Care for non-human family members beyond your lifetime  (806-742-3990, x. 302)  Estate planning to care for your non-human family members — beyond your lifetime. or 435-644-2001 Lifetime care for your pet(s) to ensure that your best friends will remain in a safe & loving environment even if something happens to you.

Delta Rescue at 661-269-4010:  Long-term care of your beloved pets after you can no longer care for them. or 979-845-1188:  Companion animal life-care center @$1,000/small animal & $2,000/large animal due at time of enrollment.  Minimum endowment requirements vary depending upon the age of the owner at the time of enrollment.  The minimum required endowment is transferable to another animal in the future but is not refundable if you lose an enrolled animal & do not get a new animal.  Who will be your pets’ guardian when you’re not there?  Estate planning for your pets.  Ensure that your pet receive appropriate care in the event of your death or incapacity.  Animal Legal & Historical Center.  Pet animals:  What happens when their humans die?  If you find it hard to think about life without your pets, imagine your pets’ lives without you.  Sample pet trust for estate planning.  Leaving money to pets may create a litigation target for family members, as well as perception that the donor is mentally unbalanced.  All my Children Wear Fur Coats:  an invaluable book on estate planning for pets; plus, Web sites about the loss of your pet, planning for your pet’s future, what to do if something happens to you, estate-planning options, estate planning & pets, charitable giving techniques, a guide to animal care organizations, meaningful ways to memorialize your pet, pet loss & grief therapy & more. or 202-452-1100:  Free kit to learn what steps to plan & provide for your pets’ future without you.  Adding Fido to your will.  Don’t let your pets get lost in the shuffle when your survivors are grieving & attending to other personal matters.

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