Invite your unpaid, extended staff (collaborative partners) to help you further your mission

Friendly, understandable financial aid presentations or ask them to connect you with their counterparts in your town:; or or or or or or or or or or or or

Academic & career interventions & research-based career assessments for 6th – 9th-grade students/youth via credible, doctoral-student trained mentors (college students &/or successful 11th & 12th graders):  Dr. or 806-742-3711, x. 250.

Summer leadership camps for migrant-farming families/youth: or or or 806-766-1196 or 806-928-0216 or 806-441-4231.

Identify & strategize mutually beneficial, leverage-point collaborations with Texas Tech University — to leverage your outreach to/with youth/parent/counselor/teacher/school district/community audiences: or or

Get Texas Tech involved with your youth & community outreach by inviting spirit squads &/or the Masked Rider & horse ( Be sure youth find out about Texas Tech spirit squad members’ academic majors, Grade Point Averages, career &/or graduate-school plans.

International Grand Chess Master can help you attract prospective students while developing minds (Kindergarten through 12th grade — especially elementary school). Will send chess teachers, volunteers & assistants to schools, after-school & community centers where youth or their families gather or meet: or or

I am willing to help you customize your recruiting & articulation/degree-plan agreements: or

ASK US to help you get college-friendly & academic-specific presenters/information to your youth, families, schools & community/faith-based/after-school/mentoring/tutoring/learn-&-serve/volunteer/training/in-service/public health/employee-friendly organizations, conferences & conventions. By combining your & our connections, experiences, expertise, resources & high energy, we can all accomplish far more together, more easily & with more fun — than either of us could alone (for details about undergraduate student admissions at TTU visit

For areas in & around …




FORT WORTH: & ( or 214-630-TECH (8324)






SAN ANTONIO: & & & & or 210-614-7576





ENGINEERING Student Ambassadors:

Schedule a convenient time for you to visit Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, USA:

FURTHER YOUR MISSION (RECRUITING, OUTREACH or CREATING A COLLEGE-GOING CULTURE) by partnering/collaborating with or asking ask us to connect you with our counterparts in your town:  300+ South Plains-area pre-kindergarten through professional-school education/ marketing/ business/ community /non-profit / faith-based partnerships with access to youth & parents through school districts, schools; after-school, mentoring, tutoring, enrichment programs; higher/education agencies/systems. or or  Borrow Reality Check for a transformational, 45-minute experiential simulation with 8th graders & older.  Connect school success with life, financial & career fulfillment. Access to [1]30,000 high school participants (your prospective students?!) & their counselors, coaches, sponsors, parents to Lubbock throughout the September-May school year; & [2] hundreds of high-achieving Texas Tech freshman-student leaders for your community projects.  Find out how she attracted 7,000+ members of first-generation families to the Texas Tech campus or about teaching certification for teachers’ aides who complete community college & Texas Tech requirements. Also, to order a DVD, script & curriculum guide for Juanita’s Diary, an endearing & inspiring story about young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Juanita’s Diary curriculum guide includes community-friendly conversations, activities & TAKS-friendly lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college. Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times: or 806-742-1998, x. 463.

Let me connect you/your organization with the youngest, fastest-growing one-third of Lubbock’s population — Hispanic audiences; get Latino Lubbock delivered regularly to your sites; get your information, events, services, opportunities published in Latino Lubbock:

I can help you reach youth/adult organizations, programs, communities, venues, media events in Lubbock & nine surrounding counties with hands-on ready-for-college-application sessions; testing, financial aid, career-awareness presentations for two or 200 people — especially for disadvantaged students & adults. I can provide you with access to 3,000+ prospective students/clients/consumers for your services/programs/opportunities/invitations:

CMiller@Frenship.US 27 career-technology teachers with 1,370 high school students; also, pervasive, long-term collaborative partnerships among businesses, community/regional/national leaders & education coalitions. 200+ African-American students & family members interested in college/university success; Teen Straight-Talk presentations for families.

Dr. Career-focused strategies can make school/staying in school or college/university relevant to youth & their families.

LanePow@SuddenLink.Net Hispanic Mother-Daughter programs in Lubbock & in El Paso for eighth-grade girls. Pervasive, trusted presence throughout South Plains-area school districts, counselors, teachers, students; partnerships with area businesses, 3,000+ high school juniors & seniors; loanable Reality Check45-minute simulation to deeply connect school/college/university success with career & life success. 60 likely-to-succeed high school students active with academic enrichment, college visits, parent support & scholarships  Hundreds of high-achieving youth in Texas Tech-based summer programs Thousands of high school students enrolled in dual-credit classes & Texas Tech University Independent School District … and their grandparents. Long-time partnerships with 104 public librarians throughout West Texas. Pervasive community access through trustworthy librarians at their safe-place sites. Trustworthy, decades’-long, community-friendly colleagues in 66 counties in West Texas — to help you reach youth, families, schools, community-based organizations, community partners, & collaborative coalitions. Inspiration, fun & joy of learning for all youth — through chess. or or  Dynamic health careers presentations/information & respected presence within West Texas schools: &  To find out how to connect with student-athletes to inspire, tutor or mentor youth. or 806-742-2808 or 20 Texas Tech students — each available to make five college-going &/or agriculture-major presentations in Texas high schools & provide tours of Texas Tech horticultural gardens, meat laboratory, research farm at New Deal & the Equestrian Center. Sought-after motivational speaker for youth

I will present my study- & reading-skills, time-management & school-success tips to your audiences: Dr.

Offering dynamic, engineering-outreach programs for your schools’ & community colleges’ math or sciences classes: Seeking current teachers & professionals to become teachers of math & sciences.

Invite me to speak with schools, community & faith-based events to encourage women, other underrepresented or underprivileged students & “undecided” students to prepare to succeed in college & to make a wise choice about their career/profession … perhaps engineering:  Dr. or Dr. or or 806-780-8300 for a 30-member community coalition for presenters, audiences &/or sites. or Services & resources to help transfer students feel at home at Texas Tech. & or Student-run program to support the academic & social needs of students from underrepresented groups: easing the transition into Texas Tech for high school graduates & community college transfer students. Helping students find scholarship, childcare, free tutoring, peer advising.

Ask us about educating the individual, not the class: or 806-559-3010.

Let me help you get involved with an early-learning project or volunteer with the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center:  806-771-8251 or 806-441-5916.

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