Recruit speakers/presenters/trainers for your club, special event, conference or convention Hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, truancy reduction and increasing academic success. Helping people achieve freedom, opportunity and self-respect through education and interventions that motivate and create positive change. Offering hope and answering the question Why Try in life? Find out about certification trainings, in-service training and confererence sessions. Why Try in high schools, middle and junior high schools, in elementary schools, in mental health and in corrections.

Get suggestions for dynamic public speakers — name your topic & the kind of personality that would best suit your convention, conference or trade-association event:

Get onto my invitation list so that you may have opportunities to welcome world-class speakers and performers into your club, organzation or community events while they are in Lubbock for a limited-space Texas Tech venue:

Motivational speaker/International Grand Chess Master to help you develop minds (Kindergarten through 12th grade — especially elementary school). Also, chess as an Alzheimer’s delay or prevention strategy. Will send chess teahcers, volunteers & assistants to schools, retirement/nursing homes & community centers: or or or or

Your speaker about the importance of mentors: students with mentors are 75 percent less likely to drop out of school. Schools with mentoring programs report: 76 percent increase in student attendance rate; 84 percent increase in students’ passing classes; 60 percent decline in suspensions from school; 58 percent of students achieving higher grades. Students with mentors are 46 percent less likely to start using drugs, 27 percent less likely to start using alcohol & 33 percent less likely to hit someone: Leroy.Nellis@co.Travis.TX.US or 512-854-9066.

Engage youth in your school, community- or faith-based organization to stage Juanita’s Diary to order a DVD, script & curriculum guide for Juanita’s Diary, an endearing & inspiring story about young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Juanita’s Diary curriculum guide includes community-friendly conversations, activities & TAKS-friendly lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college. Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times: or 806-742-1998, x. 463. Sought-after motivational speaker for youth Dynamic, influential speaker for school assemblies, small groups & one-on-one about how to get students involved in leading other students to college. Proven results in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas & West Virginia — through partnerships with GEAR-UP & TRiO programs; iLead camps & Power of One assemblies (with young college graduate speakers ready to go anywhere in the country to impact & motivate students):

Help me reach your youth/adult organizations, programs, communities, venues, media events in Lubbock & nine surrounding counties with hands-on ready-for-college-application sessions; testing, financial aid, career-awareness presentations for two or 200 people — especially for disadvantaged students & adults:

I will present my study- & reading-skills, time-management & school-success tips to your audiences:  Dr.

The fun, fulfillment and joy of preparing for success in school, college and life:

Offering dynamic, engineering-outreach programs for your schools’ & community colleges’ math or sciences classes:;

Invite me to speak with schools, community & faith-based events to encourage women, other underrepresented or underprivileged students & “undecided” students to prepare to succeed in college & to make a wise choice about their career/profession … perhaps engineering:  Dr.

Let me help make school & careers relevant to youth: or Dr.

For a high school diploma or courses not offered at your school; for courses you need due to special circumstances (emergency, travel, health, legal, work-related or other issues); for high school credit by exams, academic enrichment & more: or or

Kids 8-12 & 13-17 for 2008 summer-long Environmental Detective program: or 806-742-3125.

Music camps for pre-college students; including Band/Orchestra & All-State Choir: in July for pre-college students. Also, Texas Tech All-State Choir (for ninth graders & better), Texas Tech Band/Orchestra Camp (14 concert bands & 4 orchestras); harpists participate in harp ensemble & learn pop & jazz styles; Marching Auxiliary Division: all-day classes for flag, twirling & drum-major students.

Juanita’s Diary DVD & script showcases young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family. Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times: or 806-742-1998, x. 463.

Abundant resources for you through 2-1-1:

Connecting the entire community on behalf of educational success, prosperity & fulfillment of all families: 

Successful Mother-Daughter college-going program sponsored by the Lubbock Branch of the American Association of University Women: LanePow@SuddenLink.Net

Food bank & the value of community-service restitution volunteer-related presentations

Foster children: their assets & challenges for schools & society: James.Vardy@DFPS.state.TX.US

Girls’ basketball league that benefits CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocacy): Jody Perez at 806-799-7656 or 806-441-2901.

Heroics, hilarities & heartbreaks of student life:  Dr.

How to make school relevant to youth & families:

Joys & challenges for first-time, low-income home ownership & opportunities for small-business, niche markets:

Career/job-related topics for presentations, in-service/training, workshops, conferences, conventions:

Magic of well-matched volunteers: or or or or

Migrant-farming family resources: Gina-Robles@SBCGlobal.Net

Responsible animal care & the joy of having a pet as part of your family-related presentations or or 806-742-2236 3-D animation resources for a tour/demonstration in the Texas Tech University main library.

Texas Tech during my decades:  Dr.

Your perpetual audiences! Need speakers for 150 captive-audience youth:  College-going & life-success inspiration for youth & their parents.

I will come to your churches, schools & community sites to counsel patients & non-patients about sickle-cell anemia:  Dr. &

Suicide-prevention presentations for youth or adults:

Plan for a lifetime of financial prosperity. Talk with a peer — someone you can really relate to — about financial opportunities, questions or challenges. Free & confidential financial planning & seminars for students about paying off credit-card debt, establishing & using credit, creating a budget, saving money, investing, correcting credit-report mistakes, organizing finances, tax planning, selecting employee benefits, expenses after college, buying a car or home, planning pre-marital finances: or 806-742-9781 or or or or

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