Volunteer in Lubbock, Texas, USA

Dynamic speaker is ready to show you how to leverage fulfillment in your life!  — through just one effective hour per week of meaningful service in high-impact opportunities:  BSchreiber@VolunteerLubbock.org or 806-747-0551.

www.MakeADifferenceDay.com  Every fourth Saturday in October.  Free breakfast for volunteers when you register your project in the DAYtaBank, courtesy of Newman’s Own.  Win a volunteer vacation by entering your photo of the Day.  Travelocity is sponsoring a “Picture a Better World” contest for USA WEEKEND’s Make A Difference Day. Send in one photo of your Oct. 25 action while you’re helping your community on Make A Difference Day. If it’s selected as best, you’ll win a volunteer vacation to the destination of your choice through Travelocity’s Travel for Good program. Some of the choices include working in a Russian orphanage, providing AIDS and HIV education to women and children in Tanzania and helping to save cheetahs from extinction in Namibia.

www.MakeADifference.com  “9-Weeks to a Make A Difference Year” school curriculum:  free PDF is designed so kids grades K – 12 will learn to create community and have an “I Make A Difference” school year.

Volunteer occasionally or routinely with www.RMHCSouthWest.comRonald McDonald Family Rooms in Lubbock, Texas, USA:  Treasa@RMHCSouthWest.com or 806-725-5360.  Three-hour shifts, 9-9 daily.

Volunteers available for your great causes

We know who & where your prospective volunteers are! We have your volunteer-management resources & great recommendations for your internship & service-learning sites! www.VolunteerLubbock.org or 806-747-0551.  Volunteer, sponsor &/or advocate for great causes in Lubbock, Texas. Participate in our quarterly brown-bag networking luncheons with 80+ volunteer partnerships. Nominate outstanding volunteers for our Get Involved awards. Let us connect your students with internship or service-learning sites. Ask us to help your organization leverage your volunteer-management strategies through our non-profit management consultancy services &/or our volunteer-training resources: GCaballero@VolunteerLubbock.org or SRice@VolunteerLubbock.org

We pay youth/interns to volunteer at your organizations: summer or year-round. Ask me to e-connect you with my counterpart in your town: Chris.Niblett@SPWorkForce.org

Recruit dynamic, well-matched volunteers through SBass@VolunteerLubbock.org or Karon.McDowell@TTUHSC.edu or Joel.Trevino@DADS.state.TX.US or JeffBSM2002@Yahoo.com or LoniMarie.Flores@TTUHSC.edu or Kelli.Childre@LCU.edu or Chris.Niblett@SPWorkForce.org or Emily.Hicks@TTU.edu or Candice.N.Laster@TTU.edu or ACruce@SPAG.org 

Emily.Hicks@TTU.edu Your county-wide hub, connecting your organization’s research/volunteer needs to students’ purposeful, out-of-clssroom enrichment experiences.

www.MillerGirls.org or PledgeTrainers@MillerGirls.org Volunteers for community events & to raise money for charities.

www.SaddleTramps.org & select “Contact” from the top menu — to provide your volunteer-opportunity logistics or Exec@SaddleTramps.org or 806-742-1896 for volunteers.

Double T Health Service Corps: Texas Tech students (TTUHSC & TTU students) improving the health & well-being of their communities www.TTUHSC.edu/RuralHealth/StudentOrg.aspx or LoniMarie.Flores@TTUHSC.edu: Willow Bend Elementary Mentoring program, South Plains Food Bank, clothes drive, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity Build Day, organize a party for a children’s hospital — serving communities throughout West Texas.

Pre-law co-ed fraternity/community-service volunteers: Logan.Rankin@TTU.edu or 806-283-2308.

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers for the elderly & disabled: 806-792-2723, x. 238.

