Work toward freedom for the wrongfully convicted & participate in restorative justice or 806-744-6525  University-student volunteers investigating inmates’ claims of actual innocence & working toward freedom for the wrongfully convicted — who would otherwise become lost in the criminal justice system. & 617-373-7609 for information about social/restorative-justice projects & healing circles: [1] Identify funding sources for transitional housing & services to serve formerly incarcerated who face difficulties obtaining public housing due to their Criminal Offender Record Information reports); [2] comparison of the increasing criminalization of homelessness & poverty in the US with policies in parts of the European Union — to identify model laws & policies to oppose criminalization measures & promote more constructive, alternative approaches); [3] development of homelessness prevention strategies for Cambridge, MA; [4] identifying legal steps in several states to protect same-sex couples & their families; [5] assisting civil rights activists arrested or convicted of crimes during the civil-rights era to obtain pardons; [6] research & interviews with New Orleans residents to ascertain five major shortcomings of the Road Home Program & suggest innovative approaches to addressing these issues; [7] examine zoing & land-use regulation as possible means to mitigate fast-food industries’ practice of aggressive marketing near schools with particularly susceptible minority youth populations; production of a kit to be used by various communities to address their specific concerns &/or situations; [8] using NYC’s zoning resolution to protect low-income & racially diverse communities (residents & businesses) from displacement due to large-scale development projects; [9] analyzing gender discrimination statutes in MD & LA; creating a web-based resource regarding gender discrimination; [10] suggest judicial & legislative actions to facilitate greater academic success among Limited English Proficiency students in Worcester schools; [11] investigating whether criminal/background checks violate equal employment law; [12] extent to which non-English speaking parties to immigration court proceedings have a right to be provided with translations of relevant documents & exploration of feasible models for such translation services; [13] state-based legal strategies & theories to help the un- & underinsured avoid exorbitant hospital debts; investigate ways to change hospital-billing practices, explore use of community benefits to alleviate overburdened patients & examine ways to improve state insurance laws in order to increase health insurance coverage; [14] implement the restorative justice/peer justice system & model it for the MA public school system; school-community, self-governance & healing — in response to growing violence & disciplinary issues within public schools throughout the nation — complying with all state & federal special education & English-language-learners’ laws; data collection system to monitor the success of the restorative justice peer justice system; [15] creating a comprehensive, statewide training program to encourage more aggressive & skillful litigation in eyewitness-identification cases in GA — as part of the national effort to bring about eye-witness identification reform; [16] creation of a national manual to assist attorneys representing minor-aged victims of sexual assault. Pre-law tool kit for school counselors at all grade levels & for pre-law students, their teachers, mentors & parents.

Pre-law co-ed fraternity/Phi Alpha Delta with community service & fundraisers to professional programs that prepare members for law school & the Law School Aptitude Test. Service to the student, the school, the profession & the community: or 806-283-2308.

Recommend to juvenile offenders & others requiring community-service restitution credit that they volunteer at our dog & cat shelter near Lubbock, Texas:

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