e-Sign a declaration to urge the United Nations to declare a Decade to Create a Healthy World

www.NightingaleDeclaration.net  ” … every infant, every human being will have the best chance at health … every sick person will have the best chance at recovery ….  Florence Nightingale, 1893

Join my summer, international outreach with physicians, patients & non-patients on behalf of sickle-cell counseling — through community venues (one-on-one &/or groups) & through mass media. B.Olaniran@TTU.edu & www.SickleCellSociety.org

www.VoiceForTheUninsured.org  46 million Americans are uninsured — cannot afford health insurance, have pre-existing conditions, limited access to health plans & benefits.  No matter what, they live sicker & die younger.  Potential solutions:  Provide all Americans with means to purchase health care coverage.  Give individuals choice to select appropriate coverage for themselves & their families.  Promote marketing reforms that enable this new approach.

www.SelectMedicalCorp.com or Rebecca.Day@SelectMedicalCorp.com or 512-784-2878  Return to Work physical-therapy services within 24-48 hours via nation-wide scheduling capabilities.


www.GenerationPublicHealth.org  America:  healthiest nation in 1 generation.  From the local clinic to the neighborhood park through community support, healthier lifestyle, encouraging others to adopt a healthier lifestyle, teaching a new generation that simple actions (such as not smoking & eating healthy) can lead to happier, longer & more productive life.  Spread the word, inspire others, share your ideas, comments & opinions on this Web site.

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