Volunteer speaker for schools, community & faith-based events to encourage women, other underrepresented or underprivileged students & “undecided” students to prepare to succeed in chollege & to make a wise choice about their career/profession … perhaps engineering:  Dr. Mukaddes.Darwish@TTU.edu

For successful grant-writing faculty or students:  Dr. Miles.Kimball@TTU.edu

For Social Work interns:  Dr. Helen.Morrow@TTU.edu

For service-learning faculty with bright, civically engaged & leadership-minded students in dozens of academic disciplines throughout Texas Tech University — to bring academic rigor, research & long-term, societal-changing outcomes to your great causes … semester after semester: Irene.Arellano@TTU.edu 

For student-volunteers & service-learning opportunities with bright, energetic, caring students from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center: LoniMarie.Flores@TTUHSC.edu

For my student-volunteers to [1] help design or improve [a] your Web site or [b] documents; [2] determine the readability/useability of your messages; or [3] write grants. I will share our useability laboratory resources so that you may test & improve your messages:  Dr.  Miles.Kimball@TTU.edu

For student-volunteers to scan & digitize your family papers & documents: Ann.Hawkins@TTU.edu

Let me refer people in need or your potential volunteers to your services & opportunities: ACruce@SPAG.org

Seeking volunteers for our great causes

Refer to me 60-&-plus-year-old volunteer prospects: must be financially challenged. Qualified volunteers will receive $2.65/hr. for their volunteer work, plus transportation to your site & a no-charge noon meal: Joel.Trevino@DADS.state.TX.US

Seeking volunteers with compassion, knowledge & life experience? Computer-savvy volunteers? Want to get your materials packaged & ready to mail? Eager to connect with a long-term, collaborative, community partner who can help you maximize your on-going events, programs or publications? Want to honor your volunteers through on-going recognition/social/learning events at no cost to volunteers?  Karon.McDowell@TTUHSC.edu 

Seeking juvenile offenders & others requiring community-service restitution credit that they volunteer at our dog & cat shelter near Lubbock, Texas: LeLandsHeart@Hotmail.com

Join my summer, international outreach with physicians, patients & non-patients on behalf of sickle-cell counseling — through community venues (one-on-one &/or groups) & through mass media.  Dr. B.Olaniran@TTU.edu & www.SickleCellSociety.org

Inquire about on-going, medical or non-medical volunteer opportunities in your county … such as Adopt-a-POD (a Point Of Dispensing where community folks would go in a disease outbreak to receive pills or shots): www.AdoptaPOD.com or RStrickland@MyLubbock.US or 806-775-2917.

LisaG@nts-onlines.net: Offer your administrative-volunteer services to Meals on Wheels.

Heather.Hernandez@TTU.edu Whether you are active or sedentary, there is a volunteer home for you with the Texas Tech University Therapeutic Riding Center. Assist certified therapists with hippotherapy or therapeutic riding for children, youth & adults. Help in the office with accreditation or grant-related documents.

Volunteer@SPFB.org for on-going, food bank volunteer opportunities for you/your volunteers’ interests, abilities & availability: emergency food assistance, food stamp/Mediciad outreach, school supplies, Kids’ Cafe sites, farm/orchard. DWeaver@SPFB.org: The South Plains Food Bank ensures that the one out of every four children in the South Plains living in poverty has nutritious meals in a safe environment. Tour the food bank & have lunch on third Thursdays by registering through KKing@SPFB.org or calling 806-763-3003. Despite Lubbock’s low unemployment, the South Plains Food Bank & its network of 230 agencies continues to feel the pressure of increased request for food assistance (www.SPFB.org).

CAguirre@SafePlace4Kids.org or 806-740-0251: Offer your volunteer services to the Children’s Advocacy Center of the South Plains & help hurt children to start healing.

www.LubbockCASA.org Be a volunteer advocate before, during & after an abused or neglected child appears in court.

