Participate in international opportunities at/through Texas Tech: affordable; even if you don’t speak another language; & you can still graduate on time

Why study abroad? Build a stronger resume by setting yourself apart. Fewer than one percent of US college students study abroad. Your study-abroad experiences will make you more visible & diverse. Get looked upon more favorably — due to international/diverse experiences & knowledge of other languages — when you apply for [1] graduate, law, medical & other professional-level & post-graduate schools & [2] your first or next job or promotion. (select “Study Abroad” in the middle of the page) Texas Tech students successfully compete for dynamic careers in the global marketplace by having studied internationally (often on scholarship awards) — while simultaneously satisfying their degree requirements to graduate on time: or 806-742-3667.

Study internationally (select by country &/or by major; study for a summer, a Maymester or for a semester or two; make a return visit — but to another country/culture; sophomores & transfer-student friendly opportunities: the earlier in your degree plan that you go, the more academic courses you will have to choose from). Connect with the international-study expert in your college or department in order to stay on your degree-plan schedule via pre-approved for courses that will count toward your degree. Prospective/transfer & non-Texas Tech students are welcome: or 806-742-3667.

Ask about international-study scholarships (including scholarships for Pell Grant-eligible students, for students studying in Japan or elsewhere in Asia, for national security exchange or world-peace programs): or 806-742-3667.

Find out about master’s-level Peace Corps-granting degree-related opportunities: or 806-742-3667.

A small sample of Texas Tech’s abundant study-abroad programs by topic &/or location:

Art History

in Brazil about drylands development:

Costa Rica for 14-day field trip with six credit hours:

in Germany: Find our the financial, career, recreational. cultural, historical & demographic reasons that make Germany a savvy choice for your study-abroad experience.

Human Sciences in Germany: Earn a lab-science requirement global & cultural awareness credit, learn basic German & travel through Northern & Eastern Germany learning the different cultures, new environment & food.

International Business: or MBA joint degree with la Universidad Anahuac (www.Anahuac.MX) in Merida, Mexico: for marketing, business or arts & sciences majors with a minor in marketing; in Prague/Czech Republic: under/graduate accounting, finance or international business majors; in Honefoss, Norway at Buskerud University: for marketing, management or arts & sciences majors with marketing or management minors.

Ireland for two weeks during a semester of studying Irish music, folklore, film, archaeology, history & more:

Landscape Architecture in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: or

Mass Communications: or Promoting research & better understanding of Hispanic-related & international mass communication & the significant connections between them.

Mass Communications’ Study-Abroad Career Center:

Mexico! Finish the last half of the sophomore-level Spanish requirement while living, learning, traveling & enjoying three summer weeks in Mexico:


in Spain: Take basic, core classes; also, fulfill your 12-hours language requirement or earn 12 hours of upper-level Spanish (for your minor or major in Spanish) or earn three to six hours of Mass Communications credit:

Spain: three credits in three weeks with for a Maymester … studying Spanish Colonial Texas History in the homeland of Spain.

Spanish for every student interested in obtaining a real ability to communicate in Spanish — not just for students with majors or minors in Spanish. Six-weeks’ summer session in Mexico:

in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Thailand: Find out about the four-week, summer study-abroad trip & competitive scholarships.

A small sample of the abundance of international connections through Texas Tech ( or 806-742-3667): or or or www.HSE.FI or www.FSV.CVUT.CZ or www.FD.CVUT.CZ or www.FS.CVUT.CZ/En or www.UNYP.CZ or www.SUZ.CVUT.CZ or www.CVUT.CZ/incomers/Erasmus-Exchange or or or or or or or or or or www.Anahuac.MX or www.SIB.Reutlingen-University.DE www.Reutlingen-University.DE

www.CDC.Gov/Travel: Stay healthy when traveling. Traveling with children, special-needs travelers, travel health tips for students studying abroad, travel by airplanes & cruise ships, travleing with pets, disaster relief workers, presentations for health professionals & more.

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