Enhance participation of people with disabilities

Brian.Shannon@TTU.edu  Enhancing the participation of people with disabilities in Texas life through increased access.

Heather.Hernandez@TTU.edu Texas Tech University’s Therapeutic Riding Center offering hippotherapy & therapeutic riding … for speech, occupational & socialization therapy.

The Therapeutic Riding Center is located 10 miles west of Lubbock, Texas. Take 19th Street west to Upland. Go left/south onto Upland to 50th Street. Turn right/west onto 50th Street & proceed one mile to the Tejas residential area. Turn left/south into the residentail area & proceed southward into the fenced area of the Center.

Offering the joy of learning — through chess — to your classes, schools, youth & after-school programs; nursing homes or senior-citizen centers: to help develop minds. Kindergarten through 12th grade — especially elementary school. Also, an Alzheimer’s delay or prevention strategy. Will send chess teachers, volunteers & assistants to schools, retirement/nursing homes & community centers: Susan.Polgar@TTU.edu or Hal.Karlsson@TTU.edu or www.SPICE.TTU.edu or www.PolgarChess.com or www.SusanPolgar.com

http://blog.AustismFreeZone.com No-charge resources through an autism-community marketplace — from the dad of a five-year-old girl diagnosed with autism in 2005. Uniting the autism community to help each other cope with emotional, financial, physical & spiritual challenges. Suggested Web sites: www.AutismSolutionCenter.com
& www.CharlieInWonderland.com

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