We are eager to find volunteers, grants & sponsors for September-May adademic-athletic competitive events in Lubbock that attract 30,000 high school students, who may be your prospective students: Lynn.Elms@TTU.edu

Seeking volunteers: to [1] help transport chess players to & from Lubbock International Airport & chess-tournament events; [2] offer the joy of learning — through chess — to classes, schools, youth & after-school programs; nursing homes or senior-citizen centers; [3] coordinate mass-media relations & publicity, [4] find chess- tournament sponsors & [5] cultivate prospective donors to endow scholarships for five Texas Tech chess teams: Susan.Polgar@TTU.edu or Hal.Karlsson@TTU.edu or www.SPICE.TTU.edu or www.PolgarChess.com or www.SusanPolgar.com

Seeking college/university student-volunteers for a wide variety of internships with www.LubbockFunClub.com: Steph@LubbockFunClub.com

Volunteer opportunities at the Community Health & Wellness Center: Amanda.Morales@TTUHSC.edu or 806-743-9355

University Medical Center (including the Southwest Cancer Clinic): SWatson@TeamUMC.com or 806-775-8680

Covenant Health System: SThiel@COVHS.org

Hospice organizations: 806-795-2751 &/or 806-797-8099

Services for the Deaf: 806-795-2345

Mental Health & Mental Retardation Center: 806-766-0212

Prevent blindness: PBTNancy@SBCGlobal.net or 806-797-6701

Kairos’ on-going, prison-ministries commitment throughout the US: CaJaKenn@Yahoo.com Work with the men & women in white. “The team I was on consisted of two groups: the outside team & the inside team. The outside team was about 22 men & women. We each paid $125 to participate & that included our motel room for 4 nights & our meals. Most of the women were wives of the inside team members. Some of the men in our group were former offenders who want to help but are not allowed in the prison. I worked alongside a murderer & a heroin dealer, both who had served many years before being released. … Our jobs were to prep & cook the meals, then assemble the food … for transporting to the prison … [we] read all the letters that were sent from former Kairos participants who are still incarcerated … write 42 letters of encouragement; make runs to the store … We got up at 4:15 each morning & left the work place (the Methodist Church at Gatesville) about 8:30 – 9:00 each night. … The inside team — about 34– were all men … completely selfless … 7 of them were clergy, & the others were all walks of life: retired folks, business people, small town folk & city folk… I probably will go again next year. The experience was hard, both physically & emotionally, but it was worth it to see the changed lives ….”

Dynamic ways to thank, enlighten & enrich volunteers of all ages

Training for youth volunteers &/or international-student volunteers for community service: JeffBSM2002@Yahoo.com

I will present my study- & reading-skills, time-management & school-success tips to your audiences:  Dr. Amy.Jarmon@TTU.edu

Let us [1] become your [a] no- or low-cost corporate wellness program; [b] no-cost repository for wellness resources & [c] collaborative partner for Alzheimer’s &/or aging-related research by visiting www.TTUHSC.edu/centers/Aging & select “Brain Bank Program;” [2] provide [a] team- or employee-morale building services; [b] fun, healthy outlets for your competitive family members, friends or colleagues: Annette.Boles@TTUHSC.edu or Matthew.J.McKennan@TTU.edu

We offer dynamic, engineering-outreach programs for your schools’ & community colleges’ math or sciences classes: Shannon.N.Younger@TTU.edu

www.LubbockParentConnection.org/index.php Parenting or 806-747-5577: the most important job you will ever have. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Dedicated to the prevention of child abuse & neglect & to educating & supporting parents. A safety net for parents in crisis. Anger management course for children, coloring books to help preschoolers tackle gray area of divorce. Volunteer & fund-raising opportunities available.

Contact Tammy Brewer at 806-766-1976 to find out how replicate parenting sessions in your town or to register for the daytime or evening sessions in Lubbock, Texas (www.LubbockMap.com & select from the left-hand menu for directions to the sessions):

We can help with rent, prescriptions & more for low-income clients/family/friends. We will pick up donations of furniture & household items for The ReSale Center, 2218 34th St., Lubbock, TX (on the north side of 34th between Ave. Q. & University): 806-763-8315

Perpetual audiences for volunteer speakers! Need speakers for 150 captive-audience youth:  Mary.Mojica@SPWorkForce.org

Let me add your volunteer-related opportunities here!

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