fellow of Lubbock Rotary Club and 15-member Texas Tech University College of Education Dean’s Advisory Council, 2007 – present; and 20-member, Advisory Council, South Plains Tech Prep, 2006 – present
  •    Charter Member: Lambda of Texas Phi Beta Kappa chapter sheltered by faculty at Texas Tech University, April 2007 & Historian, 2009 & 2010.
  •    Member, [1] 50-member Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation, 2008 – present; [2] 200-member Lubbock Lions Club, 2007 – present
    • Awarded by Eric Strong/Upward Bound a ‘Mathew “Bones” Hooks White Carnation Tribute’ to recognize “incredible ability to bring people together to work for good,” April 2007
    • Selected by the Texas Tech University Interfaith Dialog Student Organization as one of the eight Texas Tech University and Lubbock-area people to take an 11-day, all-expenses-paid goodwill tour of 11 cities in Turkey, June 2006

Founder of 50 $3M endowments: Two $75K matching-grants [1] Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association’s High School Academic Excellence Award & [2] Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association’s Lambda of Texas/TTU PBK support; two $10K scholarships with Texas Tech Alumni Association/Chancellor’s African-American and Hispanic Enrollment Taskforces; two $10 matching-grant scholarships with TTU System Chancellor’s Council; one $10K TTU/Education service-learning graduate scholarship; four $100K dog-&-cat welfare at four community foundations; two $10K endowments to benefit South Plains Tech Prep program; 2007 – present.

Texas Department of Health

Elected Fellow of the Texas Public Health Association, 2005

  • Invited speaker or Master of Ceremonies for agency’s internal and external special events, 1993-2002
  • One of four (out of 50,000+ state-agency employees) recognized for leadership contribution to 2002, 2003, 2005-2007 State Employee Charitable Campaign
  • Only person ever designated as “Honorary Laboratorian” by the 350 employees of the TDH Bureau of Laboratories, 1999
  • Among inaugural winners of Administrative Excellence Award (for Hallmark Card Infant-Immunization-Reminder Project that mobilized 90 volunteers/volunteer-groups), 1999
  • Selected from 5,600 employees as one of the 20 H.E.A.L.T.H. Award winners, 1995

Leadership Organizations
Selected as a member of

  • 50-person class of Leadership Lubbock, 2006-2007
  • 100-women class of Leadership Texas, 1999
  • 50-person class of Leadership Austin, 1990-1991
  • 50-member class of Leadership Kansas, 1986

Co-founded 30-person, annual class of Leadership Dodge City, 1986-1987

Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation
Most Creative Volunteer Project Award for two-year “Walk a Dog” project with Austin State School clients, 1992

Biography included annually within six different categories of Marquis’ Who’s Who since 1990

Invited Keynote Speaker/Moderator/Trainer for 300+ civic, business, education and investment organizations since 1979

American Association of University Women
Elected President of 4,000-member, 64-branches Kansas Division, 1979 – 1981
Awarded “Named Gift Honoree” to recognize dynamic, innovative leadership and inspirational volunteer management, 1975, 1989 and 1991

Kansas University Alumni Association, National Board of Directors, 1977 – 1982
Elected by members of 100,000-member association


  • The University of Texas at Austin, PhD, 1991, Journalism; Phi Kappa Phi
  • Fort Hays State University, 1973, Counseling; Phi Kappa Phi
  • The University of Kansas, BA, 1967, Russian and Spanish languages With Honors in Russian; With Distinction; Phi Beta Kappa
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