Be part of the education solution in the US Hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, truancy reduction and increasing academic success. Helping people achieve freedom, opportunity and self-respect through education and interventions that motivate and create positive change. Offering hope and answering the question Why Try in life? Find out about certification trainings, in-service training and confererence sessions. Why Try in high schools, middle and junior high schools, in elementary schools, in mental health and in corrections.  During the House Appropriations Subcommittee FY 2008 Budget Hearing (March 14, 2007), Congresswoman Barbara Lee referenced (words to the effect), “There are counties in California that use third-grade reading scores to plan their prison populations for 20 years down the road.  Bottom line:  it is far better to put money into the first three grades than spending large amounts of money on prisons later.

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu states, “Governors review fourth grade reading scores to determine prison growth. . .  This has become an epidemic in the African American community where 63 percent of its fourth-grade students are below grade level,” (2007).

Internet Search: “third grade reading and prison” via Google and 1,110,000 hits occur in 0.08 seconds.  The first hit succinctly states, “During a recent visit to a maximum security prison in Virginia, where some 2,000 men are caged, I asked the warden to describe his most troublesome problem.  I expected the usual answer – shivs, drugs, rapes, cellblock violence.  Sure, he replied, all that is here.  But his major problem is illiteracy.  As many as 75 percent of the prisoners read at a third grade level.  On release, he said, they won’t be able to find even unskilled jobs.  Almost two-thirds will return to prison, Get students involved in leading other students to college. Proven results in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas & West Virginia — through partnerships with GEAR-UP & TRiO programs; iLead camps & Power of One assemblies (with young college graduate speakers ready to go anywhere in the country to impact & motivate students):  Resources for & educational rights of children & families experiencing homelessness:  enrollment aids, fact sheets, tool kits, manuals & more.  Texas homeless liaison information.  Lawyers ending homelessness & poverty:   housing, domestic violence, income, children & youth, human rights, civil rights, Hurricane Katrina, hospital dumping & how to resolve these challenges through advocacy, partnerships & education.  The voice for the education of children & youth in homeless situations.  Collaborations among parents, adovcates, researchers & service providers to ensure school enrollment, attendance & overall success for children & youth whose lives lack the safety of permanent & adequate housing.  Access to quality education & training.  Working together to end our high school dropout epidemic.  Helping people achieve their potential by expanding access & success in education beyond high school.  Making grants to address the most serious social problems facing society, where risk capital, responsibly invested, may make a difference.  The Foundation places a high value on sustaining & improving institutions that make positive contributions to society.  Helping vulnerable kids & families succeed.  Developing & spearheading innovative public policies to strengthen our communities & country.  National report card for higher education & 50 states’ report cards.  To provide the public & policymakers with information to assess & improve postsecondary education in each state.  To improve educational opportunities & outcomes for low-income, first-generation & disabled college students.  Texas’ data center.  The Texas Challenge in the Twenty-First Century report & summary (Year 2000 through Year 2040 data, challenges & alternative projection scenarios determining Texas’ current & future prosperity — based on population changes (by ethnicity/race, age & geographical location), health, education, employment, labor-force, public-assistance & prison-related projections).  Specialized analysis, technical assistance, workshops, training & more.  Watch Texas’ exponential population growth (by counties as a percentage of state population) beginning in 1850. to order a DVD, script & curriculum guide for Juanita’s Diary, an endearing & inspiring story about young Juanita Garcia as she follows the crops with her migrant-farming family & ends up graduating from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Juanita’s Diary curriculum guide includes community-friendly conversations, activities & TAKS-friendly lessons for ages pre-kindergarten through sophomores in college. Observe the struggles of migrant families in the 1960s & learn about the social, economic, political & educational atmosphere of the times: or 806-742-1998, x. 463 or

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We provide [1] services to help folks stay in school/college: transportation assistance, medical services, child care & more; [2] stipends to help people apply for college & get financial aid; [3] training to encourage youth ages 14- to 21-years-old to graduate from high school & choose a college/career. Ask me to e-connect you with my counterpart in your town:

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