Replicate one-stop homeless-related services

Find out how to help your homeless, marginally homeless & at-risk homeless friends, family, colleagues & neighbors get access to no-charge, one-stop resources available for them: adult/child immunizations, diabetes screening, education materials from service agencies, hearing screening, Medicaid/food-stamp eligiblity application, temporary photo-identification services, tuberculosis testing, blood services, vision screening, entertainment for kids, give-aways, round-trip ibus vouchers to/from event, lunch & more.

For more details, to find out about future one-stop events or to learn how to host your own One-Stop-Shop Fair for homeless folks: or www.ShelterBox.CA  In times of disaster, many thousands of people are often homeless & without basic needs & survival equipment. Shelter boxes provide aid to those in need anywhere in the world. Shelter boxes contain one or two ten-person tents (200 sq. ft.). Other items in a shelter box include insulated sleeping mats & bags, thermal blankets, water purification tablets, water containers/carriers, trenching shovel, rope, hachet, jack-knife, screwdriver, hammer & more.

Find out how to replicate or partake of weekly food boxes, Kindergarten through 12th-grade school supplies or Kids’ Cafe after-school feeding sites: Helping young people overcome homelessness & real-life challenges by providing safety, respect & a supportive community, empowering the homeless youth to become self-reliant adults.

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