Be Healthy! The spirit of now: watch the world‘s population grow, species going extinct, oil pumped, cars produced & more. Click on related Web links: The Evolving Global Brain, A Crisis of Consciousness, Waking Up in Time, Crises as Opportunity, Choosing our Way, Accelerating Change & more. On-line health policy resource for faculty & students. Providing students, faculty & others interested in learning about health policy easy access to the latest data, research, analysis & developments. Narrated slide tutotirals, background reference libraries & issue material on current topics & policy debates. Health & the Law, Health Systems; HIV/AIDS, Medicaid/SCHIP, Medicare, Minority Health, Prescription Drugs, Quality of Care, Uninsured, Women’s Health, syllabus library, journal browser, research tools, policy fellowships & video directory.

wwwn.CDC.Gov/Travel: Stay healthy when traveling. Traveling with children, special-needs travelers, travel health tips for students studying abroad, travel by airplanes & cruise ships, travleing with pets, disaster relief workers, presentations for health professionals & more.  46 million Americans are uninsured — cannot afford health insurance, have pre-existing conditions, limited access to health plans & benefits.  No matter what, they live sicker & die younger.  Potential solutions:  Provide all Americans with means to purchase health care coverage.  Give individuals choice to select appropriate coverage for themselves & their families.  Promote marketing reforms that enable this new approach. or or 512-784-2878  Return to Work physical-therapy services within 24-48 hours via nation-wide scheduling capabilities.  Stay connected with Healthy Lubbock to be your healthiest.

Find out how to replicate or partake of weekly food boxes, Kindergarten through 12th-grade school supplies or Kids’ Cafe after-school feeding sites: Cancer research & prevention programs to save lives across the globe.

Also, visit  For 11 years:  empowering consumers, patients, survivors and their families and caregivers through education and information to make the appropriate decisions relative to treating prostate diseases and insuring the desired quality of life.   Rated among Top 10 Men’s Health Web sites by

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